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November 2017
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HT Writer Osmel Ramírez Moved to State Security Center in Holguin

We learned that on Saturday morning HT contributing writer Osmel Ramirez was transferred to the city of Holguín, about 90 kilometers away, and is currently being held in the State Security Police Training Center, better known as Pedernales. Continue reading

A Cuban Trait or the Result of a Sociological Experiment?

I don’t know if living by day by day is a trait of the Cuban people or whether it’s another result of the sociological experiment that has been carried out on our people, but this conversation with my barber (which I’ve transcribed word for word) has left me thinking about the Cuban people’s apparent lack of concern for the future. Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – Second Cut

Here are the 135 pictures from 52 photographers that have made it past the second cut of the 2017 HT Cuba Photo Contest. The 19-member jury has begun making their picks in Round Three. We hope to post the finalists on or before Saturday November 18. ... Continue reading

Havana Times Contributing Writer Arrested

Today, our contributing writer from Mayari, Holguín, Osmel Ramirez Alvarez, was arrested, reported a family member. The agents also took with them Osmel’s laptop, hard drive and other belongings. His whereabouts are unknown at this moment. Continue reading

Cuba Looks to Expand its Open Pit Nickel Mines

Cuba’s nickel industry is looking to expand its strip mines in search of this precious metal. According to Juan Ruiz Quintana, the managing director of Mining at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, “geological studies to discover new areas rich in this and other metals” are underway. Continue reading

Me Too: Gender Violence in Havana

I’ve been physically assaulted twice. Both times I was walking home alone at night. And both times I was compromising my safety. In the first instance, circa 1993 in Monterey, California, I was drunk. In the second instance, I had earbuds in, music blasting, as I walked down Calle 23 in Havana. Continue reading

Havana Alternative Biennial Promoter Luis Manuel Otero Released on Bail

Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara was released on bail from Police custody on Thursday at 4 in the afternoon. His legal situation is still complicated because he is awaiting trial, without a precise date. Continue reading

Granma Newspaper Director Gets the Boot

The director of Granma, the official Cuban Communist Party newspaper, is dismissed and the explanation given does not complete 4 lines. The lack of transparency of those who control the Cuban press is proverbial, their sanctions are always exemplary an... Continue reading

Old Cars in Havana

At the beginning of the 90s, when the only expectation that Cuba generated towards the world, was to see how long the socialist regime lasted, a friend told me that Havana was known as the rolling museum, referring to the number of US-made cars prior t... Continue reading

Trump Ends Temporary Protected Status for Nicaraguans

US affirms that Daniel Ortega’s government never requested an extension of the Temporary Protected Status for the over 5,000 affected Nicaraguan immigrants. EFE / Confidencial HAVANA TIMES – The Trump administration has ended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nicaraguans, leaving more than 5,000 Nicaraguan immigrants in limbo. The status was extended for six months […] Continue reading

Cuba Has Great Potential for Healthy Tourism

Tourism in Cuba should be developed taking into account the permanent presence of Irma and Trump, thinking that there will always be a hurricane in the Caribbean or a president at the White House who is willing to run the locomotive of Cuba’s economy off the tracks. Continue reading

The Land of Exile

Ever since I can remember, I remember that I used to imagine foreign countries as alien civilizations or lands from another world, like other children did from my generation. Continue reading

Havana Weather for November 9-15

The days will be warm, with the presence of low clouds and isolated afternoon showers associated with daytime warming and high humidity. The high temperatures will be between 29 and 30° C (84 F and 86 F), while the lows will be 22 and 23° C (72 and 73 F). Continue reading

The Detention of Cuban Artist Luis Otero is Everyone’s Business

Among artists an admirable support for Luis Manuel Otero has generated; social networks have been active and we know that they can be a good tool even in Cuba, where few access them. Continue reading

New US Policy Changes on Cuba Take Effect

The Trump administration announced today regulations that will make it more difficult, but not impossible, for US citizens to visit Cuba and establishes new limits on commercial transactions with the island. Continue reading

US Blockade on Cuba, Mistake or Wise Move?

Any act of blocking is wrong and can even be a crime depending on the circumstances. Whether that’s between countries, ethnicities or even between people from the same country. Cuba, poor Cuba, who has suffered so many blockades! Continue reading

Is Censorship of Artists a Tradition on Cuban TV?

Over the past three years, several members from the Vivir del cuento (Living by one’s wits) team, including the director and the more well-known actors, had asked me to write for the program. I told them yes from the beginning... Continue reading

Alternative Havana Biennial Still Happening

Let me explain why the press conference scheduled Monday afternoon to formally announce the opening for submissions to the #00 Havana Biennial was canceled. Continue reading

FSLN Takes 135 City Halls after Local Elections

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) has awarded 135 of the country's 153 mayoralties to the Sandinista Front, after receiving 98.76% of the Voting tabulation sheets from Sunday’s municipal elections. The ruling party will control the 15 departmental capitals of the country, and the two main cities of the autonomous regions of the Caribbean, Bluefields and Bilwi for a total of 17. Continue reading

Abuse Isn’t only a Beating

This year, I was invited to take part in the Pinar del Rio carnival celebrations. There was a healthy and festive atmosphere in spite of the suffocating heat and the exorbitant prices of food on offer at kiosks. Continue reading

Foreigners and a Credit Card

In Cuba, where we all know the average wage is low and is not enough to satisfy our basic needs, people find themselves forced to look for an illegal way to improve their lives, other times it’s just not a very honest way. Continue reading

A 100 years after the Russian Revolution

On October 25th 1917 (November 7th using the Gregorian calendar), events unfolded that “shook” the world, according to US author John Reed. Continue reading

Cuba: A Lot of Noise, Not Enough Respect

The issue of noise in Cuba has been one of the most popular and repetitive on a daily basis, for a while now. Not precisely because of the science fiction saga where US diplomats have been affected by sonic weapons and left with hearing loss, but because of contemporary Cuban life’s new ways and commotion. Continue reading

Call for Entries in the Alternative Havana Biennial May 2018

The Museum of Politically Uneasy Art, alongside a group of independent Cuban spaces, artists, theorists and curators are calling for entries for the #00 Havana Biennial which will take place from May 5-15, 2018 in the Cuban capital. Continue reading

Ortega’s FSLN Wins Local Elections Throughout Nicaragua

After a lackluster campaign with virtually no legal opposition, the candidates of the FSLN party of the presidential couple Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, swept to victory Sunday as expected throughout the country. Continue reading

Island II the Continuation of a Project (video)

The short film is dedicated to everyone who has needed to emigrate to find opportunities and try and prosper in another place. It is the second installment of something that was initially going to be a trilogy, and is dedicated to my friends and acquai... Continue reading