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November 2017
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Havana Architecture: a Battle of Symbols

Since the very beginning, the formal elements desired since the beginning of the Republican era in 1902 complied with the search for a national architecture, relating to its own traditions, weather factors and Cuban lifestyle. (25 photos) Continue reading

Nicaragua: “Enhancing” the Dictatorship?

There were no surprises in the November 5th municipal elections in Nicaragua. Just as in last year’s Presidential election, the official polling places shone empty due to the massive abstention, even as the Supreme Electoral Council took great pains to declare another record level of participation, manipulating at whim the data regarding the voter roles. Continue reading

The World Doesn’t Have Extremes

I’m sure that Cuba’s experience is already enough to find a path that can make Marti’s dream (“for all and for the well-being of all”) a reality without committing itself to any “-ism” and only using what works, ignoring parts of the world that only check minds and maps. Continue reading

New Cuban Photography Talents

I like it when Friday rolls around, as it’s the day that exhibitions are inaugurated in Old Havana’s different galleries. Being able to visit them and see what young artists in my country are creating makes me very happy. (13 photos) Continue reading

Havana Weather for November 16-22

The days will be mostly clear, with some clouds in the afternoons and isolated showers. The winds will be from the north and the northeast, with speeds between 15 and 25 km/h, with higher gusts. The maximum temperatures will be between 26 and 28° C (79 and 82 F), while the lows will average 22° C (72 F). The sea surface temperature will be 27° C (81 F). Continue reading

Cartas desde Cuba Blog Reaches 10!

This November, Cartas desde Cuba (Letters from Cuba) is celebrating its 10th anniversary of existence. Continue reading

Free Education in Cuba

Every human living on this planet knows that education is free in Cuba. And I know because I heard the Undefeated Comandante say it 272,397 times if I didn’t count them wrong, and I shouldn’t have because my education was free. Continue reading

A Beauty Salon In The Middle of Old Havana

On our return from attending a global youth event in Sochi, Russia my two Grenadian colleagues and I decided to peruse Old Havana where our hostel was located. Separated from our delegation and depressed over our misplaced luggage, I thought it best we... Continue reading

My Arrest: A Depressing Episode

It was Friday afternoon. My three children, aged 2, 8 and 9 years old, were playing in the living room. Somebody knocked on the door and interrupted my quiet siesta next to my wife. Four cars were outside my house and a dozen counterintelligence and crime agents and policemen too. One of these vehicles was an ambulance, expecting my sick mother’s possible heart attack. Luckily, that didn’t happen in spite of her grief. Continue reading

Amnesty International Says that Cuba Uses Labor as a “Tool of Repression”

The government of Cuba uses its control over the labor market and the threat of dismissals as a "tool of repression" to silence criticism, the human rights organization Amnesty International reported today in a report. Continue reading

A Friendly Hand

One day, I was coming back from one of the editions of a Havana Film Festival. I was walking alone back then; I didn’t need anyone to walk through the capital’s Vedado neighborhood, from movie theater to movie theater, backpack on my shoulder... Continue reading

A Moment with Marta Maria Borras

We interview the young Cuban filmmaker Marta Maria Borras. "As a director and scriptwriter, I’m very interested in my stories not having a closed story; I rather try to open up the narrative to multiple readings. This is a very difficult task for me, and it’s always an attempt." Continue reading

Venezuelan Government and Creditors Meeting Ended without Agreement

The meeting between the Venezuelan government and bondholders of Venezuela’s foreign debt ended Monday without an agreement, even though the government stated that the process of renegotiating to find better payment conditions has had a “postive” start. Continue reading

Good and Bad News for Havana DotA Players

In spite of the first DotA tournament in Cuba, organized by ADEC (Cuba’s eSports Group), being interrupted by Hurricane Irma, it has continued to take place at the Central I.T. Palace in Central Havana. Continue reading

Trump, a Dangerous President

The process of establishing bilateral relations between Cuba and the US has been hurt lots of times. The Cuban government position has always been the same, inflexible and with its backward politics. Continue reading

Hunter Hunted, More on Gender Violence in Cuba

Conner Gorry’s article, Me too: Gender Violence in Havana, took me back to an incident that happened a long time ago, which I still remember, even when, let’s just say, my memory isn’t the best. Continue reading

Cuba State Security Frees HT Writer Osmel Ramirez

Osmel Ramirez Alvarez, a Havana Times contributing writer, arrested last Friday at his home in Mayarí and later taken to a State Security facility in the city of Holguin, in northeastern Cuba, was released late Monday afternoon. Continue reading

“Work” in Cuba Means Working for the State

This “work” business has so many implications here in Cuba and there are so many ways of looking at it which are the same in number as any sea urchin’s razor-sharp spikes. Working implies, among other things, that there is payment for the work being done. And this payment, at times, doesn’t even classify as such. Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Live to 120 Years Old

In Cuba, it’s no secret to anyone that the population is aging more and more as the days go by. The reasons for this are many, but there are two main ones: low birth rates, also for many different reasons, and the advances made in medicine and healthcare. Continue reading

Havana’s Bar Rosi, Where People Meet and Care for Each Other

Recently, a friend from Bar Rosi, a regular customer, suffered a heart attack, the third one in his 60 years, and he is still at the Freyre de Andrade hospital in Central Havana, which people call the Emergency Hospital. Not very common in these times... Continue reading

Bribes and red carpets

A friend told me about an ethical conflict: he had managed to get a medical appointment for his wife who has problems with her thyroid. He was even given the “gift” he’d have to hand over to the specialist. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Why There Was No Abstention in 1990

The reasons for the abstention, and for which it will be ever more difficult to mobilize the population to participate in these civic campaigns, aren’t on account of the opposition leaders but are directly attributable to President Ortega and Vice President Murillo. Continue reading

Why Did Granma Fire its Director?

According to the announcement published by Granma newspaper, the Cuban Communist Party’s official press, Pelayo Terry Cuervo, the director of this newspaper, the country’s main one, was “released” from his position because of mistakes he had made. Continue reading

HT Writer Osmel Ramírez Moved to State Security Center in Holguin

We learned that on Saturday morning HT contributing writer Osmel Ramirez was transferred to the city of Holguín, about 90 kilometers away, and is currently being held in the State Security Police Training Center, better known as Pedernales. Continue reading

A Cuban Trait or the Result of a Sociological Experiment?

I don’t know if living by day by day is a trait of the Cuban people or whether it’s another result of the sociological experiment that has been carried out on our people, but this conversation with my barber (which I’ve transcribed word for word) has left me thinking about the Cuban people’s apparent lack of concern for the future. Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – Second Cut

Here are the 135 pictures from 52 photographers that have made it past the second cut of the 2017 HT Cuba Photo Contest. The 19-member jury has begun making their picks in Round Three. We hope to post the finalists on or before Saturday November 18. ... Continue reading