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May 2018
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Cuba Imports Salt from Spain to make up for National Deficit

Some hard-currency retail stores in Havana are selling Auchan-brand (supermarket) salt imported from Spain. A one kilo bag sells for 0.60 Convertible Pesos (CUC). This is the best product of its kind that the Cuban population have access to, who have b... Continue reading

Nicaragua: Ortega Government Accepts Call to Stop the Repression

The Government of Nicaragua accepted Monday to address a list of 15 recommendations from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) stemming from the serious violations of fundamental rights during the crisis that has been affecting the coun... Continue reading

Reactions after Maduro’s “Great Victory” in Venezuela

Venezuela is increasingly isolated internationally after numerous countries refused to recognize the results of the elections held on Sunday. Likewise, US president Trump signed an executive order to limit the capacity of the Maduro government to sell off the country’s assets. Continue reading

The Roar of the Lion: “Ortega Must Go!”

The blocks of Leon became a blue and white tide on Saturday that celebrated the new liberation of what is known as Nicaragua’s university city. There was also a caravan in Managua and protests in other cities. Continue reading

Venezuela Elects President Today amid Crisis and International Rejection

Venezuelans will vote or abstain Sunday in a controversial election in which President Nicolas Maduro seeks re-election against three rivals of little weight, after the leading opposition candidates were disqualified. The opposition coalition calls on... Continue reading

“I Want to be Part of the Movement that Changed History”

On the morning of April 19th, he packed his bag with small handkerchiefs, gauze bandages, face masks and medical instruments, without imagining that by the next day he’d be cleaning the blood off the teenager whose death would move the entire nation. Continue reading

Seeing Cuba Through Basketball

The spring of 2017 I got the chance to study abroad at the University of Havana at an exchange program managed by Butler University. It was my junior year at Gettysburg College and, as a Political Science major I jumped at the chance to study in a coun... Continue reading

Nicaragua Dialogue Round One: Students Tell Ortega to Resign

Protesting students demanded today the resignation of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and the cessation of police and paramilitary repression at the start of a national dialogue between the Government, civil society and the private sector that seeks... Continue reading

Sending Money to Cuba via the Internet Isn’t Easy

“What an odyssey to send money to people in Cuba. And the companies don’t even say anything.” This is how someone who regularly sends remittances to Cuba summarizes the situation. Continue reading

Rebellion in Nicaragua on the Eve of a Dialogue

Police riot squads in conjunction with paramilitary forces today tried to put down civic protests with bullets in four cities of Nicaragua, on the eve of a national dialogue that begins Wednesday with the participation of President Daniel Ortega. Continue reading

Environmentally Sound Solutions for Cuba can be Profitable

Even though he defines himself as a businessman and not an eco-warrior, and he doesn’t act like a philanthropist, the reality is that water is much more for Roberto Fusaroli than his business. “It’s an environmental and also a financial issue..." Continue reading

Talks Called for Wednesday in Nicaragua Amid Continued Protests

The Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference (CEN) announced today that the dialogue called to resolve the crisis in the country will begin on Wednesday, while the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) confirmed that it received an invitation from t... Continue reading

Nicaragua: Demanding Justice Through Art

The University Coalition is a group that brings together the different student movements that have formed as a result of the April demonstrations. "We’re here from different universities. The people wanted our unity: here it is,” affirmed Lesther Aleman, member of the Nicaraguan University Alliance. Continue reading

Pizzacracker: Cienfuegos’ New Bureaucratic Solution

Pizza sellers in Cuba’s southern city of Cienfuegos have decided to use salted crackers to replace disposable pieces of paper or cardboard enabling customers to carry this food item in their hand when it comes straight out of the oven. Continue reading

Bishops to Ortega: Invite the IACHR Now and End the Repression

The Nicaraguan Catholic Bishops' Conference called on the government of Daniel Ortega today to adopt four "concrete steps" that would "pave the way for the realization of a national dialogue." The bishops set a deadline of noon on Monday for the Sandin... Continue reading

A Spectacular Cave in Eastern Cuba

Just 5 kms away from Mayari’s city center, you can find Seboruco Cave, declared a National Monument not just because of the general allure these unique structures create, resembling “homes” made by Nature, but also because of the idyllic landscape which surrounds it and the myths and legends of this place. Continue reading

Gigantic march in Nicaragua Demanded “Justice and Democracy”

Tens of thousands of people peacefully marched through the streets of the Nicaraguan capital on Wednesday, demanding "democracy" as well as "justice" from President Daniel Ortega for the victims of the anti-government protests in mid-April. Continue reading

National Protest March in Nicaragua on Wednesday May 9th

The third major civic demonstration against the government of Daniel Ortega will be held Wednesday in Managua with the participation of students, farmers from the anti-canal movement, women’s organizations and professionals, and supported by activists from opposition civic groups. Continue reading

Nicaragua Student Protests Receive Heartwarming Support

Amidst the throes of violence which have shaken Nicaragua in the repression of student protests, the population has given heartwarming acts of solidarity. These are some of the most shared and commented online... Continue reading

Nicaraguan Students: “We Won’t Negotiate at a Bloodstained Table”

The self-organized students have declared that there can’t be a dialogue until a trustworthy and independent Truth Commission has been named. However, Daniel Ortega doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to fulfill this requirement. Continue reading

Nicaragua’s University Students Keep Up Pressure on Ortega

Hundreds of students demanding the resignation of President Daniel Ortega peacefully occupied public universities in three cities of Nicaragua today to demand the withdrawal of a student organization linked to the ruling Sandinista Front. Continue reading

File #00 of an Alternative Havana Biennial

Havana’s Alternative #00 Biennial has been taking place since Saturday May 5th in various “independent” artists’ homes/studios/workshops. It has been a controversial event ever since the first seed was planted. Continue reading

Police Violence Makes Dialogue Uncertain in Nicaragua

Twenty days after the start of the protests against the government of Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua woke up Monday under extreme tension and uncertainty, after new clashes between police and demonstrators. A possible dialogue has not yet begun and threats o... Continue reading

Ortega Blamed for Crisis Hitting Nicaragua’s Economy

After protests broke out 17 days ago, Nicaragua’s political crisis has hit sensitive economic sectors such as tourism and exports, warned private businessmen, who are urging the Government to establish a process of national dialogue as soon as possible. Continue reading

Why We Went to Revolution Square?

Government figures from the parade this year claim that over a thousand foreigners walked through Havana’s Revolution Square on May 1st. They didn’t protest, they didn’t make demands, they didn’t hold a demonstration: they just walked, just like the Cubans present, who didn’t protest or make demands either. Continue reading

Nicaraguan Student Movement Presents Ultimatum to Ortega

Nicaraguan university students demand that the government of Daniel Ortega allow the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Office of the Rapporteur on Human Rights to investigate the deaths and alleged torture of young people... Continue reading