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October 2016
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Odd Facts about the Town of Bejucal

Far from the walled city of Havana, from the new neighborhoods outside of the city and on the outskirts, the town of San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal was founded in 1714, : the first vassal city in Havana and in Cuba. Continue reading

Medicine Shortages in Cuba Worsen

A serious problem that has begun to worry the Cuban people: the absence of many medicines in its pharmacies has made the news. The shortages that are beginning to be felt will most likely get worse before better. Continue reading

Nicaragua: The Courage of a “Compassionate Teacher” who Helped Migrants

Nicaraguan teacher Nilamar Aleman was recently released after 46 days she spent in the Ocotal, Nueva Segovia jail, after being arrested on August 13. Her “crime” was to accompany Naomi and Francisca, a migrant mother and daughter who had been stranded in Costa Rica. Continue reading

Havana Mozart Festival Oct. 15-23

This year, the Cuban festival runs from October 15-23 and celebrates the 70th anniversary of the relationships between Cuba and Austria. The “musical rejuvenation” of acoustically significant buildings has had a remarkable impact on Cuba. Continue reading

Ways for Cubans Abroad to Pay the Bill

Topping up cellphone accounts with bonuses from abroad has especially been welcomed by ETECSA customers and the Cuban community abroad, as communication channels have begun to open up more (or for friends of other nationalities) and have been improved. Continue reading

Pia’s Magical Hands

Pia was seduced by natural colors when she realized she could use them. She used to look closely at pollen, dust clouds, some flowers and dried fruits, mud, certain stalks that trickled out tones when put in water, and charcoal which left a trail besid... Continue reading

Cuba’s Search for Oil and Foreign Investment

In a press conference held in mid-September, executives from Cuba's national Oil company (CUPET) lowered public expectations which have arisen around estimates that the Australian company MEO made public about Cuba’s oil potential. Continue reading

Radio Marti’s Credibility Hits New Low

A few years ago, journalists who collaborated with Radio and TV Marti received a document which outlined the ethical and journalistic norms that these media should abide to. However both stations are doing very little to abide by it. Continue reading

Nicaragua Has “No Environmental Policy”, admits government advisor

Scientist Jaime Incer Barquero, presidential advisor on environmental matters, severely criticized the inaction of the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA) in the face of the destruction of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve at the hands of squatters. “It’s inexplicable,” was the reaction of Incer, former minister of this institution. Continue reading

Barbara’s Fashion an Afro-Cuban Led Project

The Barbara's Fashion Project, led by Afro-descendant Cuban women entrepreneurs in Cojimar, Havana, advances in the first phase of its program, despite the precarious situation of its resources. (Video interview) Continue reading

Cuban Towns where the “Peoples Power” is No Longer So Popular

Miguel Angel Rivero, 83, has lived long enough to prove that most of the time it isn’t worth getting worked up over something. He still remembers the exact day that he learned this lesson. It was in the afternoon when they told him, along with many others, that the Sierra de Cubitas sugar plant would no longer mill. Continue reading

Reuniting with my “family”, 36 years after Nicaragua’s Literacy Crusade

On July 9, 2016: it’s a Saturday, and it’s raining as I begin my trip North from Managua. I’m headed for Waslala in search of the family I lived with and taught to read 36 years ago as part of Nicaragua’s National Literacy Crusade in 1980. Continue reading

Foreign Construction Workers in Cuba

Foreign contractors who work in Cuba made the news recently when their pictures appeared in newspapers around the world, while they were working at the Manzana de Gomez Hotel projet in the heart of Havana. Continue reading

The Story of Two Cuban Survivors

Marilin de Pedro (37) and Javier Casanova (30) met at the Julio Diaz Orthopedic Hospital. Both of them were victims of traffic accidents, at different times. She graduated in Civil Engineering and he works in construction as a floor polisher at the Hav... Continue reading

Architects Needed for Cuba’s Private Businesses

La China is the owner of a restaurant that has an entrance hall, a bar, a room with 11 tables, a reserved area, a unisex bathroom, kitchen, a stockroom and another bathroom for employees. Continue reading

Business Social Responsibility: Everybody’s Concern

In Cuba today, in response to the start of reestablishing diplomatic ties with the US, we’re beginning to talk about the interaction between art, culture and economy in a coherent way. Continue reading

How Much Is a Contract Worth in Cuba?

A small group of former state employees in the city of Artemisa, who became independent workers due to the new opportunities laid out by the Cuban government to try and shrink its payroll, face a critical situation with th apparent violation of their c... Continue reading

Cuba’s Best Chances in the Rio Olympics

It’s less than two weeks now until the 2016 Olympic Games (Aug. 5-21) begin in Rio de Janeiro, and Cuba has before it the challenge of being among the top 20 countries in the medal standings. Continue reading

Nestle Helps Cuba Skirt the US Embargo

Nestle Nespresso bought a container of approximately 18 tons of Cuban coffee beans, which were certified as coming from the 2015-2016 coffee harvest in Cuba, for US $90,000. Continue reading

Cuba: the Looming Crisis

Since Raul Castro announced at a session of the National Assembly that there will be economic problems, speculation hasn’t stopped about a new crisis like the one experienced in the 90s. However, the situation today is very different from that Cuba. Continue reading

War over Swimming Pools in Viñales, Cuba

Emilia and Ariel are life-long activists of the Revolution, so they were convinced that it was all a mistake. They went to the provincial government and waited 24 hours for attention, sleeping in a park guarded by a special police brigade. Continue reading

Is Cuba Ready for Women in the Ring?

For quite some time now, the famous Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym, where almost all of Cuba’s professional boxing champions have come from, has women among its regular trainees. They dream of being able to compete officially in international competitions. Continue reading

How Do You Define Prostitution in Cuba?

Yes, sometimes prostitution is a neatly sliced, clearly defined transaction. Often, however, there‘s a certain murkiness about the business, particularly in places where sex is seen in a more casual light than it generally is in North America. I’m thinking of countries like Cuba and other hot spots, so to speak. They definitely don’t take sex as seriously there as we do in the colder lands to the north. Continue reading

“What Is Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega Afraid Of?”

The six members from the Meso-American Caravan who were deported from Nicaragua by the government of Daniel Ortega, still don’t understand why they were accused of handling explosives “for no apparent reason”. Continue reading

Cuba to Decide between Organic and GMO Farming

On the one hand, US business people and farmers are looking to buy organic food produced on the island, while others are interested in selling Cuba genetically modified seeds and grains. Continue reading