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September 2017
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Irma, Cuba, the Paris Club and Cuban Customs

Cuba has been badly wounded by Hurricane Irma, which swept across the island’s entire northern coast, destroying homes, laying waste to harvests and tourism infrastructure, severely damaging the national energy system and killing 10 Cubans. Continue reading

Havana Post-Irma and What’s on the Horizon

Havana has begun to recover. Some areas already have electricity and parks with WIFI connections have begun to fill with people, except for Havana’s Malecon seawall area because all the antennas were removed there in anticipation of the winds and sea surge. Continue reading

Protest in Havana’s Santos Suarez Neighborhood

After four days without electricity, hundreds of residents from the Santos Suarez neighborhood took to the street in protest on Thursday. Government representatives were unsuccessful in their attempts to silence the protest, giving excuses to over 500 ... Continue reading

Havana Weather for Sept. 14-20

The days will be slightly cloudy in the morning, with variable and weak winds, below 20 km/h (12 mph). In the afternoons the cloudiness will increase and there will be some chance of occasional showers associated with the daytime heating. Continue reading

Darkness Falls Over Cuba after Hurricane Irma

Why is that in Miami, a city in a rich country, businesses began to close down since Wednesday so that people could get ready for the intense and dangerous hurricane and things carried on in Havana like nothing was happening? Continue reading

US State Dept. Recommends Canceling Trips to Cuba

The US State Department issued a warning today urging US citizens to avoid traveling to Cuba, severely hit by Hurricane Irma. However in a forum within the Facebook page of Havana Times several US citizens and people from other countries differ and mak... Continue reading

After Hurricane Irma Swept through Havana

After Hurricane Irma whipped through the city, I went out onto the street. It’s 4 PM on Sunday. It’s still a bit windy, but the sun is out as if nothing had happened. There isn’t any electricity and all businesses are shut, but people have still started coming out onto the street. Continue reading

Havana Times Extends Deadline for Photo Contest Submissions

Dear readers, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to the 2017 Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest from September 15 to October 15 due to the difficulties caused by Hurricane Irma. Continue reading

Damage Report on Varadero, Cuba Hotels

A travel agent put together an exhaustive report today on the situation of the hotel facilities on the Varadero peninsula. Here we publish our translation of his unofficial report that appeared in Spanish on Trip Advisor. Continue reading

Havana Airport Reopens for Flights

The Jose Marti International Airport in Havana reestablished its operations on Tuesday following the passage of Hurricane Irma. Thousands of tourists are still stranded on the island waiting for international flights to begin. Continue reading

What Happened in Varadero with Hurricane Irma?

The extent of damage from hurricane Irma in Varadero, Cuba’s leading beach resort, is still a mystery as the authorities make the rounds to quantify the loss. Some 17,000 tourists were at the dozens of different hotels in Varadero when the center of Irma hung close by for several hours late Saturday and early Sunday... Continue reading

Nicaraguan Gov. Issues “White Paper” on the Canal Project

The Nicaraguan government published the so-called “White Paper on the Great Interoceanic Canal” last week, amidst uncertainty for the future of this project, whose progress is being kept secret, without Chinese businessman Wang Jing, the concession holder, showing his face for over a year. Continue reading

Pope Francis Left Colombia with a Message of Peace and a Prayer for Venezuela

Pope Francis bid farewell to Colombia on Sunday after his four-day exclusive visit with a message urging the Colombian people to continue down the path to peace and reconciliation without leaving the truth, justice and reparations aside, and he also to... Continue reading

Mexico Earthquake: “At 93 years old, I have never felt one as strong as this one”

Dawn broke in the Mexican state of Chiapas on Friday, September 8th and its 5 million inhabitants hadn’t fully taken in the fright they had experienced at nearly midnight, when they were surprised by the most powerful earthquake to strike in the last 100 years. Continue reading

Cuba: Theft Under the Cover of Hurricane Irma

Today, three days after Hurricane Irma, we walked along Calle 1ra, in the Havana municipality of Plaza. It was impressive to hear the stories of the owner of one of the private restaurants located in this area. (10 photos) Continue reading

To Go or Not to Go to Cuba after Irma

On our Facebook page there is a good discussion going on as whether people should maintain their plans to visit Cuba in the coming days, weeks or months or cancel or postpone their trips after the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, which is still being ... Continue reading

The Day After Irma Hit Havana

Now that the tide has passed, with a broom a woman pushes out to the street a mixture of mud that has left impregnated all the tiles of the first floor of her house. She still wears fear on her face. "You have to live it, it was very shocking." (10 pho... Continue reading

A Cry for Help after Earthquake in Mexico

The earthquake which struck on Thursday night - with its epicenter in the Pacific - shook southern and central Mexico. The quake took place at the same time hurricane Irma was smashing the eastern Caribbean Islands and approaching Cuba where it would ... Continue reading

A People’s Faith in their Patron Saint

It was 8:30 PM on Thursday September 7th and official evening mass in honor of Cuba’s Patron Saint, Our Lady of Charity, began when bells rang at the Nuestra Senora de los Dolores church, in Santo Domingo, Villa Clara. (10 photos) Continue reading

Cuba Reports 10 Deaths from Hurricane Irma

Cuban TV reported on Monday morning that ten people have died across the country resulting from Hurricane Irma’s destruction. The majority of these people reportedly died as a result of buildings collapsing and in some cases, for not having complied with evacuation orders that they received from Civil Defense troops. Continue reading

Castro Sees Cuba’s Tourism Infrastructure Restored Quickly

Faced with the worst disaster in decades Cuban President Raul Castro made a call Sunday for Cubans to maintain the faith in another victory after the powerful Hurricane Irma swept over a large portion of the country from east to west. Continue reading

A Sunday of Great Uncertainty in Havana

Many streets in Havana are still flooded and expected to slowly subside on Monday. The long struggle to recover has yet to begin. Juan Suarez brings us his pictures taken Sunday morning in the capital cities of Centro Habana and Plaza de la Revolucion.... Continue reading

Hurricane Irma Assaulted Caibarien, an Example of the Damage

“The wind ripped off our zinc roof so fast that it looked like it was opening a can of food,” said Rosa Martinez, while looking up at the grey rain clouds still in the sky, standing in her living room. What she lived was felt by thousands of Cubans over the last few days as Hurricane Irma pummeled a large portion of the island. Continue reading

Havana Coastal Flooding Continues as Irma Moves North

A sea surge that reaches from 5 to 7 blocks in some areas of the Cuban capital continues and is expected to last throughout the day on Sunday, reported meteorologist Jose Rubiera during his latest report on Cuban TV. While many people were evacuated fr... Continue reading

Cuba: Varadero Resorts Endangerd by Hurricane Irma

The latest projections for the path of Hurricane Irma show Varadero, Cuba’s leading beach resort area, in danger of receiving the full force or close to it. At 2:00 p.m. Cuban time, the National Hurricane Center located the center of Irma at only 65 miles east of Varadero. Continue reading

Cuba’s Varadero Resorts Threatened by Hurricane Irma

The latest projections for the path of Hurricane Irma show Varadero, Cuba’s leading beach resort area, in danger of receiving the full force or close to it. At 2:00 p.m. Cuban time (EDT), the National Hurricane Center located the center of Irma at only 65 miles east of Varadero. Continue reading