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March 2018
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Cuba Opens a Wholesale Market for Private Food Service Cooperatives

The Cuban government has opened its first wholesale basic foods market for private cooperatives, but at this time other self-employed workers will not have access. Continue reading

Why My Vote was Blank in Cuba’s General Elections

In Cuba, your vote is secret, but you are allowed to personally share how you voted and I have had the desire to explain mine… I cast a blank vote this time. Continue reading

Unwanted Springs in Cienfuegos, Cuba

These springs have become a feature of our daily reality. If only they really were natural springs. But, truth is that they are just sewer leaks. As a Cuban citizen, I am concerned about just how frequently this happens and I have looked into why this ... Continue reading

Are Racist Genes what’s Consuming the Nation?

After 350 years of slavery in Cuba and 60 years of racism during the pseudo-Republic, it was naive to think that this monster could be wiped out with a speech made by Fidel Castro in February 1959 and others which he made throughout his time in office. Continue reading

No Coup in Venezuela, says Defense Minister

Venezuelan Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino today rejected rumors of a possible coup d'état in the face of an alleged discontent in the barracks over the recent arrest of several officers. Continue reading

Rosa Maria Paya, a Dissident in the Cuban Media

Granma, the Cuban Communist Party’s official newspaper, surprisingly broke its pattern of behavior when it comes to dealing with political dissidence by dedicating three detailed articles to the project of Rosa Maria Paya. Continue reading

Front Page News

A friend told me in an email about an event that has shaken Spain, where he lives. The murder of an eight-year-old boy. I searched for the news online, and while reading, I felt the resounding drama and hysteria. Continue reading

A Well-Deserved Tribute

I had patiently been waiting for March 8th to write about women’s valor. That which many people don’t appreciate or pretend not to see but which is there, always spontaneously showing its vital presence. Continue reading

My Recent Visit to Santiago de Cuba

The 72 hours I spent in the city where I was born was enough for me to appreciate several positive aspects firsthand about the city’s renovation and transformation work to its buildings, streets and parks. (37 photos) Continue reading

Socialism: the People’s System

Since many years ago, there is a battle of ideas of colossal dimensions in this world. On the Left are those who defend the most just ideas. On the Right, you find those who defend Capitalism’s ideas, with different nuances. Continue reading

Havana Weather for March 15-21

During the coming days there will be winter conditions, in Cuban terms, with little chance of rain in the capital. The high temperatures will oscillate between 23 and 28° C (73 and 82 F) and the lows will be between 17 and 21° C (62 and 70 F). Continue reading

Bus Driver Deficit Aggravates Havana Transport Crisis

The massive abandonment of drivers from the Havana state-run bus company has greatly affected the transport of up to 700,000 passengers daily, local media reported today. Continue reading

A Cuban Film Not Worth Seeing

Gerardo Chijona, the director of Adorables mentiras; the co-director of the famous movie Memorias del Subdesarrollo, has directed a piece of garbage which should be wiped off the Cuban film map. I personally believe it’s a waste of money and time. Continue reading

Difficulties in Receiving Money Wired to Cuba

Long lines in front of the insufficient number of offices of Western Union, combined with the temporary suspension of monetary remittances via Internet by the previously efficient Sendvalu, is causing alarm given the increasing participation of transfe... Continue reading

Cuba’s Elite and the Centralized Economy

At the end of 2017, over 600 Cuban lawmakers in the National Assembly of People’s Power, the one chamber legislative power, unanimously approved the State Budget for 2018, like they normally do. Continue reading

Where God is a Man, Men think they are Gods

I perfectly remember where I was a dozen years ago when I opened up a newsletter from the World Council of Churches and read that heading: “Where God is a Man, Men think they are Gods”. Continue reading

Cuban Youths in the Tourism Business

EL CAYO (the keys) are the two words that are drummed into many children in Villa Clara’s heads from seventh grade onwards as the magic answer to leaving poverty behind... Continue reading

Cuban Government Celebrates Election of the 605 Legislators

"The day was a triumph and a reaffirmation of the Cuban electoral system," said Alina Balseiro, president of the National Electoral Commission, at a press conference. Continue reading

Cuban Theater Director Adonis Milan Released by State Security

I just spoke with Cuban theater director Adonis Milan. He was detained incommunicado until early Monday morning when he was released under a heavy downpour. After his abduction off the street on Saturday afternoon, his name was not among the list of de... Continue reading

Which Currency Should I Take on My Trip to Cuba?

Would it be wiser to exchange US Dollars to another currency prior to traveling to Cuba or should I just exchange US Dollars to CUC (Convertible Cuban Pesos) when arriving in Havana? Photo: Continue reading

Blackouts Are Making a Comeback in Cuba

Blackouts have once again become a regular occurrence, at least in Mayari, Holguin, since the beginning of February. attributed to potential temporary breaks in the electricity distribution lines and because they don’t commonly make repairs with the power flowing, suspending the service. Continue reading

Complicit Silence in Today’s Cuba

Jesus Arencibia describes three examples of Cubans mistreating Cubans at a store, in a collective taxi and at a meeting. Continue reading

Cuba’s Unique and Extraordinarily Democratic System

Cuba held its second phase of General Elections on Sunday with a massive turnout interpreted by the government as overwhelming support for the country’s leaders their policies and the Communist Party. Continue reading

Voting in Cuba

These days, what’s most talked about on the streets of the capital, apart from the lack of food, is the television program Bailando en Cuba (Dancing in Cuba). Almost no opinions are heard on the general elections both before and after the vote on Sunday. Continue reading

Havana Theater Director Kidnapped on Election Eve

Saturday at 4:10 pm, the young theater director and activist Adonis Milan was kidnapped at the intersection of 13 and 6 Streets Vedado, Havana. Continue reading

Cuba, a Dark Future with Gray Stitching

This past week I met a couple of friends and the conversations I had with them left me with a very sour taste on the palate. Continue reading