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November 2017
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Science vs. Manipulation in Alleged Sonic Attacks

According to Dr. Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, there is no coherent medical explanation for the Sonic attack accusation The laws of physics, basic medical principles, and logic contradict the hypothesis that U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba suffered sonic attacks, according to scientists and experts who have noted the inconsistencies in reported symptoms, the locations of alleged incidents, […] Continue reading

New US-Cuba Regulations: A Setback of Bilateral Relations

Despite the recent overwhelmingly urging at the UN Washington ought to put an end to the economic, financial and trade blockade on Cuba, the US government has otherwise announced harsher restrictions for Americans interested in doing business with Cuba and traveling to the island, in compliance with the presidential memorandum that reverses important aspects of […] Continue reading

USA Announces New Restrictions on Travel and Trade with Cuba

Restrictions have been announced for Americans interested in doing business with Cuba and traveling to the Caribbean island   The US government announced today greater restrictions for Americans interested in doing business with Cuba and traveling to the Caribbean island, in compliance with the presidential memorandum that reverses important aspects of the rapprochement between the […] Continue reading

A Caricature Blockade (illustrations)

Since it is inexplicable from the logical point of view, the US blockade is better described with cartoons than with words Certain situations are so absurd that border on caricature. One of such situations is the blockade imposed on the Cuban people by the United States since 1962, a set of laws, decrees and resolutions […] Continue reading

Cuba to Present Resolution against US Blockade at UN

For the 26th time, the international community, in the United Nations General Assembly, will consider Cuba’s Resolution 71/5: The necessity of ending the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba. Despite the cruel and genocidal policy implemented by 11 U.S. administration, the Cuban people have not only resisted, but remained committed […] Continue reading

USA to Vote against Resolution Condemning US Blockade on Cuba

The United States will return to its traditional position supporting the blockade against Cuba and will challenge the international community by voting in the United Nations against the resolution that condemns this policy, said today the State Department. Spokesperson for the State Department Heather Nauert said today that U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley […] Continue reading

Cuban TV to Broadcast Alleged Sonic Attacks Documentary

The audience will received information on the partial conclusions of the investigation carried out by the Cuban government Cuban national television will broadcast this Thursday a documentary with the Cuban authorities in charge of the ongoing investigation of the alleged sonic attacks against US diplomats in Havana The audience will received a detailed explanation of […] Continue reading

US Embassy in Colombia to Process Visas for Cubans

The US State Department designated its embassy in Bogota to process the visas of those Cubans who  want to emigrate to the United States The US State Department designated its embassy in Bogota, Colombia, to process the visas for residents in Cuba that want to emigrate to the United States, according to a press release […] Continue reading

Cuba Denounces Expulsion of Cuban Diplomats from Washington

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the decision taken by the US Department of State to expel 15 diplomats from Cuban Embassy in the United States, as an action of political nature with no grounds. ‘The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly protests and denounces this groundless and unacceptable decision, as well as the pretext […] Continue reading

Fifteen Cuban Diplomats Expelled from Washington

According to a senior federal official, the U.S. measure was based on the health incidents reported by U.S. embassy officials in Havana The Trump administration on Tuesday has ordered the expulsion of 15 diplomats from Cuba’s embassy in Washington, a week after the Caribbean island’s government urged Washington not to make any hasty decisions. According […] Continue reading

Panama President Hopes US-Cuba Dialogue Resumption

Varela said that he will keep fighting for that dialogue between Cuba and the United States materializes and becomes stronger Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela is confident that the US Government will resume the dialogue with Cuba in the next Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, as it happened before in a similar meeting […] Continue reading

US People Slam Reduction of Diplomats in Havana

Numerous voices in the United States have spoken in the last hours against the decision of the US State Department to reduce the number of diplomats in Cuba after the alleged attacks on personnel of that legation.  “Whoever is doing this is obviously trying to disrupt the normalization process between the United States and Cuba”, […] Continue reading

US Doctor Praises Exchange with Cuba

The health professional highlighted the way in which the Cuban medical system focuses on the human being as the most important thing A visit to Cuba in 2015 and the concern about infant mortality rates in a Chicago community led US doctor Robert A. Winn to become interested in working with Cuban specialists. Press reports […] Continue reading

US Government to Announce New Regulations on Cuba

According to a report from US-Cuba Economic and Commercial Council, the new regulations on Cuba on will be announced next September 15th The Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department is to publish new regulations on Cuba on September 15th, according to a Monday report from US-Cuba Economic and Commercial Council. According to […] Continue reading

Foreign Ministers from Cuba and Italy Hold Official Talks

During the meeting both ministers exchanged issues of mutual interests and outlined the positive development of bilateral relations Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held official talks on Wednesday in Rome with Italy’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister, Angelino Alfano, reported Cubaminrex website. During the meeting both Ministers exchanged issues of mutual interests and outlined […] Continue reading

Trump’s Anti-Cuba Policy is Unsustainable, Cuba FM Says

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, has said on Monday that US President Donald Trump’s policy that is aimed at hardening US blockade against Cuba is absolutely unsustainable over the time. ‘There is a historical trend. There is no doubt that history soon or later will force US government to lift the blockade and normalize relations […] Continue reading

Cuba Stands Firm against Trump’s Hostile Policy

Cuba has rejected U.S. President Donald Trump‘s hard line decision of hardening the blockade by reverting crucial measures taken by the previous administration of Barack Obama to engage with the island. In an official response, the Cuban Government stresses at the same time the importance of a civilized and peaceful coexistence for the benefit of […] Continue reading

Announcement on Cuba-USA Relations Top News in 2014

President Barack Obama’s decision to start a process to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba appear among the 10 most important news in United States in 2014, noted The Hill newspaper. According to the newspaper, the president’s announcement, shortly after the beginning of the legislative brake by new year’s eve, is the most important change in […] Continue reading