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August 2017
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My Other Mother

After an intense journey, more in time than in kilometers, I recently returned to Santa Cruz del Sur, on the south of Camaguey, and I went looking for Marina, shortly after arriving. From a distance, I greeted her with happiness, she was sweeping the doorway of her home where traces of my childhood still linger, but she didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. Continue reading

Guardalavaca, an Idyllic Resort in Cuba’s East

Guardalavaca cove is like a haven in front of the immense ocean, with its warm beach, of unrivalled grandeur. The low mountains of the Maniabon range almost reach the sea, giving the landscape greater beauty and individuality. Continue reading

Antigona the Process (Video)

Antigona the Process describes the history of the representation of women in Cuba, seen through a filmmakers team. Documentary by Yaima Pardo and Lilián Broche (60 minutes). Continue reading

Amnesty Int. Begins Global Campaign to Repeal the Nicaragua Canal Law

This past Thursday in Managua, Nicaragua, Amnesty International launched a “global campaign” to demand the repeal of Law 840, which awards a concession for the construction of an Inter-Oceanic Canal to the Chinese company HKND Group. The initiative accompanied the presentation of a report prepared by this organization for the defense of human rights. Continue reading

World Bank Confirms: a Third of Nicaraguans Live in Poverty

Despite recent social advances, there is still a high proportion of Nicaraguans living in poverty. Although poverty has diminished in the last years, approximately one third of the population (some 1.7 million Nicaraguans) lived with a per capita consu... Continue reading

The US is now Nicaragua’s Principal Oil Supplier

Albanisa’s monopoly as the supplier of Venezuelan hydrocarbons has ended.  By Ivan Olivares (Confidencial) HAVANA TIMES – Up until March 2015, Venezuela was our principal supplier of hydrocarbons. That month the South American nation provided Nicaragua with 43.9 million dollars’ worth of petroleum and its derivatives – 83% of the total hydrocarbon imports of US$52.9 […] Continue reading

Cuba Doesn’t Need More Pessimism, but…

The announcement this week in Cuba to suspend self-employment licenses in 30 different fields, including some of the most popular such as cafes, private restaurants or renting out rooms, didn’t exactly provoke optimism. Continue reading

Cuba’s Prolonged Water Shortage

The intense drought that the island and its people are suffering isn’t news. But, maybe the real dimensions of the problem haven’t been publicly explained to raise people’s awareness about the gravity of the situation. The poorest, the most deprived, already know this. Continue reading

Cuba Faces a Post-Harvest Crisis

For a half century the Cuban media boasts of successes in food production while the population faces endless shortages. Everyone is aware of the contradiction. Facing a growing financial crisis, the country continues to import over a billion dollars in... Continue reading

Game Shows Take Over TV in Cuba

For almost two decades, public participation shows on Cuban TV had practically disappeared. Or they weren’t visually attractive enough or they didn’t capture the viewing audience’s attention because of their reductionist content. Now they are back. Continue reading

July 19: Nicaragua’s New Patron Saints Day

Rosa, a government worker at the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS), waits for a signal from her boss; Graciela dances “thankful” for the Comandante; thousands celebrate Ortega and Murillo, Nicaragua’s new “patron saints”. Continue reading

Foreign Investment in Cuba: Are the Obstacles Too Great?

At these “now-or-never” times for Cuba, it’s crucial that organized and efficient foreign investment is given priority, as it would be no exaggeration to say that the future of Cuba, just as we have dreamed it, depends on this. Continue reading

Will Trump Boycott Venezuelan Oil?

