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August 2018
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Ortega Rehashes Somoza’s History with the OAS

Meddling; terrorist actions; “distortion” in 1978, or “fake news” in 2018 – the allegations used by the Somoza regime are the same ones that Ortega is now using. That’s the comparison made by educator Carlos Tunnermann, also a member of the Group of Twelve during the struggle against Somoza. Continue reading

Nicaragua’s National Assembly Approves “Bonds” to Finance the Massacre

The Executive’s proposal to issue 9.035 billion Cordobas (over $280 million USD) in Bonds, and to request the creation of “Financial Stability Bonds (BEF)”, at times of high uncertainty (political, social, economic, etc.), far from propping up the desired “stability,” may rather lead in the opposite direction. Continue reading

Dozens Charged in Venezuela over the Maduro Drone Attack

Venezuelan opposition legislator Juan Requesens and two top military officials were arrested and charged with treason after president, Nicolas Maduro, accused them of being involved in the alleged attempt on his life, chief prosecutor Tarek William Saa... Continue reading

Why Did the Cuban Regime Jail an Environmentalist?

On the morning of May 3rd this year, environmentalist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola was working on his farm in Viñales, western Cuba, when two forest rangers approached him. The encounter would lead to his arrest and after a speedy trial he received a one year jail sentence. Continue reading

Private Ice-cream Vendors Expand Supply in Cuba

Every morning, Julio travels the same route: he rides a bike along Tulipan Street, crosses Loma and then reaches Colon Avenue. For five years now, Julio has been casually riding through Nuevo Vedado selling ice-cream bars. He buys the bars, covered in ... Continue reading

Managua Run Demanded Freedom for Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners

The invitation to come out and demand freedom for the political prisoners included an option to demonstrate on foot or by bicycle. However, in the end the response was much broader: people also followed the route on motorcycles, skates, wheelchairs or ... Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education Fires Teachers Who Supported Protests in Esteli

After 34 years of giving classes, a teacher from Pueblo Nuevo received a letter of dismissal at her home. She claims that it was because she supported anti-government marches. Reprisals against teachers have occurred in Esteli, Condega and Pueblo Nuevo. Continue reading

Walls that Speak: Graffiti in Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

They just appear. Very rarely does anyone sees who is doing them. They have no signatures. No one claims authorship. It could be dangerous to put a name to something that challenges and mocks power. When a passerby walks in front of them, they read the... Continue reading

Rolling Towards Nostalgia: Cuba’s Vintage Cars

If you walk down 23rd street early in the morning, this main avenue in Havana stirs like many others in the world between beeping and the sound of car engines, but a horde of classic US cars drive alongside modern European makes of cars, contending wit... Continue reading

Swiss Fruit Industry Project in Nicaragua Invaded

Until last March, the Chinandega Maracuya Company (Chimaco) Project was the crown jewel of PRONicaragua, the government’s investment promotion agency, which chose it as “project of the year”; and as such, presented them to the International Global Investment Award Contest, in Dubai... Continue reading

Ortega Regime Puts 132 Political Prisoners on Circus Trial

In July, the FSLN delegation in the National Assembly approved two laws aimed at persecuting and criminalizing citizens, opposition leaders, business owners and non-profit organizations that support or donate to any civic campaign aimed at defending th... Continue reading

Exile of Artists and Human Rights Defenders Reflects the Terror in Nicaragua

The exile of artists and human rights defenders who have denounced harassment and death threats on themselves and their families in Nicaragua reveals a worsening of the crisis and an increase in terror in the country, lawyers and activists said today. Continue reading

Flagship Garden in Villa Clara, Cuba

Esther Marina del Sol Viamonte owns this property, in Villa Clara province, which, with Lisvany Garcia Diaz’s crucial help (a young man who graduated in visual arts but is a botanist by passion), they manage to self-finance and earn something from by selling plant species. Continue reading

The Delirious Prosecution Version of the Murder of Brazilian Rayneia Lima in Managua

Despite the lighting trial of the supposed murderer of Brazilian medical student Reyneia Lima, there are numerous unsolved questions that the prosecution prefers not to investigate. Two of those are how the victim's car disappeared in thin air and that... Continue reading

Filming with a Drone in Cuba without Losing it

One of the first drones that Alejandro Perez and Alfredo Ureta used to film in Cuba was designed and built by some guys at the model airplanes club with their own hands and flown by Marcos Casamayor. Seven years later, local drones are no longer a nati... Continue reading

Over a Hundred MDs and Health Workers Fired in Nicaragua for Assisting Protestors

At least 135 doctors, paramedics and nurses who assisted protestors wounded during protests against the Nicaraguan government have been summarily fired from the Public Health System, two medical organizations denounced today. Continue reading

The Curtain Rises: Cuba’s Draft Constitution on Sale

The draft of the new Cuban Constitution will enter its civil consultation phase on August 13th. To facilitate this, 600,000 printed copies went on sale as of Tuesday and it will be available in digital format in the country’s official media as well as here on Havana Times. Continue reading

The Seven Traumas of Cubans Traveling Abroad

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a short trip, an official mission, going somewhere for a couple of months or leaving for good... Once a Cuban sets foot in an international airport a series of psychological mechanisms are triggered in their brain which will accompany them the whole time they are outside the country. Continue reading

The “People’s Art” that Emerged from the Protests in Nicaragua

“Here I am…, sadly entrenched in my easel”, says M. Victor, a Nicaraguan artist whose routine of drawing portraits has radically changed since the protests started last April 18th. He stopped doing portraits of happy people to instead portray “the rawness” of the repression Nicaraguans are living. Continue reading

“We Won’t Rest until Ortega and Murillo Go!”

The artistic protest gathering was originally scheduled for the Rubenia underpass, but due to a police siege involving at least 40 agents, the organizers decided to take the activity to another place. Beginning at one in the afternoon, hundreds enjoyed... Continue reading

Doctors Fired in Leon, Nicaragua for Assisting those Wounded by Ortega’s Forces

At least ten doctors, twelve nurses and 13 medical staff employees at the Oscar Danilo Rosales Arguello School Hospital (Heodra), in Leon, were arbitrarily fired by Judith Lejarza Vargas, the hospital’s director, who admitted that the dismissals were for “political” reasons. Continue reading

A Hundred Days of Protest in Nicaragua

Nicaragua marks one hundred days of struggle against a regime which is trying to impose “normalcy” with paramilitary terror and the criminalizing of protest. Continue reading

Nicaragua Yells: “He’s Not a President, He’s a Criminal”

“El Lobo” [“The wolf”] is wearing a mask from the historic play El Gueguense, which dates from the days of the Spanish Colony. “The mask isn’t to disguise my identity, but to represent the idiosyncrasies of our people,” states the youth from Masaya, one of the cities that has stood up most strongly against the guns of Daniel Ortega’s regime. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Dozens of Missing and “over 400 Political Prisoners”

The situation in Nicaragua as a result of the repressive actions of Daniel Ortega’s government is “alarming”. Up until now, nearly 300 have died, and dozens of people are either “missing”, tortured or have fled. In addition, between 400 and 500 people are being held in the country’s different jails. Continue reading

The Most Significant Changes in the New Cuban Constitution

The Cuban legislators approved on Sunday the draft text that will reform the current Constitution of 1976, in the middle of the Cold War. It seeks to support economic reforms and a new institutional framework more in line with the current reality of th... Continue reading

Cuba’s Legislature Approves Constitutional Reforms

The Cuban Parliament approved Sunday the bill to reform the current Constitution, which will introduce the recognition of private property, the role of the market in the socialist economy, and opens the doors to same-sex marriage. Continue reading