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October 2018
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Caridad’s Diary

Maduro and his BBB Plan

It’s already a well-known saying: Maduro will get Venezuela back on track “by hook or by hook” and with “a baseball bat in hand”. The Cuban/Venezuelan advisers haven’t had the creative flair to capture the image and make it into a slogan this time. Continue reading

Venezuelan Situation Resolved Quickly

President Nicolas was protected by his competent security force, who displayed exceptional professionalism, as should have been. I could leave this article at that really, with some photos I found on Facebook about the event. Continue reading

Let it Rain Oil in Venezuela

When you think you’ve seen it all, Venezuela’s Minister of Petroleum and PDVSA president, Manuel Quevedo, turns up with a mass to pray for oil as a way to increase production. Continue reading

A Hundred Years of Forgiveness for Venezuelan Thieves

Imagine you’re sitting in your living room and you receive a call. You don’t recognize the voice on the other end of the line, but this person knows your name, your children’s names, your address and what you do. Continue reading

Smoke Signals from Venezuela

Today, I am cooking with gas, after more than three months. Our community got together to organize getting a truck that would be responsible for distributing gas containers and I was lucky enough to get my name down on a list. Continue reading

Venezuela will have a New President in a Few Days

The chances of Venezuela having a new president are very scarce, bearing in mind the fact that it’s very likely that Nicolas Maduro will continue at the head of this country. And in the case Nicolas doesn’t remain in power, the new president will be Henry Falcon... who wouldn’t be “new” either. Continue reading

Venezuela’s “Black Mirror” and Millionaires

I can’t really be sure that this is a science fiction series but I am sure that I feel like one of the characters in Black Mirror recently. And I believe many Venezuelans will feel the same way today. Continue reading

Eating Bread Has Become a Luxury in Venezuela

We could make a cantata to bread; it has been with humanity since the beginning of time and maybe until the end. Could it be that the end of time has come to Venezuela? Continue reading

Venezuela’s King Midas

I don’t know why, but every time I hear or read the story about King Midas, I begin to hum a song, the chorus of which goes like this: “Go hide, the garbage is coming.” Continue reading

Farewell Hippie Dog

Out of all the dogs in the pack, the hippie dog was always the one everyone loved the most. He arrived when he was still a puppy and he learned to dance straight away to the sounds of drums, maracas and the four dogs who were regulars in the yard. Continue reading

The Mighty Egg: the People’s Cryptocurrency

There is a new entertainment in the atmosphere here in Venezuela: the cryptocurrency. To be more exact, the petrocurrency. Meanwhile, the egg is the true currency of ordinary Venezuelans. Continue reading

Venezuela’s “Pork Revolution”

It’s a tradition here in Venezuela to eat a meal of hallacas (a kind of seasoned cake or tamale), chicken salad and a ham and roasted pork for the holidays at the end of the year. This Christmas, many Venezuelans weren’t able to enjoy this meal, not even in part. Continue reading

Venezuelan Pensioners Ordeal at the Banks

Sebastian and Aurelia are two elderly persons I met a few months ago. Sebastian is about 70 years old and Aurelia is almost 90. They don’t know each other personally, but aside from their advanced age, they have something else in common: they both receive a state pension. Continue reading

Steps Outside the System

Leaving the “system”, “matrix” or whatever you want to call this wild and psychopathic group of people, with or without traditions and with more or less “civilized” ways of surviving, is a long journey. Continue reading

O eo Eo Maduro, your socialism stinks of the Right… la la la

This death song is never-ending. And dying is natural, but when lives could have been longer it stops seeming so natural. And when the sick person suffers more than they should have, it pains everyone who knows this person. Continue reading

Hare, you’ll pay for this… Maduro apparently said

The title of this article won’t go unnoticed by the Cuban people, at least no Cuban who was born before the ‘90s. This was the end phrase of every cartoon episode which we knew as “Deja que te coja” (Let him catch you). Continue reading

Water You Won’t See

Even though Venezuela is, maybe, one of the countries with a greater number of drinking water sources, shortages of this liquid have become normal in many parts of the country. I have already written about this when I was in Zulia, now I find myself wi... Continue reading

Money in Venezuela and Day to Day Strategies

Venezuelans and foreigners, who have bank accounts in this country, can no longer take out more than 40,000 Bolivars (around 4 USD at the street rate) in cash (a bit more or less depending on the bank) and this is no longer news. Continue reading

Venezuela and the Shopping CLAP

Read all about it, read all about it, Granma still hasn’t published the news, but we have all known it for a long time. The CLAP, that magnificent Cuban Rations Book wannabe, has just gone hand in hand with the Homeland card. Continue reading

Will Venezuelans Die of Hunger to Keep Maduro in Power?

I’m at the Barquisimeto bus terminal in Lara State. Next to me, there’s a dog. She drags along a paw and she has myiasis on some parts of her body. I suddenly think about what I can give her to eat... Continue reading

Venezuela: A Tired People

An extreme tiredness is evident on the faces of many people in Venezuela. Most comments on the street coincide in one detail; we are fed up with the extremes. We are fed up with the manipulations of the government, its inefficiency, its corruption; We ... Continue reading

Venezuelan Retirees and Pensioners Protest

For the second consecutive day, and this time not only in Caracas, also in several states of Venezuela, retirees and pensioners went out to claim their right to life. "Angry grandparents demand their rights" was one of the slogans. (24 photos) Continue reading

If Haruki Murakami lived in Venezuela

I’m on vacation and I’ve decided not to go away and leave home for a couple of weeks. As I don’t believe I can travel, taking into account the fact that I barely have enough money to eat, I prefer to stay by myself... with my cat, in mutual silence, sometimes listening to Craig Prues or Shinmaya Dunster. Continue reading

Living with violence

The Venezuelan Observatory on Violence has announced that violent deaths in 2016 exceeded 28,000 which makes Venezuela the second country in the world with the highest rate of lethal deaths. Continue reading

Living with violence

The Venezuelan Observatory on Violence has announced that violent deaths in 2016 exceeded 28,000 which makes Venezuela the second country in the world with the highest rate of lethal deaths. Continue reading

Venezuela’s Tooth Fairy (ratoncito Perez)

Ever since I arrived at the office where I met Rafael, I was warned that people here steal. However, I was very surprised that a place which was connected to such an important government figure would hire people who engaged in this illicit activity. Continue reading