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January 2018
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Invitation: Three New Art Expositions in Old Havana

On January 9th in the city’s same historic center, three personal exhibitions by Cuban artists opened all at the same time, at the Provincial Center of Visual Arts and Design, better known as the “Luz y Oficios” gallery. The exhibitions can be seen until February 2nd. (18 photos) Continue reading

Colombian Embassy in Cuba Working to the Max

In the face of protests by Cubans, who depend on getting a US visa so as to join their families on a permanent basis, Washington, in agreement with the Colombian government, decided on the expensive solution to move this paperwork to its embassy in Bog... Continue reading

Migration and Politics: a Necessary Debate for Cuba’s Future

The year 2018 will be a decisive one for Cuba’s future. The island is not only a geographical space but also a social space which transcends physical borders. In this regard, the future government will have to face the challenge of building a prosperous, transnational and inclusive country. Continue reading

The Gift (Video)

The Gift is an animation by Jasser Barbier about the meeting of two characters from the works of the plastic artist Nur Diez, a graduate from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. You can find her pieces in galleries in Old Havana or by con... Continue reading

Arce Defends Roberto Rivas over Corruption Charges

Bayardo Arce, the economic and financial adviser of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega, criticized the United States on Friday for sanctioning the president of the country's Electoral Council, Roberto Rivas, for acts of "significant corruption", Continue reading

A Clear Example of Cuba’s Cooperative Movement

I have been farming the land and been a member of a credit and service cooperative (CCS), for over five years now, based in my community, of Mayari, Holguin. This mode of production is the closest thing there is to a real cooperative here in Cuba. Continue reading

New Day of Looting in Venezuela

A new day of protests and looting took place on Friday in Venezuela with shortages and the high cost of food being the catalyst, reported dpa. Meanwhile the Government continues to insist there is no crisis, just foreign aggression. Continue reading

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Citizenship

After over five years held up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, British authorities rejected Thursday a bid to allow Julian Assange safe passage in London, after Ecuador’s foreign minister said she’d granted Assange citizenship. Continue reading

Real Cuban Rodeo is a Horror. Don’t Take Part!

This mare is the apple of my eye, I look after her as if she were me myself. This is how Miguel speaks about cuquita, the mare who his daughter takes to competitions. For several years now she takes part in the Rodeo with cuquita, an event which some p... Continue reading

Nicaragua: Exit of Electoral Council Chief Demanded

Magistrate Roberto Rivas should resign the post that he’s occupied for over twenty years as head of an electoral system that has collapsed, even though his exit alone won’t reestablish its credibility. This is the unanimous opinion of analysts and figures from the Nicaraguan opposition. Continue reading

“This Revolution Is Really Great”

I met Lazaro when he approached me to please talk to my wife as he knows that she is a doctor at an important hospital. He had an echocardiogram prescribed, but there weren’t any appointments for the next four months and that’s if the machine didn’t break. He was worried, he’s 78 years old. That’s when we began to talk. Continue reading

Architectural Treasure in Havana’s Vedado Neighborhood

There is a very special house in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood. According to what renowned historian and visual arts researcher Lillian Llanes says, it is the first mansion in Havana which we have bibliographical evidence about that has an indoor pool. Continue reading

The Glass Castle

"The Glass Castle" left me thinking for a few days. It made me remember the joy of dreaming, those childhood dreams which still aren’t tainted by the official standards of success. Pure dreams which don’t seek to impress or please anyone. Continue reading

US State Department without Evidence against Cuba

Washington is changing its tune as Diplomatic Security Assistant Director, Todd Brown, accepts that a sonic weapon might not exist but he does say that US diplomats in Havana could have been targets of a “viral” attack. Of course, he didn’t offer a hint of evidence to back up his statement. Continue reading

Costa Rica Investigates Nicaragua’s Roberto Rivas for Money Laundering

The Costa Rican Attorney General's Office informed on Tuesday that it opened an investigation against the president of the Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua, Roberto Rivas, for what it considers the possible crime of money laundering. Continue reading

Havana Weather for January 11-17

The days will continue to be relatively cool, with some isolated showers during the day. The maximum temperatures will be between 21 and 27° C (70 and 81 F) while the lows will be between 16 and 19° C (61 and 66 F). Continue reading

Canada Considers Diplomats’ Ailments a Mystery

The Canadian Police investigating the possible causes of the ailments that eight Canadian embassy personnel in Cuba suffered in 2017 and have been qualified as "sonic attacks" by some media, are still considered a mystery. Continue reading

The Three Kings Visit Havana’s Children

When I asked a 6-year-old boy if his grandmother had bought him the tanker truck he was pulling along on a string through the entire house as a present, he stared at me, thinking about his response, standing still and not pulling his truck along anymore. The old lady, who was observing the conversation, decided to intervene: “The Three Kings brought this toy, as well as the bowling set.” Continue reading

Uruguay Receives Wave of Cubans

A total of 4,577 Cuban citizens entered Uruguay in 2017, the majority between October and December. Channel 10 of Uruguayan television reported that some 200 Cubans decided to settle in the small rural town of Santa Rosa, in the department of Canelones... Continue reading

Another Cuban Struggle against the Blockade

We always end up talking about the same old thing: politics, the economy, “the situation”. Names and faces change in different groups, but the subject remains the same. Inevitably, we end up analyzing “how things are”, like a moth to a flame. Continue reading

Cuba: The Old Clock Needs More than a Few Repairs

On January 4th, Fernando Ravsberg published an article entitled “Challenges for Cuba’s New President”. The key issue revolves around the dual currency system, linking in with the tricky answer of how to refloat Cuba’s battered economy. The issue deserves to have all of its sensitive points poked at. Continue reading

Trump Hits Salvadorans in Latest Attack on Immigrants

The Trump administration continues to issue measures that hurt the immigrant communities in the United States. The latest blow was felt this week by 250,000 Salvadorans in the US under the now rescinded Temporary Protection Status (TPS). Continue reading

Real Changes in 2018 or Just a Hoax?

By Victor Manuel HAVANA TIMES — A few weeks ago, on Holy Innocents Day (December 28th) to be exact, a Continue reading

Fifty years after the Prague Spring, Cuba and Fidel Castro

On January 5th 1968, Havana woke up with a cold breeze infiltrating the city which chased people away from the Malecon. Throughout the entire month of January the sea charged at the city. In Cuba, spring is linked to summer. But, in Europe, it’s different. Continue reading

Cuba Criticizes US Senate Hearing on Attacks on Diplomats

The Cuban government questioned today the validity of the hearing held in the United States Senate on Tuesday over the alleged acoustic attacks on US diplomats in Havana, and restated its denial of having any responsibility in the events. Continue reading

Details of My Arrest and My Captors

More than ten people took part in the operation last November when I was arrested in my home, between agents from State Security, MININT’s Technical Investigations Department, police, crime investigators, an ambulance driver, intensive care doctor and inspector. They interrupted that peaceful afternoon in my home like vultures. Continue reading