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May 2018
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Elio Delgado-Legon’s Diary

A Brief History of the Cuban Revolution

This coming October, the Cuban Revolution will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its birth, when Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the Father of our Homeland, an educated, wealthy lawyer and owner of a sugar mill and slaves, put all of his fortune and life on the line for Cuba’s freedom, which had been colonized by Spain since the beginning of the 16th century. Continue reading

The Meaning and Sense of Words

In the past, after World War 2, during the so-called Cold War, US imperialist propaganda against the Soviet Union and other socialist countries in Eastern Europe coined a series of terms which had previously had a derogatory meaning. Continue reading

International Workers Day 2018 in Cuba

Unlike other countries in which workers take advantage of this date to make a host of demands, including wage increases and respect for their rights, Cuban workers celebrate it as a party. Continue reading

Cuba is an Example for the World Regarding Healthcare

UN officials who make an effort to improve people’s health around the globe (albeit unsuccessfully sometimes), have told the press what they think about Cuba’s health system. Continue reading

Bruno Rodriguez Speaks the Truth after Mike Pence’s Lies

US Vice-President Mike Pence read a speech full of lies about Cuba and Venezuela and Cuban Ambassador Bruno Rodriguez gave him a forceful response, proving I was right in what I recently wrote here on Havana Times. Continue reading

I Can’t Understand this World

I must confess that in spite of there only being three months left until my 81st birthday and having spent the second half of my life tied to the news, I am still worried about the world’s current situation and vehemently wish inequality ends and that I don’t have to see any more images of useless wars. Continue reading

Cuban Farmers, an Important Group in Civil Society

I was really shocked when I read the news that the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) here in Cuba was excluded, along with the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs), from taking part in the Civil Society Forum that will be held... Continue reading

Is Cuba the only Country with Problems?

Critics of the Cuban Revolution, of its political system and government keep on mentioning “Cuba’s problems” in articles and comments that they publish on different platforms, which, in the abstract, would lead readers to believe that Cuba is a country full of problems... Continue reading

Socialism: the People’s System

Since many years ago, there is a battle of ideas of colossal dimensions in this world. On the Left are those who defend the most just ideas. On the Right, you find those who defend Capitalism’s ideas, with different nuances. Continue reading

General Elections in Cuba Sunday March 11th

On Sunday, March 11, the second stage of the general elections will be held in Cuba, which, as every five years, calls citizens to vote to elect all the deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power (parliament), as well as well as the delegates ... Continue reading

The Cuban Revolution’s Undeniable Progress

I find it despicable to question the Cuban Revolution’s achievements, from any angle, even more so when lies are used to take advantage of the ignorance many readers have about the subject. Continue reading

Scientific Breakthroughs in Cuba

The quality of Cuba’s higher education has a lot to do with the country’s scientific breakthroughs, as Cuba does not import scientists like other countries do... Continue reading

Havana Book Fair Concludes, another Big Success

The San Carlos de La Cabana fortress was the main venue for the fair but not the only one as there were 22 smaller venues in the capital selling books and presenting them. Continue reading

Unity in the Cuban Revolution

Some people criticize the fact that there aren’t disagreements and debates in the Cuban Parliament because someone is against some law or article being approved. But far from being reprehensible, this unanimity communicates the unity that exists in the Cuban Revolution. Continue reading

A New Beginning for Varadero’s International Hotel

When I read the news that Varadero’s International hotel would be knocked down because it was built on a sand dune, which is prohibited in order to protect the ecosystem, I felt a certain degree of nostalgia and even the urge to write an article against this decision. Continue reading

Havana University’s 290th Anniversary

Havana University currently has over 30,000 (undergraduate and postgraduate) students studying there with a staff of 2000 professors, of which nearly half have a Doctorate in Sciences and a considerable number have a Masters. It has 16 faculties, four ... Continue reading

A New Year with a More Dangerous and Unequal World

When a new year begins, good people wish for a year of peace, health and progress for themselves and others, for things to get better. For some strange reason, there are people who selfishly only think about themselves and they don’t care about other people’s suffering. Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Ignorance about Cuba

Donald Trump has given crystal clear displays of his obsession to reverse everything his predecessor Barack Obama did, in all fields: military, political, economic and scientific. When it comes to relations with Cuba, he has shown complete ignorance about the country’s situation, its political system and its history. Continue reading

Cuba’s General Elections: a Work in Progress

There was hardly any abstention, in spite of voting not being mandatory, as the majority of those who couldn’t go and vote were outside of the city where they live for work-related or other reasons, both in and outside of Cuba. Continue reading

Fidel Castro, a Man Who Never Dies

Fidel Castro is a man who has been defamed and hated by the Revolution’s and socialism’s enemies, but admired and loved by every revolutionary in the world, and respected by those who, even though they aren’t revolutionaries... Continue reading

I Don’t Want to Live to 120 Years Old

In Cuba, it’s no secret to anyone that the population is aging more and more as the days go by. The reasons for this are many, but there are two main ones: low birth rates, also for many different reasons, and the advances made in medicine and healthcare. Continue reading

A 100 years after the Russian Revolution

On October 25th 1917 (November 7th using the Gregorian calendar), events unfolded that “shook” the world, according to US author John Reed. Continue reading

US Blockade on Cuba is a Crime against Humanity

Cuba will soon present to the UN General Assembly its resolution called “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”. A similar resolution has been approved 25 times before and which the US has completely ignored. Continue reading

Cuba Shined at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students

The Cuban delegation stood out as soon as it arrived in Sochi, Russia where it was lauded with cries of “Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel!” And their participation was especially highlighted in all political and cultural activities. Continue reading

Excuses in US Foreign Policy

Nobody should be surprised about the fact that today, the current US president is using an excuse so as to take US-Cuba relations back to what they were during the Cold War. Continue reading

Lies at the United Nations about Cuba and Venezuela

Surprising is a very poor term to describe the speech that the US president Donald Trump gave to the UN General Assembly. It was outrageous that representatives from 193 countries had to sit and listen to a string of lies... Continue reading