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January 2018
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Uruguay Investigates Possible illegal Trafficking of Cubans

Uruguay has two investigations underway into the alleged trafficking of Cuban citizens who have entered the country by land, informed the country's attorney general, Jorge Diaz. Continue reading

Havana Weather for January 18-24

The days will remain cool with abundant cloudiness and some occasional and scattered showers. The maximum temperatures will be between 19 and 25°C (66 and 77 F), while in the early morning the lows will be between 16 and 20° C (61 and 68 F). The sea surface temperature will be 25° C (77 F). Continue reading

Teen Who Slapped Israeli Soldier to Remain in Jail

The 16-year-old Palestinian girl who slapped an Israeli soldier after her cousin was shot in the head at close range by another soldier will remain in jail without bail said a military judge, reports Democracy Now on Thursday. Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Rural Anti-Canal Movement Reorganizes Amid Tensions

The resignation of Monica Lopez as legal advisor for the National Council in Defense of the Land, Lake and Sovereignty was a strong warning blow for the inner circle of the Rural Movement. The lawyer expressed that she couldn’t continue working under the current conditions imposed during the term of Medardo Mairena as director. Continue reading

The EU sanctions Venezuela’s “#2” Diosdado Cabello

The European Union agreed today to sanction the "number two" figure of the government of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, and six other senior officials in response to president's Nicolas Maduro’s repression against the opposition in the South American country. Continue reading

The Millions that Fly Out of Cuba

Tens of thousands of Cubans are traveling to Guyana every year to “import” products worth 145 million USD. The same thing happens in Russia, where the influx of Cuban buyers is such that some markets have signs in Spanish which are specifically directed at Cubans. Continue reading

The Trials and Tribulations of a Cuban Couple

She is 29 years old, He is 38. They share their marriage, their three children and their frustration. This is their story. Continue reading

When We Were All Together

I remember when I was little girl and all of my neighborhood friends would get together so we could play. We were about 10 kids, maybe there were more of us. It was a nuisance for our neighbors who had to deal with the racket a big group of kids runnin... Continue reading

Trumps Stops Detente with Cuba, without it becoming a Cold War

Donald Trump entering the White House meant a return to the times when hostile language was used against the Cuban government, but, this time, without becoming a confrontation similar to the Cold War years. Continue reading

Jazz Plaza Underway in Havana and Santiago de Cuba

Jazz Plaza 2018 kicked off Tuesday in Havana and some fifty artists from various nations are attending the festival. The 33rd edition of the event began with a concert by Bobby Carcasses, along with his new orchestra Afroswing, at the Sala Avellaneda o... Continue reading

I don’t get mixed up in politics

Not getting mixed up in politics is a premise of the majority of citizens in any society. Because ordinary citizens only aspire to live within a social framework that works the best it can, not relying on their active participation. Cuba isn’t an exception to this rule, in fact, it takes it to the extreme instead. Continue reading

Havana University’s 290th Anniversary

Havana University currently has over 30,000 (undergraduate and postgraduate) students studying there with a staff of 2000 professors, of which nearly half have a Doctorate in Sciences and a considerable number have a Masters. It has 16 faculties, four ... Continue reading

Mayte under the Flamboyant Tree

Mayte hung herself from a flamboyant tree, some years after she left her position as the leader of the Young Communist League at secondary school, where she fulfilled the role of a Torquemada of Stalinism, pointing out, informing on and destroying the ... Continue reading

Cuba Was Never Different

Cuba exported a sugar-coated image of its youth for many years. Young people who lived as equals (in poverty), brimming with maturity, political convictions, willingness and other upstanding values. Very different to those consumer teenagers, Capitalism’s children, whose only goal was to have something and flaunt it. Continue reading

Rebel ex-Police Officer Among the Dead in Venezuela

Former Venezuelan police pilot Oscar Perez, leader of the rebel group calling themselves "Warriors of God", is among the nine casualties of an assault operation by military commandos near Caracas, confirmed Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on Tuesday a... Continue reading

Is the Movement of Money between Banks in Nicaragua to Avoid Sanctions?

In Nicaragua, deposits grew substantially in the Albanisa bank (Banco Corporativo) following the closing of accounts in three other banks for fear of being affected by US sanctions against PDVSA, the Venezuelan State-owned petroleum company. Continue reading

Illegality Proves that things Need to Change

Not too long ago, I was speaking to a historian who told me she was up-to-date with the news relating to acts of censorship that have taken place over recent months. With a gesture of political indifference she said: “This isn’t going to change.” Continue reading

A New Cuban Movie for Parents

A new Cuban movie, “La Hoja de la Caleta”, premiered in the capital’s movie theaters over the past few days. Directed by the pair Jorge Campaneria and Mirta Gonzalez; they bring us the story of a boy who lives in a fishing village in Santa Cruz del Sur. His mother has left him and his father is one step away from becoming an alcoholic again. Continue reading

Invitation: Three New Art Expositions in Old Havana

On January 9th in the city’s same historic center, three personal exhibitions by Cuban artists opened all at the same time, at the Provincial Center of Visual Arts and Design, better known as the “Luz y Oficios” gallery. The exhibitions can be seen until February 2nd. (18 photos) Continue reading

Colombian Embassy in Cuba Working to the Max

In the face of protests by Cubans, who depend on getting a US visa so as to join their families on a permanent basis, Washington, in agreement with the Colombian government, decided on the expensive solution to move this paperwork to its embassy in Bog... Continue reading

Migration and Politics: a Necessary Debate for Cuba’s Future

The year 2018 will be a decisive one for Cuba’s future. The island is not only a geographical space but also a social space which transcends physical borders. In this regard, the future government will have to face the challenge of building a prosperous, transnational and inclusive country. Continue reading

The Gift (Video)

The Gift is an animation by Jasser Barbier about the meeting of two characters from the works of the plastic artist Nur Diez, a graduate from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. You can find her pieces in galleries in Old Havana or by con... Continue reading

Arce Defends Roberto Rivas over Corruption Charges

Bayardo Arce, the economic and financial adviser of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, criticized the United States on Friday for sanctioning the president of the country's Electoral Council, Roberto Rivas, for acts of "significant corruption", Continue reading

A Clear Example of Cuba’s Cooperative Movement

I have been farming the land and been a member of a credit and service cooperative (CCS), for over five years now, based in my community, of Mayari, Holguin. This mode of production is the closest thing there is to a real cooperative here in Cuba. Continue reading

New Day of Looting in Venezuela

A new day of protests and looting took place on Friday in Venezuela with shortages and the high cost of food being the catalyst, reported dpa. Meanwhile the Government continues to insist there is no crisis, just foreign aggression. Continue reading

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Citizenship

After over five years held up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, British authorities rejected Thursday a bid to allow Julian Assange safe passage in London, after Ecuador’s foreign minister said she’d granted Assange citizenship. Continue reading