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September 2018
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Naciones Unidas reafirma derechos de Lula

El Comité de Derechos Humanos de la ONU reiteró este lunes que Brasil debe garantizar a Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva el pleno ejercicio de todos sus derechos políticos

Esta Noticia Naciones Unidas reafirma derechos de Lula Apareció primero en Radio Reloj.

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A pesar de su reclusión gana Lula debate presidencial

El candidato presidencial del Partido de los Trabajadores, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, a pesar de su ausencia por injusta prisión, resultó el gran vencedor en la primera noche de debates entre otros aspirantes

Esta Noticia A pesar de su reclusión gana Lula debate presidencial Apareció primero en Radio Reloj.

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Afirman que Lula saldrá de prisión en brazos del pueblo

El expresidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva saldrá de la injusta prisión en que se encuentra en brazos del pueblo que tanto ama, aseguró el diputado del Partido de los Trabajadores, Wadih Damous

Esta Noticia Afirman que Lula saldrá de prisión en brazos del pueblo Apareció primero en Radio Reloj.

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Lula lanzará este viernes candidatura presidencial en Brasil

El ex presidente de Brasil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, presentará este viernes su candidatura para las próximas elecciones presidenciales, informó el Partido de los Trabajadores

Esta Noticia Lula lanzará este viernes candidatura presidencial en Brasil Apareció primero en Radio Reloj.

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Antonio Hamilton Mourao Might Join Presidential Run in Brazil

Mourao joined the Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (PRTB) days before the deadline, which would allow him to run for president in the October’s general elections Antonio Hamilton Mourao, a reserve general in Brazil’s military, has joined the Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (PRTB) days before the deadline, which would allow him to run for president in … Continue reading

Lula da Silva, the Only PT Candidate

The PT National Direction reaffirmed that Lula will be its candidate to the Presidency of the Republic and his nomination will be official on July 28 When he seemed to be immune after four years of judicial persecution and a permanent media massacre, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva continues to be the only irreplaceable piece … Continue reading

Dilma Rousseff Visits Lula in Curitiba

The founder and historic leader of the PT received last week the visit of 11 senators sent by the Human Rights Commission Deposed constitutional president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, visits today former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, political prisoner since April 7 at the Superintendency of Federal Police (PF) in Curitiba. Rousseff will participate … Continue reading

Cuba Reiterates Support to Lula Da Silva

Lula has been subject to the fiercest political and judicial persecution in order to prevent his running for president Cuba has reiterated its support and solidarity with former Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, a target of political and judicial persecution to prevent his running for president in the elections of the South American … Continue reading

FIFA Suspends President of the Brazilian Football Federation

FIFA’s ethics committee temporarily suspended  the president of the Brazilian Football Federation, Marco Polo Del Nero, for violating the rules of that sporting body, that international federation announced. The provisional suspension, for 90 days, prevents him from exercising any function in relation to football, both in the national and international level, and that comes into … Continue reading

Lula Brazilian Tour about to Conclude

The founder of the PT is convinced that the Brazilian people can once again have opportunities, employment and possibilities to study A meeting with the rectors of federal universities and institutes will mark the beginning of the penultimate day of the Caravan of Hope, which led by former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva tours […] Continue reading

Temer Has No Conditions to Govern Brazil, Lula Says

Temer’s latest denounce is related with passive corruption for the big donation made by the chairman of the JBS meat processing plant Joesley Batista First Brazilian president denounced for corruption in full exercise of his functions, Michel Temer ”has no conditions” to govern Brazil, said the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The best […] Continue reading

Brazilian People Mobilize against Michel Temer Reforms

The objective of this and other actions of protest is to stop the reform of social security and avoid a serious setback, said union leader Brazil staged today a National Day of Mobilization and Paralysis against the proposed labor and social security reforms by which popular movements and central trade unions describe as Michel Temer”s […] Continue reading

Juicio político contra Rousseff podría terminar en septiembre

La votación final sobre el juicio político contra la presidenta de Brasil suspendida temporalmente, Dilma Rousseff, podría darse en septiembre, según el cronograma publicado este sábado por la Corte Suprema de este país. Continue reading

Brasileños continúan en protesta contra Temer a 5 días para los JJOO Río 2016

Con toda la prensa internacional en Río de Janeiro y millones de personas atentas a lo que sucede en Brasil, este domingo los movimientos sociales en el país suramericano llamaron nuevamente a protestar en contra de las políticas del presidente interino Michel Temer. Continue reading

2016 Olympic Torch Scheduled to Travel 250 Brazilian Cities

The Organizing Committee of Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games announced that the Olympic torch will travel 250 Brazilian cities during 90-100 days, before the opening of the world event. The torch will travel about 20,000 kilometers (12,427.4 miles) and will be carried by about 10,000 people until August 5, scheduled date to light the […] Continue reading

Dilma Rousseff Sworn In for Second Term

Dilma Rousseff was sworn in Thursday for a second term as president of Brazil. In her inauguration speech she promised to continue fighting extreme poverty. Twenty seven heads of state, including Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Bolivan President Evo Morales, were there to welcome her into another four years of power. Left-winger Dilma, as she is affectionately […] Continue reading