Some US officials are now voicing the possibility of prohibiting Venezuelan crude oil exports to the United States as one of several sanctions on the President Trump's table. We look at the possible consequences. Continue reading

Underweight Bread and Graffiti against Raul Castro

On Monday July 17th, “Down with Castro” graffiti ushered in the new day on Campanario Street between Carmen and Rayo in Central Havana. The hasty arrival of painters with rollers erased this act of daring soon enough, even though the metallic green paint of the accusing letters could still be seen under the grout of the door that used to belong to the Municipal Impoundment center for seized goods. Continue reading

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Change Money in Havana

The existence of two currencies as legal tender means that converting one for the other is a necessity, depending on the things you need to buy, while trying to save one’s meager salary at the same time. The current reality of the situation is that the much-needed conversion of these currencies has become a real challenge for the Cuban people. Continue reading

Cuba Faces the Consequences of Meager Salaries

In spite of some efforts to increase laborers’ and professional’s wages, the controversial issue with salaries based on the state budget still continues to be an unbearable headache for Cuban authorities. Continue reading

Managua Saturated with Signs and Billboards

The streets of Managua are covered with signs, banners and billboards. Every corner, lamppost and wall along the public roadway is used to promote the sale of a product or service, or to announce an event. The public space has become the new “yellow pages” where anything can be advertised. Many of these signs remain for a long time after their usefulness has expired. Continue reading

Venezuela Plebiscite: What is being Voted, How and Where?

Venezuela’s opposition have organized a nationwide referendum on Sunday, which is being held outside of the official electoral system, to reject the Constitutional Assembly being pushed forward by President Nicolas Maduro, who is looking to rewrite the Constitution promoted by Hugo Chavez. Continue reading

Baseball in Cuba, Where’s it Going?

Word on the street has caused uneasiness among managers and trainers, but every day there are less and less ways of avoiding it: Cuban baseball is suffering a crisis and nothing else. Teams involved in international competitions have just proven this i... Continue reading

Athiany Larios, First Nicaraguan Trans Woman Elected to a Political Party Post

Athiany wasn’t always involved in political causes, nor did she have that name. She was born with masculine sexual attributes, and from a very young age she concentrated on her studies, trying to have the least possible amount of contact with people. She studied public accounting at the National Technological Institute. Although she came out as a homosexual at 17, the worst suffering came from discrimination in the workplace as a result of her sexual orientation. Continue reading

Lucho Fuentes: Engineering the Sounds of Revolutions

Before he was swept down a rushing river while fleeing the ambush of a guerrilla group; before he had visited a mass grave and filmed an assassination, Luis Fuentes was in charge of the projector in a movie theater. Continue reading

“Domino” the Latest from Cuban Filmmaker Eduardo del Llano

Nicanor is worried because the rumor circulating in his neighborhood that the Cuban government is reaching an agreement with an Arab Sheikh to sell Cuba to him. While playing dominoes and drinking rum with some friends from a nearby apartment block, he... Continue reading

Huge Gaps in Labor Rights Continue in Cuba’s Private Sector

Juan is a young father who is now unemployed after a not-so-happy go at work in the private sector, in the town where he lives in Pinar del Rio province, the Caribbean island’s most western province. After his daughter was born, and after several months of looking for a better-paid job, this 20-something year old man accepted a job that his neighbor Jorge, who runs a private cafe, offered him. Continue reading

My Visit to a Special Place at the Isle of Youth, Cuba

Yaima Pardo takes us on a trip to the Isla de la Juventued (Isle of youth) and an underwater excursion at Cocodrilo to the south of the island. Enjoy this 4 minute video. Continue reading

Cuba and Copyrights, Obstacles and Opportunities

Years ago, Julio decided to “put a gadget together.” That is to say: buy a monitor here, the tower there, the keyboard God knows where... and so on until he had a complete computer. In the same way he restored each part, he also changed the operating system over time, from the simple Windows XP to today when his computer runs using Windows 10. Continue reading

Nicaraguan Farmers Plan for the Repeal of the Canal Law

Although the promise of an Inter-oceanic Canal fades on the horizon as time goes by, Law 840, awarding an all-encompassing concession to Chinese magnate Wang Jing, still represents a threat to the country. Continue reading