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December 2017
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Cuba and its Pending Matters

The year 2017 is drawing to an end with its almost paralyzed “reform process” and the economy hasn’t changed in the way the Communist Party Guidelines proposed, which the government itself had put forward and had been ratified by millions of Cubans at assemblies. Continue reading

Doctors Who Don’t Return to Practice in Cuba

In March 2015, Alioth Guerrero received a grant to attend a congress in Colombia. While there, he found out about the opportunities that other Latin American countries offer those who want to study doctorate degrees. When he came back to Cuba, he menti... Continue reading

Where Sexual Abuse News Remains Under Wraps

Almost every day for the last few months, brave women and some men have brought to light the cases in the United States of sexual abuse and misconduct they were victims of in the past at the hands of the powerful. While some of the perpetrators claim ... Continue reading

Cuban Pop Culture with Magic

The Dialfa project celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was proven that you can break the reduced concept of Cuban institutions, the “damn situation of water everywhere”, look the world in the eye and create events with their own identity, like a speaker said referring to the doom that the cartoon strip lives in Cuba.(17 photos) Continue reading

Quality Basketball Returns to Havana’s Sports City

The new qualifiers for the 2019 Basketball World Cup meant that Havana’s Sports City Coliseum was able to receive a national team from Puerto Rico, an excellent opportunity for fans of the game. Thanks to a donation from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), the sporting arena also put on its best face and the floorboards were painted, huge screens were put up and clocks on top of the backboards and the players’ dressing rooms were reconditioned after a month of hard work. Continue reading

“The Imprisonment of My Father Was a Crime against Humanity”

The daughter was 13 years old when her father, Roberto Arias Gomez, was arrested on November 18, 1991 for the alleged crime called “Enemy propaganda”. It had to do with a poster with the words Down with Fidel...(2 photos) Continue reading

“The Imprisonment of My Father Was a Crime against Humanity”

The daughter was 13 years old when her father, Roberto Arias Gomez, was arrested on November 18, 1991 for the alleged crime called “Enemy propaganda”. It had to do with a poster with the words Down with Fidel...(2 photos) Continue reading

Nicaragua Canal Magnate Wang Jing Linked to Ukraine Scandal

The wealthy businessman heads the Hong Kong-Nicaragua Development Company, the firm that was going to construct an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua. However, his projects have faced setbacks around the globe, indicating that “his canal dreams may look more and more like a fantasy.” Continue reading

Food in Cuba Before and After Irma

To be honest, if average Cubans are having a more and more hard time to put food on their plates, it’s not entirely hurricane Irma’s fault. Before, a long time before September 9, 2017, public anger relating to the upward spiral of prices... Continue reading

Cuba Rent Car, a Reason to Never Go Back

Car rental companies buy a car for 8,000 USD and then rent them out to tourists for two years, raking in approximately 50,000 USD and then they sell them on the national market for 40,000 USD. Renting out 1000 cars brings in 80 million USD every two ye... Continue reading

Sweet Lizzy Project and Frank Fernandez in Yellow Submarine: an Exclusive Affair?

We found out that the rock band Sweet Lizzy Project would be playing at the Yellow Submarine along with piano maestro Frank Fernandez via a commercial on the headlining news on the Cubavision channel. Continue reading

What’s Cuba doing about violence against women?

In Cuba, we are advocating for an end to violence against women, but it continues to be institutionalized somewhat, justified by our idiosyncrasy, concealed by our kind of culture and in everyday life. Continue reading

New Cuban Photography Talents

I like it when Friday rolls around, as it’s the day that exhibitions are inaugurated in Old Havana’s different galleries. Being able to visit them and see what young artists in my country are creating makes me very happy. (13 photos) Continue reading

“Work” in Cuba Means Working for the State

This “work” business has so many implications here in Cuba and there are so many ways of looking at it which are the same in number as any sea urchin’s razor-sharp spikes. Working implies, among other things, that there is payment for the work being done. And this payment, at times, doesn’t even classify as such. Continue reading

Cuba Has Great Potential for Healthy Tourism

Tourism in Cuba should be developed taking into account the permanent presence of Irma and Trump, thinking that there will always be a hurricane in the Caribbean or a president at the White House who is willing to run the locomotive of Cuba’s economy off the tracks. Continue reading

Abuse Isn’t only a Beating

This year, I was invited to take part in the Pinar del Rio carnival celebrations. There was a healthy and festive atmosphere in spite of the suffocating heat and the exorbitant prices of food on offer at kiosks. Continue reading

Cuba: A Lot of Noise, Not Enough Respect

The issue of noise in Cuba has been one of the most popular and repetitive on a daily basis, for a while now. Not precisely because of the science fiction saga where US diplomats have been affected by sonic weapons and left with hearing loss, but because of contemporary Cuban life’s new ways and commotion. Continue reading

Cuba’s State-run Food Establishments Obsessed with Repairs

Even though a large number of establishments used during the last half a century by the state-owned food service sector were leased out or managed by cooperatives, over 50% still remain under government control. Repairing a state-run establishments is ... Continue reading

Yuliesky Gourriel, the Rookie Champion from Cuba

For 13 seasons, Yuliesky Gourriel was unsuccessfully looking for the crown in Cuba's National Baseball League. However, in his first full season in Major League Baseball, he won the champion ring with the Houston Astros. Continue reading

Venezuelan petrocasas: a Polluting Solution for Cuba

Losing your home or roof after a hurricane hits can be one of the most awful experiences you can ever have. Maybe protected by this sad reality, the Cuban government is taking the luxury of building the famous Venezuelan petrocasas (“oil houses” a kind of family house that is produced en masse), using the carcinogen PVC. Continue reading

Where Cuba Fits in the Newly Declassified JFK Files

The declassified documents reveal that self-harm attacks were a part of the US strategy against Cuba. They ome at a very interesting time when Washington is accusing Cuba of attacking US diplomats at its embassy in Havana with a fantasy sonic weapon. Continue reading

Che’s Time in Miami and his “Hate for Imperialism”

Very little is known about the time Che spent in Miami. There’s not very much to know anyway. An accidental and forced stop, while he was traveling back to Argentina to get his medicine degree. The delay extended further than expected and Ernesto went around and around in a foreign city, where a language was spoken that the young student hadn’t mastered and who was still waiting for his destiny. Continue reading

The Secrets of Cuba’s Ballet School

Today, over 900 children study at Cuba’s ballet academies, which are a huge talent pool for national dance and also for some of the world’s most renowned companies, where Cubans have shone, believed to be the “21st century” Russians according to critics. Continue reading

Cuba: Takes on Reforms and Economic Challenges

New forms of economic management that have become established in Cuba need greater expression, recognition and legal support and coordination with state companies, participants at a workshop about the subject on October 20th in Havana agreed. Continue reading

Precarious Housing Before and After Hurricane Irma

A wall made out of palm tree boards and a table. This is the only thing left standing in Iris Leidy Cedeno’s home; the rest - that is to say, the other palm tree boarded walls and some cardboard partitions - came tumbling down as soon as Hurricane Irma began to sweep along Cuba’s northern coast. Continue reading

The Event: “Another Poet Commits Suicide”

On Friday, October 20, National Culture Day, an event called Another poet commits suicide was inaugurated, prepared by the Museum of Dissidence in Cuba and Amaury Pacheco, founder of OMNI Zona Franca. Today, Sunday October 22nd is the final day. (17 p... Continue reading