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May 2018
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Cuba Imports Salt from Spain to make up for National Deficit

Some hard-currency retail stores in Havana are selling Auchan-brand (supermarket) salt imported from Spain. A one kilo bag sells for 0.60 Convertible Pesos (CUC). This is the best product of its kind that the Cuban population have access to, who have b... Continue reading

Nicaragua: Ortega Government Accepts Call to Stop the Repression

The Government of Nicaragua accepted Monday to address a list of 15 recommendations from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) stemming from the serious violations of fundamental rights during the crisis that has been affecting the coun... Continue reading

Reactions after Maduro’s “Great Victory” in Venezuela

Venezuela is increasingly isolated internationally after numerous countries refused to recognize the results of the elections held on Sunday. Likewise, US president Trump signed an executive order to limit the capacity of the Maduro government to sell off the country’s assets. Continue reading

Nicaragua Hears Demands for Ortega’s Exit and Early Elections

The University Coalition on Monday proposed the adoption of a “law to set the framework for transition and democracy”, with its first step the immediate destitution of Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, something the government has thus far refused to consider. Continue reading

Cuban Government Withdraws My Punishment

On Friday May 18th, at the Actuar Agency, the Labor Justice Committee (OJL) informed me of its recent decisions regarding the complaint I filed because this former organization, especially its director Jorge Luis Frias Armenteros, violated my artistic ... Continue reading

Nicaragua: Ortega Government Urged to Stop Repression and Investigate Deaths

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) today urged the Government of Nicaragua to "immediately cease the repression" of social protests and to investigate and punish those responsible for 76 deaths since last April in the country. Continue reading

Mobile Phones, a Much-needed and Hazardous Device

While it’s important to be in touch with others and up-to-date, you also need to know where and when to use a mobile phone. Why? Even though I don’t have the exact figure, I do know that many fatal accidents take place because of cellphone use. Continue reading

Teachers: “The Students of Nicaragua Are Our Inspiration”

A month ago, the classrooms were the ideal sites for Nicaraguan students to meet with their teachers. Today, some of the youth go out daily to demonstrate against the government, while others remain in the hallways of the universities they’re occupying. Still others have been killed during the protests. “The students of Nicaragua are our inspiration,” affirm their professors. Continue reading

Ezequiel, a Cuban poet

I met Ezequiel Rodriguez outside the literary cafe on 23rd and 12th streets. He seemed to be going through a tough time. Months later, I saw him again at the presentation of the second edition of the digital magazine Confluencias, promoted by members of Regla municipality’s literary workshop. Continue reading

Maduro and Abstention Win in Venezuela

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela declared on Sunday evening Nicolas Maduro the winner of the controversial presidential elections, with almost 68% of the votes, more than triple his weak opponent Henri Falcon (21%), who did not recogni... Continue reading

The Roar of the Lion: “Ortega Must Go!”

The blocks of Leon became a blue and white tide on Saturday that celebrated the new liberation of what is known as Nicaragua’s university city. There was also a caravan in Managua and protests in other cities. Continue reading

Venezuela Elects President Today amid Crisis and International Rejection

Venezuelans will vote or abstain Sunday in a controversial election in which President Nicolas Maduro seeks re-election against three rivals of little weight, after the leading opposition candidates were disqualified. The opposition coalition calls on... Continue reading

Attack on University in Nicaragua Breaks Truce and Darkens Dialogue

An armed attack on a university in the capital of Nicaragua on Saturday night, left at least four students injured and broke the truce promised by the government in the now uncertain national dialogue, coincided student and religious sources. Continue reading

Passenger List Released of Fatal Plane Crash in Havana

Cuban authorities today found one of the black boxes in "good condition" of the Boeing 737-200 plane that crashed Friday in Havana, leaving 110 dead and three survivors. They also released the full passenger list of the tragedy. Continue reading

Nicaragua in Rebellion 1978-2018 (Photos from both periods)

The current upheaval in Nicaragua has been a flashback for many people of the events that took place 40 years ago in the Central American country. At that time much of the population had rebelled against the Somoza dictatorship. Today the Ortega family... Continue reading

Face-off for Cuba in Geneva over Human Rights

Cuba is fighting a fierce diplomatic battle in Geneva. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and his “Elite Squad” have been charged with the mission of highlighting the positive side of the Cuban government, maximizing and sugarcoating its social achievements and reducing and distorting those which represent human rights violations. Continue reading

A Brief History of the Cuban Revolution

This coming October, the Cuban Revolution will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its birth, when Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the Father of our Homeland, an educated, wealthy lawyer and owner of a sugar mill and slaves, put all of his fortune and life on the line for Cuba’s freedom, which had been colonized by Spain since the beginning of the 16th century. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Ortega Agrees Not to Attack Protesters for 48 Hours

The Government of Nicaragua today pledged to remove the police, paramilitary forces and Sandinista activists from the streets as part of a 48-hour truce agreed with protesters who began demonstrations a month ago. Continue reading

“I Want to be Part of the Movement that Changed History”

On the morning of April 19th, he packed his bag with small handkerchiefs, gauze bandages, face masks and medical instruments, without imagining that by the next day he’d be cleaning the blood off the teenager whose death would move the entire nation. Continue reading

Airliner with 104 Passengers Crashes in Cuba, 3 Survivors

A commercial plane with 104 passengers on board crashed today shortly after taking off from Havana's international airport. The official newspaper, Granma, informed that three persons survived the accident, although they are in critical condition. Continue reading

The Alternative Havana Biennial Concludes

The #00 Havana Biennial took place, and I can now finally say that out loud, without any hesitation or doubt. In spite of seizures, threats, suspicions, arbitrary arrests, we managed to put on the event we wanted to, or better yet, the event we needed.... Continue reading

Venezuela will have a New President in a Few Days

The chances of Venezuela having a new president are very scarce, bearing in mind the fact that it’s very likely that Nicolas Maduro will continue at the head of this country. And in the case Nicolas doesn’t remain in power, the new president will be Henry Falcon... who wouldn’t be “new” either. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Day 2 of Dialogue as Nationwide Protests Continue

Today, on the second day of the national dialogue, the university movement and civil society will reiterate to the Government that the central agenda is ending the repression of protests and the restoration of democracy in Nicaragua. Continue reading

Seeing Cuba Through Basketball

The spring of 2017 I got the chance to study abroad at the University of Havana at an exchange program managed by Butler University. It was my junior year at Gettysburg College and, as a Political Science major I jumped at the chance to study in a coun... Continue reading

Ortega Continues the Repression: Three Dead in Matagalpa

Confrontations pitting the riot squads and government-sponsored mobs against citizens and students who had gathered spontaneously to protest left at least three fatalities and around 60 injured in the city of Matagalpa this past Tuesday. Continue reading

As Nicaragua Grinds to a Halt, Students call “Peaceful Rebellion”

The university students leading the protests in Nicaragua called today for a "giant peaceful rebellion" in the country to press for the departure of Daniel Ortega's government, one month after the start of the conflict, Continue reading