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February 2017
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New Cuban Museum of Dissent Proposals

The Cuban Museum of Dissent has been showing off its renewed website over the last few days, where it begins the programming of its transitory exhibition and its blog. Continue reading

How Tourism to Cuba is Often Promoted

The typical tourism promotion for Cuba includes cigars, rum, cuisine, pristine beaches, music, dancing and attractive people of both sexes. Continue reading

Nicaragua Plagued by a Growing Chain of Police Corruption

Roberto Orozco, specialist in security and drug trafficking, assured that cases like that of former police officer Diogenes Medina Martínez - known as “El Yogi” - who became a lawbreaker in full view of the police chiefs. Such cases reveal the existence of a “chain of corruption” in the heart of the institution, damaging the professional image of the Nicaraguan Police. Continue reading

Cuba: Intimidation, Scapegoats & the Perpetuation of Social Problems

Controversy has arisen resulting from an article written by Fernando Ravsberg about the confrontation between the government in Havana and private taxi drivers, and it provoked the anticipated response from opportunists and upstarts, who are always rea... Continue reading

Tribute to Margaret Randall at Casa de las Americas, Havana

For those of us who didn’t know her before, she could have been just another leftist, caught up in the stir of the early years of Cuba’s revolutionary victory. However, after listening to her friends speak about her and reading the book “Change the world”, you get another impression about her. Continue reading

How Do Tourists See Cubans?

It’s understandable that tourists who visit us (if they don’t just want the postcard that Cuba sells them) want to meet some native Cubans, talk in a pleasant space and listen to opinions firsthand, as it’s impossible to get to know the country in just a few days. Continue reading

Cuban Emigres: Happy, Maladjusted or Stuck

Life changes for all emigres, for better or worse. You can see this in a friend of mine, who has just come back to visit his family, just by looking at him, his transformation has been huge. Continue reading

Havana Weather for February 23- March 1

The days will be slightly cooler, with high temperatures of 26 to 30° C (79 and 86 F) and lows of 19 and 21° C (66 and 70 F). The sea surface temperature will be 26 ° C (79 F). Continue reading

From Havana to the Canary Islands

After moving around Havana like an outcast, I was able to get into one of the city’s best artistic venues, the Delirio Habanero cafe, located on the top floor of the National Theater. I started off by closing the show on Wednesdays and I ended up working all week long. It was a great place, a place where I could rub shoulders with some of the most important artists in Cuba. It was 1998 back then. Continue reading

Cyber Attacks in Cuba

Cubans are “bad bugs”. Ever since we were children, we have heard this repeated it over and over again, that we’ve become convinced of this. However, we say “bad” in a figurative sense, not because of the viciousness of our race, or something similar. Continue reading

Cuba Needs Responsible Water Usage

The drought in Cuba could stop being a crisis and become a chronic disease, as is already the case in many other countries. The only way out seems to be to devise a global strategy that allows us and requires a responsible use of that natural resource. Continue reading

The Goodness of Communism

It seems to be some kind of historic law that wherever a movement for concentrating power arises, the extreme opposite is also born: calling for redistribution, leveling out and socialization. Continue reading

Cuba Prevents Entry to OAS Head Luis Almagro

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, denounced today that the Cuban authorities denied him a visa to attend the event on the island where he was to receive a prize from the hands of opposition activist Rosa ... Continue reading

Raul Castro Meets with US Congress Members

Cuban President Raul Castro met with a delegation of US senators to discuss "issues of interest to both countries," according to state television on Tuesday. No details of the conversation were revealed. Continue reading

The Cuban Revolution’s Altruism

The Cuban Revolution is about selflessness, altruism, solidarity and heroism, four fundamental characteristics that its historic leader expressed when he announced the Concept of Revolution on May 1, 2000, before hundreds of thousands of Cubans. Continue reading

Not Naive or Blind: Reasons for Change in Cuba

Whether they are Communists like him, Jihadists, supremacists, homophobes or neoliberals, everybody has a right to think how they want to. The problem lies in the sad fact that the government ends up looking for violent means to impose its ideas, because it can’t promote its ideas with the people’s general consensus. Continue reading

Ecuador Will Have a Runoff Election

The president of the National Electoral Council of Ecuador (CNE), Juan Pablo Pozo, announced today that according to the trend there will be a second round of elections in Ecuador between candidates Lenin Moreno of the ruling party and Guillermo Lasso ... Continue reading

Vinales Isn’t a Paradise for Everyone

All of a sudden, for work reasons, my trips to Pinar del Rio no longer have that young guerrilla spirit of camping out in the mountains and eating snacks. Now, I have been going to places which I couldn’t afford out of my own pocket: rentals, restaurants, cafes; where everything is paid for in CUC. (8 photos) Continue reading

Can Cuba Meet its Foreign Debt Repayments?

Cuban economist Emilio Morales takes a look at the island's foreign debt, economy and reserves and questions the claim that over five billion US dollars was actually paid on the debt during 2016. He also calls on a wide opening of the economy to outsi... Continue reading

Trump Ally Joins Congressional Delegation to Cuba

A delegation of four senators and one representative of the United States Congress traveled to Cuba on Sunday, exactly a month after the arrival of a new president to the White House. One of the senators is a strong ally of Donald Trump. Continue reading

Serious Threat against Journalist in Cuba

Today the journalist Fernando Ravsberg warns of the public threats he has received from people linked to the most extremist side of Cuban officialdom. The threats include expulsion from the country as well as physical violence. Continue reading

Advise for Cubans Entering the USA

After the “wet foot/dry foot” policy was repealed and Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration have been introduced, Cubans wanting to enter and stay in the US have seen their chances cut drastically. Continue reading

Ecuador Elections Still in Limbo

Results in the presidential elections in Ecuador on Sunday are still inconclusive. With 87.5 % of the votes counted at 6:30 a.m. local time, the government coalition candidate Lenin Moreno was ahead with 39.09% of the vote over his closest rival Guill... Continue reading

US Begins Charter Flights to Deport Cubans

The US has deported 117 Cuban citizens back to Cuba since the new immigration policy has come into effect, two of whom were returned on the first chartered flight for deportations which had been agreed with Raul Castro’s government. Continue reading

Reviewing the Irish President’s Trip to Cuba

Irish President Michael D Higgins concluded his three day State visit to Cuba on Saturday. On the final day he went beyond the protocol and met with a group of independent journalists and opposition political activists. Continue reading