Brazil Holds Presidential Elections

Brazil holds general elections this Sunday to choose a new president, state governors, federal and state representatives and one third of the senators. Dilma Rousseff, elected as the first female Brazilian president four years ago, is leading in opinion polls, while another female politician, former environment minister Marina Silva, is a strong challenger. As none […] Continue reading

Poll Shows Brazilian President Rousseff in Comfortable Lead

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff consolidated her lead in the presidential race five days before the elections, according to a poll released late Tuesday. According to the Ibope poll, the president opened a 14-point gap to the second-ranked candidate, Marina Silva. Rousseff has 39 percent of voting intentions, up from 37 percent in the previous poll, […] Continue reading

Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance Finishes in Brazil

Representatives from more than 80 countries and international organizations ends today details of a non-binding document that establishes lines of action to achieve global Internet governance. In this final day of the Multisectorial Global meeting on the Future of the Cyberspace Governance, participants seeking a consensus on the rules to be applied to ensure greater […] Continue reading

Vaccines from Cuba and Brazil Save Thousands Lives in Africa, but Media Only Talk About Bill Gates’


The "triangular cooperation South-South-South" consists on two countries from the called Third World that join to help a sector of the population in need of a third country also from the South. An example is the support for meningitis vaccination of millions of people in several African countries that for years is held  by Cuba and Brazil

Jose Manzaneda, coordinator of Cubainformación

The "triangular cooperation South-South-South" consists on two countries from the called Third World that join to help a sector of the population in need of a third country also from the South. An example is the support for meningitis vaccination of millions of people in several African countries that for years is held  by Cuba and Brazil

This initiative of Cuba and Brazil, although undoubtedly surprising and relevant, has there therefore been from the information view point- ignored by the media of the rich countries, except for some journals.

The big pharmaceutical companies of these rich countries, which in turn are major advertisers of the media, get rather badly out of this story. Let's see why.

By mid-2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched an international SOS: mass production needed at the lowest possible price, of the polysaccharide vaccine against meningitis A and C, for 23 countries of the “meningitis belt”of Africa, extending from western Senegal to eastern Ethiopia, where 430 million people live.

Only a transnational corporation (the "Sanofi Pasteur") produced these shots but, because of low profitability, it had drastically reduced its production volumes, which put Africa on the brink of health emergency.

WHO then asked public and private laboratories around the world to take a step forward and had met their way to making millions of cheap shots. None of the multinationals responded, but  two public laboratories did, curiously from Third World nations. The Finlay Institute of Cuba and the Institute of Bio-Manguinhos from Brazil partnered to create the vaccine vax-MEN-AC, specific types of meningitis affecting the African region (2). Since then, in Cuba is produced the active principle, and Brazil develops the rest of the industrial process, including freeze-drying and packaging. The final price of each dose was reduced 20 times: of the nearly $20 USD vaccine marketed by above mentioned multinational at less than 95 cents (3).

This alliance between Brazil and Cuba has managed to manufacture since then, 19 million vaccines for Africa, which are acquired and distributed by organizations like the WHO, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross.

In a recent article published by the prestigious American journal Science, Halla Thorsteinsdóttir, researcher at the University of Toronto (Canada), extolled this great example of "south-south cooperation" and proposed to promote it worldwide (4).

Let's recall that the governments of Brazil and Cuba have continued to work in other triangular health projects South-South and South cooperation. For instance, both countries support, for several years, the reconstruction of the Public Health System in Haiti (5).

But, despite its undeniable relevance information initiatives such large-scale cooperation deserve neither the smallest space in the international media in the First World. Something that contrasts with regular coverage of health activities in Africa that are funded-for example-by the foundation of billionaire Bill Gates (6), or minimal impact projects, supported by private companies (7), some from the same pharmaceutical branch, from its corporate social marketing budgets (8).

The reason for the media silence about initiatives such as Cuba and Brazil, is that they contradict root concepts unquestionable truth converted by the editorial line of the great media.

First, is that the only possible form of international cooperation is the "North-South", that is, the transfer of resources from the countries of the First World to the Third. However, schemes of the South-South Cooperation like this as well as educational, health, cultural or food programs from Cuba in dozens of poor countries, absolutely dismantle this concept (9).

A second idea is that the market and private enterprise in this case, the multinational pharmaceutical companies, provide more efficient solutions to the needs of the population that public initiatives. Cuban-Brazilian cooperation in Africa shows just the opposite: millions of people ignored by the market, which only works for-profit, get vital solution to a need from the political will of both governments, both, oddly-oriented to the left.


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Fourth Congress of Brazil’s Ruling Party Amends Statutes

With the approval of the political resolution and the amendments to the statutes, the IV Congress of the ruling Workers' Party (PT) of Brazil will conclude here on Wednesday. Continue reading

Amó aquella vez como si fuese última…

Ese es el primer verso de una de las canciones más geniales escritas jamás: “Construcción”, de Chico Buarque de Hollanda. No exagero un ápice; sé de muchos amigos, entre ellos cantautores y cantores de nuestro continente —con quienes he tenido el privilegio de conversar—, que  tienen a esta canción colocada en un [...] Continue reading

Brazilian President Faces Opposition Attacks

Almost five months after being elected, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is now facing the first attacks against her government. Continue reading

Brazilian President in Beijing for Official Visit

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrived in Beijing on Monday for an official visit to strengthen bilateral relations. Continue reading