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October 2018
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Yeinner Chicas: A Nicaraguan Who Lives to Dance

Yeinner Chicas is now 27 years old and claims that he doesn’t know what his life would have been without dance because it saved him from the violence and crime in his neighborhood of Masaya, Nicaragua and has led him to win over audiences all over the world, from Costa Rica to Finland. Continue reading

To Get to Know Cuba Don’t Stay in a Hotel

The entrepreneurship of my fellow Cubans, in and outside of Cuba, and their ability to capitalize on opportunities never ceases to surprise me. Maylena Chaviano Cubillet, a 30-year-old Cuban woman, has lived in the US for 10 years and in June 2016, she... Continue reading

Opportunities or Nepotism at the Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix in Cuba?

While speaking to some dancer friends of mine, at Cuba’s Arts Academy (ISA), I could see the disappointment reflected in the infinite sacrifice that characterizes students and artists in our country. Continue reading

My Memories of Havana’s Mella Theatre

Over the past 25 years, the Mella Theater in Havana has become my second home. Here, I have witnessed unique and once-in-a-lifetime moments in Cuban culture. Continue reading

Cuban Dancer Carlos Acosta in the World of Alicia Alonso

In Carlos Acosta’s autobiography, "Sin mirar atrás" (No Way Home), which has been recently published by the Cuban publishing house Arte y Literatura, there’s a prophetic phrase which has ended up coming back to haunt this renowned dancer. Continue reading

Dancer Carlos Acosta’s Company at Havana’s Gran Teatro

The graceful steps of the members of Danza Acosta, a young dance company founded by Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, delighted audiences at a premiere performance held on Friday, April 16. Havana Times was present. (14 photos) Continue reading

The Vladimir Malakhov Dance Festival Returns to Cuba

This year, the 2nd Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix (named after the renowned international dancer) will be offering a series of interesting scholarships to dancers and choreographers in the United States. Paul Seaquist, the festival producer, talks to us ... Continue reading

Cuban Dance Co. Stages Three Unforgettable Pieces

This past February 14th, Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea (DCC) dance company treated the audience to a marvelous Saint Valentine’s gift. They performed two premieres and restaged a popular piece: English choreographer Billy Cowie’s Tangos Cubanos (“Cuban Tangos”), Cuban choreographer and former DCC dancer Alexis Zanetti’s Retorno (“Return”) and Belgian-Colombian choreographer Anabelle Lopez Ochoa’s "Reversible." (17 photos) Continue reading

Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea Premieres “Cuban Tangos”

Cuba’s Danza Contemporanea company opened their season by staging the world premiere of Tangos cubanos at Havana’s Mella Theater, treating audiences to choreographies, music and texts by Billy Cowie. (29 photos) Continue reading

Susana Pous & Cuba’s Danza Abierta Co.

Susana Pous is a Spanish artist who has been involved with the Cuban stage for many years. “I’ve never felt out of place in Cuba. There are of course cultural differences that I’ve run into, but I have always tried to approach differences with respect.” Continue reading

Spanish Ballet at Havana’s Marti Theater

Since its re-opening in 2014, Havana’s Marti Theater has surprised us with artful and powerful performances. This time around, Cuba’s Spanish Ballet Company – a dance ensemble that will be celebrating 28 years of existence next April – was responsible for the performance we enjoyed.(29 photos) Continue reading

Flag Bearers from Rione Bianco Treat Old Havana to Traditional Performance

Old Havana residents and visitors are treated to agreeable surprises from time to time. The sound of trumpets and drums reached me from the other end of the square from a book launching I had gone to. (17 photos) Continue reading

New York’s Ballet Hispanico in Havana

Havana’s International Ballet Festival treats us to several surprises. Among those during the current event is the presence of the Ballet Hispanico of New York. HT was on hand at their first performance. (30 photos) Continue reading

Ballerina Xiomara Reyes Returns to the Cuban Stage

Days before the start of Cuba’s International Ballet Festival (October 28 – November 7), the second Cuban woman to make it in the American Ballet Theater (ABT), lead ballerina Xiomara Reyes, returns to the Cuban stage to treat us to her immense talent. “I have many dreams and ideas in my mind and my heart.” Continue reading

Hip Hop Festival in Western Pinar del Río Shortly

hip hop baile fpt2The 12th Pinar Hip Hop Festival will be held in the western city of Pinar del Río from September 5th through 7th to mark another anniversary of the city's establishment.

Continue reading

Returning to Havana’s Delirio Habanero Cabaret

This past Saturday, I went to the piano-bar located in Cuba’s National Theater, a place a lot of people in Havana known as the Delirio Habanero. I hadn’t visited the place in five years. To my pleasant surprise, the place made a positive impression on me when I arrived. Continue reading

Cuban Dance Troupe “BB Compañía” Turns 20

Dance teacher and choreographer Bertha Casañas is the director of an artistic project that has already made a name for itself among young, Cuban dance companies. “I also have a dream. I would love to have my own venue, a space where the soul of America can dance.” Continue reading

Q-band Soho: Middle Eastern Dance and Music in Cuba

“This may be the right time to organize an Arab Culture Festival in Cuba,” says Gretel Llabre, dancer, choreographer and director of the dance company Q-band Soho in her interview for Havana Times. Continue reading

Danzaire in Open Spaces

Danzaire Contemporary Dance Company is to perform today at Roberto Amaran park of the city of Pinar del Rio in order to take different theatrical manifestations to a direct contact with the audience in open spaces. Continue reading

Eight Cuban Ballet Dancers Abandon Troupe in PR, Travel to Miami

When famed ballerina Alicia Alonso takes the National Ballet of Cuba on tours abroad the risk of losing dancers is always present. This time the desertion took place in Puerto Rico and the artists are already in Miami. Continue reading

Cuban Ballet Dancers Around the World

Mariem Valdes is a ballerina who has left her mark on Cuba’s stage and is today a member of prestigious international companies. She described the audience on the island as “very demanding, but always very generous with their applauses.” (7 photos) Continue reading

Upcoming Art Festival Revives the Rural Cuban Town of Aguacate

Yanna Centelles, spokesperson for the “Aguacate in Spring Art Festival 2014” organizing team, informs us about the upcoming historic event to take place in that town located 80 southeast of Havana. “We hope this event will live on in our community". Continue reading

New Choreographies from Alicia Alonso

With several choreographies of Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, The Days of Dance took place in Havana at the end of April at the Mella and Miramar Theaters. (29 photos) Continue reading

Videodance in Cuba: A World to Explore

Many believe it is a kind of experimental cinema that only a select audience could understand. Despite Cuba’s Videodance Festival, the majority of Cubans know nothing about this genre of dance music. Is it a filmed choreography? A film in which the characters tell the story while dancing, as in a musical? Continue reading

Cuba to Host Malakhov Dance Contest

Paul Seaquist, manager of the renowned dancer Vladimir Malakhov, shares with us the details of the first North Atlantic Dance Competition and Vladimir Malakhov Grand Prix, a great dance event to be held this year in Cuba. Continue reading

Dance: 24 Hours and a Dog

The result of artistic collaboration and complicity, "24 hours and a dog" has as its starting point the jazz music of Arturo O'Farrill. The Malpaso dance troupe, directed Osnel Delgado, performed it at the end of March, with Osnel's own choreography. (... Continue reading