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March 2017
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Social media: vulgarity and obscenity

Vulgarity is being promoted without signs of stopping; we could even almost say that it is replacing creative or intelligent ideas. Everything is gaining a malicious, cruel tone, not only in depth but in decency too. Continue reading

Death Threats in Nicaragua against Indigenous Rights Activst

Lottie Cunningham won’t remain silent. Despite the death threats she’s received, she continues to denounce the inaction of Comandante Daniel Ortega’s government in the face of the invasion of indigenous lands of Nicaragua’s Caribbean region. This situation has left a toll of more than 32 indigenous people murdered since September of 2015. Continue reading

Raul Castro’s Son Alejandro Led the Secret Negotiations with the US

Colonel Alejandro Castro Espín, the son of President Raul Castro, was officially the representative of Cuba in the secret negotiation process with the United States that ended with the agreement to open a new stage of bilateral relations, on December 17, 2014, Cardinal Jaime Ortega has just revealed. Continue reading

Extreme Drought in Cuba, Many Are Unaware

Cuba, reached World Water Day this year suffering one of the most intense droughts in the last 100 years, severely affecting over 80% of the population. Out of the country’s 168 municipalities, 141 are affected and 53 have been declared in extreme drought. Continue reading

Cuba: Is Healthcare a Gift or a Right?

Recently, a campaign has been launched to raise Cuban citizens’ awareness of the fact that while medical services have been free ever since the Revolution triumphed in 1959, they cost the government a lot of money. Continue reading

The Hidden Side of Cuba’s New Medical Bills

What the government is doing by handing out bills for doctor’s visits is shameful, in a country where the State retains most of Cuban workers wages, rewarding them with poor salaries plus “free” health & education. Continue reading

Orgasms, orgasms…

Having an orgasm with love is the perfect combination, a powerful alliance which brings a couple together, as well as other interests, like friendship, children (if you have them) and all kinds of relationships. Continue reading

Nicaragua: 16,400 Girls under 14 Gave Birth in the Last Decade

Over the last decade in Nicaragua, 16,400 girls under fourteen have given birth. It’s a statistic that becomes even more alarming, when you consider that these births are all the product of rape. The drama becomes even more complex in the face of a State that takes no action other than imposing obligatory maternity on these minors to the detriment of their health and welfare. Continue reading

Wet-foot/ Dry-foot Policy: Changing Mentalities

It goes without saying that the new US government is complying with what has been set out in the agreements signed by his predecessor and that there is some kind of bilateral effort to put the procedures which this implies into gear. Continue reading

Fidel Castro Reappears “in his Dead Body” in… Hong Kong

The image that Fidel Castro and his closest watchmen in the Cuban government wanted to avoid at his funeral, is now part of the artistic reality of a famous fair in Hong Kong. Continue reading

Cuba and Its Rotting Tomatoes

In a country often with considerable food shortages, dozens of tons of tomatoes are rotting in Guantanamo because nobody is collecting them. In the face of situations like this one, which affects the national and local economy, you can’t divide the blame up between everyone. Continue reading

“Island”, My Latest Film Project

Once again, with a small camera and a lot of determination to make cinema, I’m taking a risk and making a new movie project, where I shine a light on my own fears, my desire to show what I think and how I see the things around me. Continue reading

Venezuela, Tales of the Absurd

Venezuela is experiencing a crisis which has forced its inhabitants to rethink the way they spend money in their own country in recent years. Amid new conditions, having access to basic goods which used to form part of their daily lives before, such as... Continue reading

Havana Weather for March 23-29

The days will be sunny in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoons, with isolated and occasional rain. The maximum temperatures will range between 25 and 29° C (77 and 84 F), while the lows will be between 19 and 21° C (66 and 70 F). Continue reading

Store Sales and Cuba’s Army of Resellers

Everything begins with an order “from above”. Then the paperwork comes down and nighttime preparations. The following day, from the crack of dawn, the commotion, chaos, crowds... This isn’t an undercover operation; there’s a sale. Continue reading

Trump’s Cuba Policy Still in Limbo

A year after Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba the euphoria which triggered the “thawing” of relations between the two countries has disappeared, giving way to uncertainty ever since Donald Trump became president, who has yet to make a move. Continue reading

The OAS Does it Again…

Luis Almagro’s obsession against the government of Venezuela has revealed itself during the last few months and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. His meddling statements are nothing new in the history of the OAS. Continue reading

Cuba is Creating a New Life Philosophy

Eurico Borges, 1950, painter and traveler from Portugal, arrived in Cuba for the first time in 1999. Three days after his arrival, he knew that this was the place where he wanted to live. He settled in our country in 2000 and has lived here for 17 years. Continue reading

Cuba “Seizes” the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Cuban government has banned the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from being spread in Cuba. It also doesn’t allow the Cuban public to learn about the Conventions which the government has ratified and much less the state of compliance with the Conventions which it has to apply to its national legislation as a Member State, once they have been ratified. Continue reading

Fear of State Security

The moral of this story isn’t my phobia of reggaeton but of the fear that the National Security Agency awakens in nearly everyone here in Dallas. Talking about this subject with Cuban emigres in the US, one of them even told me... Continue reading

The Movie of the Rolling Stones in Cuba

In my hands, and as a valuable gift brought from Rome, a packet entitled "The Rolling Stones, Havana Moon." It consists of two CDs with the Stones music and a DVD of the megaconcierto they offered for free at the Havana Sports City on March 25, 2016. Continue reading

A Photo Feature from Prehistoric Cuba

Cuban natives captured their vision of the world in caves, even the stamp of the Spanish conquest, passing on hundreds of paintings called “cave paintings” to us. These are drawings which were made over a thousand years ago. Interesting analogies transport us from the past to the present. Continue reading

Forced to Live with Open Sewage

An inspector recently fined us because we had thrown some buckets of water on the street and a little reached the sidewalk. "Don’t you know comrade that it is only allowed on Saturdays?", she asked very seriously, while taking out her booklet for giving fines. Continue reading

Cubans Receive “Symbolic Bills” for Medical Services

Cuban patients who are seen at medical institutions in Havana have begun to receive an unprecedented bill with the cost of the medical services they’ve received. The Public Health Ministry (MINSAP) says that giving patients a “symbolic bill” is part of a program that is being developed across the country to make patients and medical institutions aware of how much these services cost. Continue reading

How Can You Fight Injustice in Cuba?

A political system which doesn’t have feedback, nor is founded on democratic elections, will never be able to truly fight injustice. If those who rule the country and decide for the rest of us what will happen to the economy and society make a mistake, we have no way of urging them to rectify their wrongs. Continue reading