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December 2018
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Sancti Spiritus Reports More than 30,000 Proposals to Constitution Project

Over 350 000 people have so far attended the debates and the proposals correspond to more than half of the paragraphs contained in the draft document Only days away from the conclusion of the consultation process, more than 30 000 proposals have been made in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, to the Constitution Project, which might … Continue reading

Cubans Abroad Discuss Constitutional Reform

The consultation process on the draft constitutional reform for Cubans living abroad began last August 31st The Cuban Foreign Ministry announced August 31 the beginning of the consultation process on the draft constitutional reform for all Cubans living abroad, through the online form posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “Nation and Emigration” website at: … Continue reading

Cubans Living in US Highlight Draft Constitution

Cuban emigrants in the US city of Miami, Florida, shared criteria and recognized the importance of the new Draft Constitution in their native country About 40 representatives of the Alianza Martiana coalition, bringing together several organizations, came together collectively for the first time to the proposal, and will do so at least two more times, … Continue reading

Debates on New Draft Constitution Continue in Cuba

There are diverse opinions and among the most recurrent ones are criteria to include the right to die, while many agree on the need of a law to protect animals Continue reading

Popular Consultation on Draft Constitution Begins in Cuba

Millions of Cubans have been called to actively participate in the national consultation on the Draft Constitution as of today until November 15 On a special day for the island’s inhabitants, commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the birth of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro (1926-2016), work centers and neighborhoods are scheduled around … Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Ready for Consultation of Constitution Draft

In the communities of the Turkish Plan of the mountains of the south and north of the Sancti Spiritus, the dialogue and study of the tabloid with the Draft Constitution is being developed The mass, social, peasant and workers” organizations of Sancti Spiritus have declared today ready to begin the process of popular consultation on … Continue reading

Citizenship in Cuba’s Reform to the Constitution

The present law of laws does not admit double citizenship, while the initiative that goes to popular debate, proposes the principle of effective citizenship The project of the new Cuban Constitution represents a total reform of the Magna Carta enacted since 1976, on the issue of citizenship as one of the conditions that change. The … Continue reading

Cuba: A million copies of constitutional reform proposal printed

Of the 800,000 tabloids distributed to date, more than 699,000 have been sold, while another 200,000 will be delivered to sales points across the country today The print version of the constitutional reform proposal, that has been in circulation since July 31, is the best selling tabloid of this kind ever distributed by the state … Continue reading

Cubans Access Draft Constitution a Week before Consultations

After that process, the text will return to the Parliament for modifications and it will be submitted later to a referendum to be approved or not Thousands of Cubans nationwide are buying the draft of the new Constitution a week before the beginning of popular consultations to enrich the text. Sources from the entrepreneurial group … Continue reading

Commission Continues Work on New Constitution Draft Proposal

The members of the commission have already met in several sessions led by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee The commission created to develop the first draft of a new Constitution met in several sessions to address full agendas over the past week, led by Army … Continue reading