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February 2018
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Cuban Authorities Worried about Tourists’ Visits to Viñales

The constant demand from travelers from all over the world to visit the western Cuba, particularly the Viñales Valley, has raised authorities' concern about the need to improve the region's protection.

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Cuban Foreign Ministry Rejects Rex Tillerson Statements

Cuban Foreign Ministry rejected statements made by U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, at the beginning of his Latin American and Caribbean tour, describing them as a message of arrogance and disdain. Continue reading

Platino Award 2018 Includes Cuban Film in First Pre-selection

The 5th Platino Award of Ibero-American Cinema announced today its first preselection of nominees, which includes the Cuban film ''Ultimos dias en La Habana,'' by director Fernando Perez. Continue reading

The Cuban Tamers Plan to Reach the Finals of 8th World Series

The Domadores (Tamers) of Cuba is now working to get included at the finals of the 8th edition of the World Series of Boxing (WSB), said Cuban National Boxing Federation president Alberto Puig. Continue reading

Cuba Condemns All Terrorist Acts, Methods, and Practices

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Cuba condemns the terrorist attack perpetuated in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, and expresses its solidarity with the government of this sister country and its people. Continue reading

President Maduro Ratifies Commitment to Peace Dialogue in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro has ratified his commitment to the peaceful coexistence negotiations the government maintained with opposition factions in the Dominican Republic and will continue in this capital.

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Cuba Protests Attempts of Undermine its Sovereignty

Cuba protested before U.S. diplomatic authorities for attempts of that country to undermine the sovereignty of the Caribbean nation in its competence to regulate flows of information, according to a note published. Continue reading

“This School Allowed me to Dream”

For the second time, I was lucky to enjoy his music live. The first was some eight years ago and yet I have the memories fresh in my mind. Continue reading

With the Light of Martí

The Cuban people will come out en masse across the country’s 168 municipalities this January 27 to pay tribute to the island’s National Hero, José Martí, on the 165th anniversary of his birth.

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40 Countries to Participate in 27th International Book Fair

The 27th International Book Fair, to take place in Cuba from February 1st to 11th, will have the participation of 40 countries and more than 400 foreign guests, said organizers. Continue reading

The Noble Face of the Country

There is much of Cuba in each one of the candidates nominated on Sunday, but much more in what they represent as a whole, the face of the people. Continue reading

Trump Advisors Describe His Actions as ‘Challenge Disorder’

A new book about the performance of US President Donald Trump assures that the advisors qualify for private his actions of challenge disorder, local media reported. Continue reading

Candidates to Parliament Mark Cuban Genuine Electoral System

The candidates to provincial delegates and deputies to the national Assembly of People’s Power nominated in Pinar del Río are proof of our genuine electoral system by gathering people of different sectors of the society.

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Entrance of the Caravan of Liberty Reissued in Pinar el Rio

In the evening of this January 17th, the people of Pinar del Río marked the 59th anniversary of the victorious entrance of Fidel Castro and the Caravan of Liberty to the province.

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Pinar del Río about to Finish Tobacco Leaf Picking

The tobacco growers of Pinar del Rio, major producer of the leaf in Cuba, are about to end the leaf picking phase of the current harvest season and show optimism for the good state of the plantations and the favourable weather conditions. Continue reading

Cuba Adapts Migration Policy to Present Times

The Cuban government has continue to update its migration policy to adapt it to present times and guarantee it is legal, orderly and secure. Continue reading

Oldest Barber Shop in Town Reopens

Located in the main street of the city of Pinar del Rio, the Rojo Paris barber shop, oldest in town, looks a renewed image thanks to a restoration process that favors comfort for workers and costumers. Continue reading

Forty Years of History and Dreams

Remembrances are among the most important treasures we keep all along our lives. They make us evocate decisive moments. Without them, what would we be? Continue reading

Cuba Celebrates National Science Day

The Cuban scientific community is celebrating today the National Science Day with the successful development of more than 5,000 science, technology and innovation (CTI) projects, to overcome the complex challenges the island is facing. Continue reading

Cuba Rejects Allegations by High-Ranking U.S. Official

Cuba slammed as irresponsible statements made by Deputy Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Francisco Palmieri, regarding alleged health incidents suffered by Washington diplomats in Havana. Continue reading

Cuban Newspaper Reports on 2018 State’s Budget

The relevance of Cuba's economic plans and the State's Budget made headlines, as part of concerns by the government and people. Continue reading

New Legal Regulations for Cuban State Enterprise System

Official Gazette No.58 published December 13, a series of regulations to give continuity to the process underway to build a more organized, efficient, and effective state enterprise system, and provide enterprises more autonomy. Continue reading

Pole Vaulter Silva and Boxer La Cruz, Cuba’s Best in 2017

Pole vaulter Yarisley Silva and boxer Julio Cesar La Cruz were voted as the best athletes of Cuba in 2017, it was announced at a ceremony held at the Coliseum of the Sports City. Continue reading

Aprecia Primer Vicepresidente cubano recuperación en Ciego de Ávila

Recuperación de Punta a Cayo 1El ejemplo que están ofreciendo pobladores de Punta Alegre, mediante la participación consciente en apoyo a la recuperación de sus propias viviendas (las más perjudicadas en la provincia de Ciego de Ávila ante el paso del huracán Irma) fue apreciado este martes por Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Primer Vicepresidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros de la República de Cuba, durante un recorrido que abarcó también zonas del municipio de Morón, incluida la cayería norte avileña.

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Recorre Díaz-Canel poblado de Punta Alegre

Miguel Diaz CanelComo expresión del contacto que mantiene la máxima dirección política del país con habitantes de las zonas más afectadas por el huracán Irma, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bemúdez, miembro del Buró Político del Partido y primer vicepresidente de los Consejo de Estado y de Ministros, inició este martes una visita por el poblado de Punta Alegre, en el litoral norte de Ciego de Ávila.

Acompañado por Félix Duarte Ortega y Raúl Pérez Carmenate, máximas autoridades política y de gobierno en la provincia, Díaz-Canel ha intercambiado con parte de las 1 699 familias cuyos hogares resultaron afectados por la furia del meteoro.

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Si no puede acceder a Invasor, no es un error

Portada de Invasor 27 nov 2017 1Si usted, a partir de este miércoles 29 de noviembre de 2017, escribe en la barra de direcciones de su PC y el resultado es nulo, pues no logra ver esta página, no se alarme, no es problema de conectividad ni dificultades de su equipo, es que estamos en vísperas de inaugurar un nuevo diseño de nuestro Invasor Digital.

Trataremos que este “bache” tenga corta duración. No habrá “brazos cruzados”. No dejaremos de contarles el acontecer del terruño avileño, solo que usted, por el momento, deberá “pinchar” en primera opción

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