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October 2018
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Ernesto Gonzalez

Flowers, Angels and Epitaphs in Havana’s Colon Cemetery

Colon, the largest and most emblematic of Havana’s cemeteries, has innumerable mausoleums and sculptures that are true works of art. But in this work what we want to highlight are some of the epitaphs present in their funeral niches, and the flowers that residents in this city put daily to their dead. (22 photos) Continue reading

Flores, Angeles y epitafios en el paisaje del cementerio de Colón

El cementerio Colón posee innumerables mausoleos y esculturas que constituyen verdaderas obras de arte. En este trabajo lo que pretendemos resaltar son algunos de los epitafios presentes en sus nichos fúnebres y las flores que diariamente los residentes en esta ciudad ponen a sus muertos en señal de tributo y recordación. (22 fotos) Continue reading

Visita a Bayamo, Cuba en fotos

Bayamo es una de las siete primeras villas fundadas en Cuba por los españoles. A más de novecientos km al este de La Habana y a unos cien de Santiago de Cuba, Bayamo es la capital de la provincia Granma, una ciudad cargada de historia. (26 fotos) Continue reading

Old Cars in Havana

At the beginning of the 90s, when the only expectation that Cuba generated towards the world, was to see how long the socialist regime lasted, a friend told me that Havana was known as the rolling museum, referring to the number of US-made cars prior t... Continue reading

World Environment Day Highlighted from Cuba

This year, World Environment Day is being celebrated in Barbados, under the slogan of “Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level.” Its aim is to raise awareness about this delicate issue, which endangers the very existence of small countries (that could one day be left beneath sea-level). Cuba is an island country that faces severe challenges if this occurs. (27 fotos) Continue reading

Havana from the 33rd Floor of Cuba’s Tallest Building

The 39-story Focsa building is the tallest in Havana and is located in the downtown Vedado district, a few meters from the malecon seafront. On the 33rd floor is the La Torre bar-restaurant with a tremendous view of the city. (29 photos) Continue reading

A Look at Havana’s Architectural Heritage

Nearly five centuries old, the city of Havana boasts a highly eclectic architecture, drawing from styles as different as the Gothic, futurism, the Baroque, cubism and art deco. The pictures show some of the city’s most renowned buildings and monuments, (39 photos) Continue reading

A Look at the Havana Barrio of “Los Pinos”

Los Pinos is a neighborhood located in the peripheral Havana municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, adjacent to others of the same municipality such as Vieja Linda and Miraflores and the railway line that divides it from the municipality of Boyeros. (38 photos)

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La Avenida Carlos III

Si usted en la Habana pregunta por la Habana por la Avenida Salvador Allende pocas personas le sabrán indicar donde se encuentra y como llegar a la misma, pero si pregunta por Carlos III, todos la conocen. (27 photos) Continue reading

Cuba: Baseball or Soccer?

While officially baseball is still the national sport in Cuba, for a while now young Cubans passion for soccer is growing fast. (25 photos) Continue reading