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June 2018
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Poems by Ernesto Cardenal Seem to be Written Today

Old poems written by Ernesto Cardenal have gained new life. His writing about a bloody dictatorship seem to have been written a couple of days ago, inspired by the most recent fatalities and repression in Nicaragua. But, they weren’t. They were created a half century ago under the Somoza dictatorship. Continue reading

Laura Pausini to Perform with Gente de Zona in Cuba Next June 26th

Gente de Zona has confirmed that Italian singer Laura Pausini will perform with the Cuban duet at a Havana concert late this month The Cuban group members, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, said on Instagram that they were happy that Pausini is going to participate in their concert on June 26th in the Cuban capital. … Continue reading

UNESCO Pays Tribute to Rumba and the Punto Cubano Music

The United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) venue in Paris, welcomed this Monday homage to rumba and Punto…
Continue reading

Rock at Havana’s Salon Rosado de la Tropical

In my opinion, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ performance was a smashing success, and that’s why I invite every band who wants to come play here to this venue: you have an audience with open arms, anxiously waiting to dance and have fun. Continue reading

Ezequiel, a Cuban poet

I met Ezequiel Rodriguez outside the literary cafe on 23rd and 12th streets. He seemed to be going through a tough time. Months later, I saw him again at the presentation of the second edition of the digital magazine Confluencias, promoted by members of Regla municipality’s literary workshop. Continue reading

File #00 of an Alternative Havana Biennial

Havana’s Alternative #00 Biennial has been taking place since Saturday May 5th in various “independent” artists’ homes/studios/workshops. It has been a controversial event ever since the first seed was planted. Continue reading

Havana’s Alternative Biennial Opening

The Havana Alternative Art Biennial was inaugurated without police intervention or direct repression on Saturday. However getting to the opening was another story with promoters and artists suffering several different experiences... Continue reading

Cuban Bureaucrats vs. Artists, the May Performance

Today, May 5th, marks the day that the #00 Havana Biennial is set to begin. UNEAC and the AHS (organizations of artists, writers and creators who are authorized by the Cuban government) published a statement yesterday calling for the official Biennial ... Continue reading

The Alternative Havana Biennial Set to Open Saturday

May 5th is approaching fast and with it the inauguration of the #00 Havana Biennial, which comes to fill the void left by the suspension of the official Biennial. The events promoters believe that art is not a thing of institutions but of artists. Continue reading

Carlos Acosta to Receive the QEII Award

According to the Royal Academy of Dance webpage, Carlos Acosta is a source of inspiration for dancers around the world Cuban outstanding dancer Carlos Acosta will be granted the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award, by the UK Real Academy of Dance in acknowledgment of his status as one of the most influencing figures of today’s … Continue reading

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Awarded Pulitzer Prize

Lamar is the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the prestigious prize Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer prize for music Monday for Damn., also a Grammy winner this year. In awarding the prestigious prize, the Pulitzer committee cited the album as ‘a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that … Continue reading

Havana’s Alternative Biennial Receives Involuntary Gov. Support

Artist Reynier Leyva Novo made official his 3800 CUC (=USD) donation to the #00 Havana Biennial, which will be held from May 5th-15th. Continue reading

The Story of the Cuban Black Picassos

The Cuban line of Picasso had totally lived unaware of their genes and blood ties with the great and famous Spanish painter It was 1998 when it came to light the news that Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s grandfather spent the last twenty years of his life (1868-1888) in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He had an affair with a … Continue reading

In Cuba: Books Magically Appear

In today’s high-tech era, even with the slow advances that are being made on our island, how does a book compete with shiny, bright-colored screens that seem to bubble with life? Continue reading

Theater: A Greek Myth and Today’s Cuba

In our new play, Las Troyanas (The Trojan Women), we will take Euripides’ original script as a starting point, and therefore Greek myth, to perform a story that will take on an interrelationship with our own social situation. Subjects such as abuses of power, gender discrimination and oppression will be touched upon. Continue reading

Renowned Novelist Daniel Chavarria Passes Away at 84

Chavarría considered himself a Cuban writer born in Uruguay and always underlined his essential link with this island Daniel Chavarría, author of a work that revolutionized crime literature in Latin America, died Friday in Havana. He was 84. He was born in San Jose de Mayo, in Uruguay, in 1933. Cuba was his adopted homeland. … Continue reading

Cuba’s Young Filmmakers Event April 3-8 in Havana

The 17th edition of the ICAIC Young Filmmakers Event opens at 2 pm on Tuesday, April 3 at the Charles Chaplin Cinema in Havana. The films will be shown in the afternoons and evenings through Sunday April 8th. Continue reading

Cuba Premieres Documentary on The Rolling Stones’ Performance

The short film also includes a summary of the entire tour made by the famous British band throughout Latin America. The documentary “Olé, Olé, Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America” and a photographic exhibition about the tour of the legendary British band The Rolling Stones was premiered in Havana. The film includes well-known songs such … Continue reading

Orishas Closed Havana World Music Festival

A concert by the Cuban trio Orishas closed the 5th Havana World Music Festival at midnight Saturday in Havana’s Metropolitan Park The music gathering included the performance of artist, musicians, bands and singers from Cuba and all over the world representing the most diverse musical trends. In its first concert in Cuba in eight years, … Continue reading

Tania Bruguera: “Art Goes Beyond Them”

The work of Cuban artist Tania Bruguera as an activist is highly esteemed by those who seek freedom of speech. Continue reading

Jose Luis Cortés Granted 2017 National Music Award

The popular Cuban flautist said to be grateful for the prize and considered it an acknowledgment of Cuban popular music The flautist and professor José Luis Cortés, artistically known as El Tosco, was granted the 2017 National Music Award of Cuba as an acknowlegdment of his vast career and contributions to the country’s culture. The … Continue reading

Mexican Del Toro Wins Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director

“The Shape of Water” filmmaker Guillermo del Toro became the third Mexican to claim the Best Director trophy at the Academy Award over the last five years. “I am an immigrant like Alfonso [Cuaron] and Alejandro [González Iñárritu], my compadres,” del Toro said in his speech. “Like Gael [Garcia Bernal], like Salma [Hayek] and like … Continue reading

Inclusion or Ambiguous Views

At the end of last year, Cuba's museum of dissidence scheduled an event dedicated to gender violence called “Mi cuerpo es mio” (My body is mine). Continue reading

Acosta Danza Company Nominated for British Award

With such recognition, the Cuban company is being inserted in the category for Best Dance Show Cuban dance company Acosta Danza celebrated its nomination to British Robert Robson Award in the Manchester Theatre Awards Monday. With such recognition, the Cuban company is being inserted in the category for Best Dance Show, together with British emblematic … Continue reading

An Art Gallery for Absent Minds Spreads across Havana

There are hundreds of drawings, some of which are murals that are over 20 meters wide, making the most of the faded white which prevails on walls of buildings that have partially collapsed over the past few decades. (7 photos) Continue reading

Independent Cuban filmmakers in New York’s Museum of Modern Art

An exhibition on independent Cuban film will be shown in March at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. This is an unprecedented event within Cuba’s cultural scene, there’s no doubt about that. Continue reading