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January 2018
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Jazz Plaza Underway in Havana and Santiago de Cuba

Jazz Plaza 2018 kicked off Tuesday in Havana and some fifty artists from various nations are attending the festival. The 33rd edition of the event began with a concert by Bobby Carcasses, along with his new orchestra Afroswing, at the Sala Avellaneda o... Continue reading

Invitation: Three New Art Expositions in Old Havana

On January 9th in the city’s same historic center, three personal exhibitions by Cuban artists opened all at the same time, at the Provincial Center of Visual Arts and Design, better known as the “Luz y Oficios” gallery. The exhibitions can be seen until February 2nd. (18 photos) Continue reading

Jazz Plaza International Festival to Kick Off January 16

According to the organizing committee, the event will be attended by famous artists from different countries The organizing committee of the Jazz Plaza International Festival announced the opening of its 33rd edition next January 16, which will run simultaneously in the cities of Havana and Santiago de Cuba until the 21st of the same month. … Continue reading

Havana’s Medieval Festival Jan 16-21

This new year, 2018, is welcoming the third edition of Havana’s Medieval Festival, a way of bringing the Middle Ages to a modern audience via theory events, concerts and exhibitions from January 16-21. Continue reading

December 31st Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore

This isn’t anything new. Every Cuban, both here and there, know this. When the end of the year comes around, most Cubans want to eat pork (preferably roasted), cassava with garlic sauce, mashed chatino or plantain, black beans, a lettuce and tomato salad, and if your budget allows for it, have one or two beers or a few glasses of rum. Continue reading

Making Political Theater in Cuba

After my furious state in front of the police and State security forces, when they tried to prevent my play “Enemies of the People” from making its debut (I say “tried” because, in spite of the pain it caused to have to bid farewell to all my guests, the play was performed for the only two people who had managed to enter), everyone is advising me to calm down... Continue reading

Adopting Foreign Influences and Not Fighting Them

“El Ciervo Blanco” is an alternative space where its audience can enjoy music they can’t find on Cuban TV. With a newsletter on Facebook and a book club that used to run on the roof terrace of a private home in Old Havana for five months, it sets out to research and spread awareness about old and new paganisms and anything that is magical, mythological and religious. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Holds New Year’s Eve Celebrations

A cultural gala will be held this Saturday night at the Teatro Principal of Sancti Spiritus to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and to bid farewell to a year of sacrifice and commitment. Local residents and the top leaders of the Party and the government in the territory will be … Continue reading

Cuban Television Exhibits Series about Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spíritus could not be just one more city is the new television series being broadcasted since December 25th by the Multivisión television channel around 8:00 p.m. The program seeks to show the most significant characteristics of this central Cuban province. According to Dayron Chang Arranz, director and and script writer of the series, the … Continue reading

Cuba’s Special Period as a Pedal-Driven Space Odyssey

Conversation over New Year's dinners in Havana will surely include Ernesto Daranas Serrano's lastest movie Sergio y Serguei. Set at the end of the Soviet Union and the start of the Special Period, this melodrama pokes fun at dogmatism and corruption w... Continue reading

The Power of Art and the Fear of Leaders

Everything seems to return to "normal" after the repression suffered by several artists on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 20th in the Cuban capital. They were going to enjoy a play in the independent house-gallery El Circulo and suddenly they wer... Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Writer Honors Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso

The book contains an annex with more than 60 stock photographs and deals with passages from Alonso’s childhood to certain current experiences Julio Miguel Llanes, renowned writer from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus, presented a book based on the life of Alicia Alonso but it mixes biography, testimony and fiction, in celebration of … Continue reading

Cuban Government ¿Rehearses? against Artists

Art continues to be censored in Cuba. Or maybe the government just wants to be an artist and develops violent performances against freedom of expression. Continue reading

Cuba to Host 27th International Book Fair Next February

The book event is expected to be attended by more than 300 guests from 31 countries, and will have China as guest of honor More than 300 guests from 31 countries confirmed their participation in the 27th International Book Fair, Cuba 2018, scheduled from February 1st to 11th in Havana, said the Organizing Committee of … Continue reading

