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August 2018
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Ten of Aretha Franklin’s Iconic Songs, the Golden Voice of Soul

Aretha Franklin, the young gospel star who became the “queen of soul”, passed away on Thursday in Detroit at the age of 76, leaving a void in the music world that will be filled with her vast discography, which ranges from the anthem “Respect” to “I Say a Little Prayer.” Continue reading

Circuba in Sancti Spiritus

As part of the 17th International Circuba Festival 2018 will arrive in Sancti Spíritus on Saturday 18 the show El Circo para siempre Continue reading

Frank Delgado, the most intelligent Cuban singer

Frank is a man of principles and you pay dearly for having principles in Cuba. State institutions which control culture (extensions of the Communist Part) haven’t been able to forgive his irreverence, his critical discourse, the cutting and impudent way he talks and sings about Che, about Fidel or about socially traumatic experiences we’ve had in our more recent history... Continue reading

Cuban State Security Calls In Havana Times Illustrator

Yasser Castellanos, an independent Cuban artist and illustrator for Havana Times, received an official citation from State Security signed by a certain Lieutenant Pablo. He is expected at the Cuba and Chacon, Old Havana station on Friday, August 10, at... Continue reading

Carlos Mejia Godoy Takes Refuge in Costa Rica after Threats

Nicaraguan singer-songwriter Carlos Mejia Godoy went into exile in Costa Rica after receiving death threats from alleged associates of Daniel Ortega's government. "I had to leave without telling anyone (...) I was recommended to leave the country as so... Continue reading

Trinidad de Cuba Awarded World Crafts City Recognition

After being examined inch by inch by several members of the World Crafts Council (WCC), the third village of Cuba has become the island’s first to be registered as World Crafts City The announcement was made by Roberto Ponce de León, director of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets in Sancti Spíritus who, a few … Continue reading

Cuba Announces Next International Ballet Festival

The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) has confirmed that the 26th International Ballet Festival of Havana Alicia Alonso will be held from October 28 to November 6 Facing an incorrect disclosure of the date of such celebration when typing its name in the Google search engine, the organizing committee of the meeting issued a statement … Continue reading

Film on Carlos Acosta to Compete in San Sebastian Festival

The company Acosta Danza also participates in the film made on a script by Scottish Paul Laverty The film Yuli, inspired by the life of Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta and directed by Spanish filmmaker Iciar Bollaín, will compete at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, Acosta Danza announced today. A statement from the company specifies … Continue reading

Organizers Report on the Alternative Havana Biennial

This is a summary of an open letter about the #00 Biennial delivered in recent days to several Cuban institutions. The text gives details on the process of successfully organizing the event in the face of numerous sabotage attempts. We include a select... Continue reading

Afibola: Deconstructing the Factory of Fear

It’s night-time. Suspicious eyes roam the streets. Poetry is being read, songs are being sung and there are cries at a new alternative festival “Poesia Sin Fin”, in a corner of Old Havana. We don’t all fit inside the house. The audience gathers outside a door and window to hear verses. Continue reading

“Cuba Doesn’t Fit into a Passport”

After six decades, Felipe Lazaro hasn’t stopped fighing against ruin and oblivion. He returns to his happy childhood in a Guines from yesteryear, the main town to the south of Havana, which finds itself in ruins today. His most recent book, “Invisibles triangulos de muerte” (2017), was recently published by Editorial Bethania. Continue reading

Jazz, Rumba, Urban Music at Josone Varadero Festival

Jazz, rumba and urban music mark today the beginning of the Josone Varadero Jazz & Salsa Festival, taking place at the famous Cuban resort until July 15 Renowned foreign and national musicians will perform at the event that will be opened by young Cuban jazz player Alejandro Falcon. The rumba group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas … Continue reading

“Living Freely Is a Wise Decision” says Cuban Artist Lia Villares

Lia Villares is a Cuban artist who many people only bespeak for her political impact on the island’s artistic world. She is a writer, filmmaker, and was the bass player in the punk band Porno para Ricardo. Continue reading

Tribute to Movie Posters at Cuba’s Fine Art Museum

Memory in pictures. Cuban Film Institute Posters 1960-2017, is the name of an exhibition which was recently inaugurated at the National Museum of Fine Art’s building dedicated to Cuban Art and is open to the public through August 12th. (21 photos) Continue reading

Nicaraguan Musicians in Times of Revolution

There is no revolution without art. Nicaragua is experiencing a new social awakening and music is not far behind. Five artists sing to this new social struggle Continue reading

Gente de Zona and Laura Pausini Concert in Photos

Cuban group Gente de Zona and Italian singer Laura Pausini fulfilled the promise of giving a concert in Cuba before a crowd that defied constant rain and sang their songs Continue reading

Cuban Musicians to Play Longest Changüí in Guantanamo

The festivity is part of the 9th Changüí National Festival ”Elio Reve Matos” With the interpretation of the longest Changüí in the world, the penultimate day of the Changüí National Festival ”Elio Reve Matos” takes place in Guantanamo, eastern Cuba, today. From 6 in the afternoon of this Tuesday until dawn on Thursday, a score … Continue reading

Poems by Ernesto Cardenal Seem to be Written Today

Old poems written by Ernesto Cardenal have gained new life. His writing about a bloody dictatorship seem to have been written a couple of days ago, inspired by the most recent fatalities and repression in Nicaragua. But, they weren’t. They were created a half century ago under the Somoza dictatorship. Continue reading

Laura Pausini to Perform with Gente de Zona in Cuba Next June 26th

Gente de Zona has confirmed that Italian singer Laura Pausini will perform with the Cuban duet at a Havana concert late this month The Cuban group members, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, said on Instagram that they were happy that Pausini is going to participate in their concert on June 26th in the Cuban capital. … Continue reading

UNESCO Pays Tribute to Rumba and the Punto Cubano Music

The United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) venue in Paris, welcomed this Monday homage to rumba and Punto…
Continue reading

Rock at Havana’s Salon Rosado de la Tropical

In my opinion, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ performance was a smashing success, and that’s why I invite every band who wants to come play here to this venue: you have an audience with open arms, anxiously waiting to dance and have fun. Continue reading

Ezequiel, a Cuban poet

I met Ezequiel Rodriguez outside the literary cafe on 23rd and 12th streets. He seemed to be going through a tough time. Months later, I saw him again at the presentation of the second edition of the digital magazine Confluencias, promoted by members of Regla municipality’s literary workshop. Continue reading

File #00 of an Alternative Havana Biennial

Havana’s Alternative #00 Biennial has been taking place since Saturday May 5th in various “independent” artists’ homes/studios/workshops. It has been a controversial event ever since the first seed was planted. Continue reading

Havana’s Alternative Biennial Opening

The Havana Alternative Art Biennial was inaugurated without police intervention or direct repression on Saturday. However getting to the opening was another story with promoters and artists suffering several different experiences... Continue reading

Cuban Bureaucrats vs. Artists, the May Performance

Today, May 5th, marks the day that the #00 Havana Biennial is set to begin. UNEAC and the AHS (organizations of artists, writers and creators who are authorized by the Cuban government) published a statement yesterday calling for the official Biennial ... Continue reading

The Alternative Havana Biennial Set to Open Saturday

May 5th is approaching fast and with it the inauguration of the #00 Havana Biennial, which comes to fill the void left by the suspension of the official Biennial. The events promoters believe that art is not a thing of institutions but of artists. Continue reading