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February 2018
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Nicaragua, Haiti and Venezuela Recognized for Losing Corruption Battle

Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua are the Latin American countries where corruption is most prevalent according to the 2017 Perceived Corruption Index presented on February 22 by Transparency International. Continue reading

My Friend Cuty and Severe Memory Loss

A friend in Cuba gave me some slides from when he was a child. He told me: “have a look and see what you can do because they are in a very bad state.” I managed to digitalize them and save them as all of these bits of nostalgia are of great value to me. Continue reading

Fears in Cuba about Currency Unification

The days Cuba's two currencies lie next to each other in any Cuban’s pocket could be numbered. Currency unification is one of the government’s top priorities for this year, perhaps the most complex policy it needs to tackle within the economic reforms process. Continue reading

Frida Kahlo in Managua

We associate Frida Kahlo with those thick eyebrows, the flowers in her hair, and the colorful Mexican attire. According to the experts, all this was part of “a great performance” that also became her artistic image. Continue reading

A Cuban Odyssey: Fixing up the Kitchen

The kitchen couldn’t wait anymore so we have been saving for a while so as to repair it and make it more modern. At first we estimated this job to cost us around 700 CUC. Continue reading

Getting a Divorce in Cuba is Routine

Compared to the rest of the world, getting a divorce in Cuba doesn’t seem to be a difficult task. Everyone knows that you can get a divorce for 100 pesos (4 USD) and it isn’t without reason that Cuba has one of the highest divorce rates. Continue reading

Cuba’s Rural Railway Network, its Plan B to Survive

Due to their capacity, fare (1 peso) and the fragile state of dirt roads when it’s been raining,the "carahatas" (bus-trains) have been not only the best, but also nearly always the only transport option people living in many rural communities in provinces like Las Tunas. Continue reading

Yomer Motejo: the Cuban X-ray Artist

When Yomer Montejo entered a medical imaging booth for the first time, he had never thought about transforming medical negatives into art, much less about exhibiting them in Paris. Continue reading

Medicine Shortages Persist in Cuban Pharmacies

Medicine shortages in Cuba share a common root cause with other areas in the country’s fragile economy: the lack of liquid funds which has made it impossible for them to meet payments to foreign suppliers. Continue reading

Roberto Rivas’ Little Palace in Madrid

One of many properties owned by Roberto Rivas, the head of Nicaragua's Electoral Council, is a "little chalet" in Madrid valued at over 11 million USD. Continue reading

New Cuban Cook Books Presented

Several new Cuban cook books were presented at the Havana International Book Fair. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Ortega Protects Roberto Rivas with an “Illegal Electoral Reform”

“How much information does Roberto Rivas have on Daniel Ortega in order to enjoy such protection? No one is investigating him, no one is stripping him of protection. He’s covered under the mantle of the Ortega-Murillo family,” notes Dora Maria Tellez. Continue reading

Cuba to Hold 2018 Elections but Nothing’s Changing

Many people were nursing a hope for change in Cuba with the 2018 elections: a passing on of power and the appearance of new faces in national government. However, after the list of candidates for the National Assembly of People’s Power was published, it was confirmed that nothing will change, the same people will continue in power. Continue reading

Catholics Run an Outpatient Psychiatric Hospital in Santa Clara

In order to not seem crazy, Victor had to be quiet. “The crazy man says what he’s thinking; the sane man, doesn’t.” He learned this before turning 30 years old, when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Continue reading

The 10th Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest Now Open

The Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest 2018 is now officially open for sending in your entries. The 2017 contest brought together entries from 144 amateur and professional photographers. Read how you can participate this year. Continue reading

Is Cuba’s Private Sector Heading in Reverse?

I’m sure many Cubans remember the sad end of the thriving private sector in the late ‘90s. During that time of the so-called “Special Period” crisis, the dynamic boom of entrepreneurs languished between restrictions and the State’s regulatory authorities’ excessive control. Continue reading

Reasons in Cuba for Country to City Migration

Lia is a young woman who has recently moved to my neighborhood, on the east side of Guantanamo city. She arrived with her husband Rafael, a young farmer who used to work the land and is now a clothes seller. Continue reading

Despite Obstacles and Prejudice, Pool Is on the Rise in Cuba

Heydi waited at the entrance to her home for the group that came on Fridays. She already had everything ready for them in the pool room on the second floor - the business that has been a means of survival for her and her family for the past five years. Continue reading

Who Cares for the Elderly in Cuba?

G. is a 74-year-old woman who has been looking after her aunt-in-law for the past 12 years, who suffers from dementia. Even though G. has two children, she lives by herself with her aunt and can only spend her time looking after her. Continue reading

Ernesto Cardenal: The Poet that Melds God and Science

A man with long hair, a full beard and wire-rimmed glasses is preparing to begin a baptism ceremony. He’s not a conventional priest, with lengthy sermons and heavy solemnity. Continue reading

A Testament of Fidel Castro Appears in Paris

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Yanelys Nuñez Leyva, recreate through a fiction piece, a supposed political testament found with the last reflections of Fidel Castro about his government, the Revolution and the future of Cuba. Continue reading

About “Artivism” in Cuba

In Cuba ordinary citizens don’t know about basic laws and their fundamental rights and this leads them to being in a state of socio-political inertia which works based on the principle of a spiral of silence. If the slightest raising of voices is uncomfortable for Cuban authorities, just imagine what a loud cry is. Continue reading

Pork Price Shoots Up in Havana

January brought prices that people in Havana had never seen before at their markets. Boneless pork (steak), which is being sold for 50 Cuban pesos, the equivalent of 2 USD a pound, particularly stands out. While the price might seem reasonable in other... Continue reading

This “Thing” We Call Internet in Cuba

I will never forget my friend trying to persuade me to buy a better phone so I could have a Nauta email account. “Don’t be stupid, girl, this is an investment, it’s just email for the minute, but who knows what’s coming,” he said. So I made my little account. Continue reading

The New Rule of Three in Cuban Cooperatives

Until December 31st 2017, I was a member of the SCENIUS accounting and finances cooperative’s board of directors. The experience I gained in this position allows me to put in my two cents about some of the government’s new policies that will change key aspects of the so-called “experiment”. Continue reading

Cuba Baseball Finals Open Saturday Jan 20th

The grand finale of Cuban baseball will begin this Saturday in Las Tunas; After game two on Sunday, there will be a rest day before heading to Bayamo, home of the Granma team for games 3, 4 and 5. If needed, games 6 and 7 will be in Las Tunas. Continue reading