Argentine Drama “Alanis” Takes Best Film Award at the Havana Film Festival

The Argentinean social drama "Alanis", by Anahi Berneri, was awarded Saturday night as the Best Fiction Feature Film of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. The film focuses on the the issue of prostitution. Today, Sunday, the winning ... Continue reading

Chilean Film Acclaimed at Latin American Cinema Festival Held in Cuba

The film ”Los Perros” (2017) by filmmaker Marcela Said, screened during the 39th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, tackles an intense conflict over the complicity of civil society with the crimes of the dictatorship in Chile The film, co-produced by Chile and France, is screened in movie theaters in Havana as part … Continue reading

Ileana the Painter: Art is the Path to Happiness

Ileana the Painter moves with the force of a torrent and irradiates the joy of a little girl. She confesses that she has always been “different” and challenging implacable society hasn’t been the greatest challenge in her life. She paints, she cooks, she lives with contagious and authentic freedom. With an unstoppable flair for improvising. (14 photos) Continue reading

The Giant Puppet Tradition in Sutiava, Nicaragua

In Sutiava, a suburb of Leon, a family of “gigantona makers” have held on to the tradition of these giant puppets for decades, although in some periods of history it’s been menaced. Wilfredo Arostegui works with rigorous historical accuracy. He notes that to make the body of a gigantona, he consulted magazines and articles from the era. Continue reading

Cuban “Salsa” in Europe

Over recent decades a number of talented Cuban dancers have made new homes in various European cities and, thanks to their efforts, along with those of a large number of dedicated European enthusiasts, a fertile Cuban dance scene has blossomed from Mad... Continue reading

Cuba Art: Untitled Goes for $7,000 Dollars

Cuban avant-garde art, and whatever resembles this, is experiencing a new moment of glory. Not only has artistic creation become more diverse, but production has multiplied thousand-fold, by the many thousands that collectors, and those who appear to b... Continue reading

The Flip Side of Arts Education in Cuba

There’s no doubt that Cuba’s Arts Education system is a global reference. Since January 1959, the arts and literature were put in everyone’s reach as part of the Revolution’s new cultural policy and society’s poorest classes had the opportunity, for the first time ever, to see their dreams of becoming artists, dancers, musicians, painters, architects or filmmakers come true. Continue reading

21st Handicraft Fair Opens in Havana

Handicrafts from Argentina, China, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba, among other countries, will be exhibited A posthumous tribute to renowned Cuban stained glass artist Rosa Maria de la Terga marked the opening day of the 21st International Handicraft Fair, FIART 2017, which runs until December 17th. Arturo Valdes, president of the Cuban Fund … Continue reading

Punto Cubano, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage has decided to include ”punto cubano” or ”punto guajiro” (a sung gender of the Cuban country music) in its representative list, UNESCO reported Gathered this week in Jeju island, in the Republic of Korea, ‘punto cubano’ was approved to enter that list. It includes … Continue reading

International Film Festival to Start December 8th

Outstanding filmmakers will meet in Havana to attend the International Film  Festival, which will take place from next December 8 to 17, confirmed the Organizing Committee of the event, which this year marks its thirty-ninth edition. On this occasion, there will be in contention 138 feature and short films, debut films, documentaries, animations, original screenplays … Continue reading

Punto Cubano Nominated as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage

Punto is practiced all around Cuba, and it is estimated that there are more than 30000 practitioners bearers in the country The Punto cubano, a traditional folk music and poetry genre is on one of the nominations included in UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for 2017. Punto is the poetry and the … Continue reading

Santiago de Cuba’s Choir Festival Honors Electo Silva

The 32nd International Choir Festival will will gather Cuban and foreign groups from December 6 to 10 The 32nd International Choir Festival will ratify Santiago de Cuba as a significant place of that event, when the event will gather Cuban and foreign groups from December 6 to 10. The event will pay tribute to Maestro […] Continue reading