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August 2017
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New Beauty Standards

When you are young, you don’t think too much about your appearance, you just have to be a bit charming, as firm skin makes up for a not so beautiful face. And it’s true, once your body begins to age, you begin to worry... Continue reading

Racial discrimination in Cuba

The subject of racial discrimination in Cuba is a very delicate and thorny issue which has to be approached with a lot of care, so that there isn’t any confusion or people hurt. Here I will mention some aspects of the growing problem. Continue reading

Cuba, Sun and Skin Cancer

Concerned about the intense summer sun, I paid 8.40 CUC for an umbrella. When I was at my most happiest, a friend reminded me that the umbrella might give me shade but, it doesn’t completely stop ultraviolet rays passing through. Continue reading

The Swindled

I don’t have a TV because I chose not to have one. So I don’t have any idea about what’s been on TV this summer. But, I have returned to TV past during these summer days, thanks to a film bank. Continue reading

Nicaraguan Opposition Group: “A Clean and Transparent Election is Impossible”

The Broad Front for Democracy (FAD) issues its second evaluation of the electoral process. With the 2017 municipal elections just 3 months away, one sector of the opposition insists that none of the conditions for a transparent process have been met. By Confidencial HAVANA TIMES – “As of this date there’ve been no changes indicating […] Continue reading

A Talk about “Transformative Technology”

Under the title “Transformative technology: Tips on how to tackle gender violence,” an online talk took place at every US embassy, summoned by the US Department of State and led by Univision TV journalist Rafael Sanchez Cruz. Continue reading

Havana Weather for August 17-23

During our 7-day forecast period, warm days will continue with variable winds in the mornings and northeasterly in the afternoons, with speeds between 6 and 15 mph and stronger gusts in the coastal areas. In the afternoons the cloudiness will increase ... Continue reading

Ecuador: Lenin Moreno, the Troubling Successor to Rafael Correa

Over recent weeks, Ecuadorian President Moreno has emphasized his standing apart from his predecessor Rafael Correa, in two areas especially: economic politics and anti-corruption strategy. Continue reading

My Last Interview in Havana

To come back to Cuba after arriving in Mexico, I waited the two years they give you to not lose your residency rights on the island. There was so much to learn about, the city, a new culture, plus my Masters studies in paleosoils. Continue reading

Is Otaku Culture Dying Out in Cuba?

It has always been difficult for anime, manga and fans of other Japanese cultural art forms to find activities that center around these subjects. Whatever the reason is, it’s been like they don’t even exist this year in Havana. Continue reading

Florida’s Gay Village, Life Stories and a Sauna

As an ambassador for the Cuban LGBT community, it was an interesting experience; I learned that the level of information that many people in the United States have about Cuba dates back to the ‘60s... Continue reading

Bianca Jagger Protests in Nicaragua with Farmers against Canal Project

Nicaraguan-US pacifist Bianca Jagger participated in a march on Tuesday with hundreds of peasants in southern Nicaragua seeking to stop construction of an inter-oceanic canal and repeal the law that endangers the country’s sovereignty. Continue reading

Maduro Pops into Cuba to Honor Fidel’s Birthday

HAVANA TIMES – Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro flew into Cuba on Tuesday for a belated tribute to the late Fidel Castro on the 91st anniversary of his birth on August 13, 1926, reported the official Cuban government website Maduro was accompanied by Cuban president Raul Castro on a visit to the cemetery in Santiago […] Continue reading

Why the Scooter Ban in Cienfuegos, Cuba?

The provincial newspaper 5 de Septiembre in Cienfuegos publishes a story about motor scooters secretly imported into the country. According to the newspaper article since August 1, the police forbade that these scooters, known as "motorinas", circulate... Continue reading

Orlando Nenninger Draws on Cloth and Bodies

Self-taught visual artist Orlando M. Nenninger Vasconcelos confesses that he likes to communicate with his audience via his sketches. Lines and colors have captivated him ever since he was a child. (10 photos) Continue reading

Montreal Celebrates “Pride at Work” 7th Anniversary

The 7th anniversary of the “Pride at Work” organization was celebrated on Wednesday August 8th, at the Desjardins shopping complex located in the city of Montreal, Quebec, as part of the week’s program of activities for Gay Pride, This organization provides training to employers with the objective of encouraging their recognition of “LGBT” (“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender”) employees, as an important part of society’s diverse and effective work force. Continue reading

My Other Mother

After an intense journey, more in time than in kilometers, I recently returned to Santa Cruz del Sur, on the south of Camaguey, and I went looking for Marina, shortly after arriving. From a distance, I greeted her with happiness, she was sweeping the doorway of her home where traces of my childhood still linger, but she didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. Continue reading

My Reply to a Dangerous Threat

Every act in Cuba in favor of change, outside of the official framework, is considered an act of dissidence. It doesn’t matter whether you sympathize with Posada Carriles’ violent methods, with the Chicago school of economics or whether you are a democratic socialist like yours truly. Continue reading

Manzanillo and the Missing Medicines

Every Tuesday, Enrique drags his feet on his way to the pharmacy on Maso Street in Manzanillo. With 80 years on his back, a stroke and diabetes, he watches the pharmacist’s ritual of opening up the store, he says good day to her, and then the old man asks: “Has my medicine come in?” Continue reading

Guardalavaca, an Idyllic Resort in Cuba’s East

Guardalavaca cove is like a haven in front of the immense ocean, with its warm beach, of unrivalled grandeur. The low mountains of the Maniabon range almost reach the sea, giving the landscape greater beauty and individuality. Continue reading

Does Cuba have Weapons against Diplomat Eardrums?

News that Cuba supposedly has a sonic weapon, unknown to the Pentagon, and that it had been used to make some US diplomats deaf, has become a joke on social media ever since the news became public last week. Continue reading

Antigona the Process (Video)

Antigona the Process describes the history of the representation of women in Cuba, seen through a filmmakers team. Documentary by Yaima Pardo and Lilián Broche (60 minutes). Continue reading

Venezuela Regional Elections Moved up to October

The all-powerful Venezuelan Constituent Assembly, approved on Saturday to move up the elections for governors scheduled for December 10 to October 10. The opposition coalition inscribed its candidates for the regional elections, but faces criticism fro... Continue reading

Trump Launches New Threat against Venezuela

As if the threat of a war with North Korea isn’t enough, US President Trump, said on Friday that he is not discarding the “military option” against the regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Continue reading

Cuba: the ’68 Revolutionary Offensive Reedited

The 1968 "Revolutionary Offensive" nationalized all the small businesses that remained after the Revolution triumphed in 1959. According to figures from Granma newspaper itself, 55,636 small businesses were seized back then:11,878 grocery stores, 3130 ... Continue reading

Selling off Nicaraguan Sovereignty: Then and Now

No one could have anticipated the person who would pick up the torch passed on by Diaz, Emiliano Chamorro, and Somoza. How could we ever have imagined that it would be a fighter for Nicaragua’s national liberation, one of the leaders of the Sandinista Front? Continue reading