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March 2015
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Cuba Prioritizes Exit from US Terrorism List

Cuban authorities said today they are awaiting the United States "answer" in the forthcoming negotiations to their demand to be taken off the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism, as a prerequisite for the restoration of bilateral diplomatic relat... Continue reading

What the World Series of Boxing Means for Cuba

Cuban sports authorities (which tend to smell professionalism everywhere) were very skeptical when the World Series of Boxing kicked off. Three series were held before Cuba decided to enlist in the tournament. In a sense, it didn’t have much of a choice, as the competition was going to be the main way to qualify for the Olympics. Continue reading

From Cuba to Ecuador to USA: Cuban Woman Tells Her Story

Susana's journey began on Sept. 27, 2014, when she left Cuba for Ecuador with her partner and two friends, Marcos and Alejandro. Continue reading

Cuban Artist Esterio Segura’s “The Tropical West”

Esterio Segura believes that one is responsible for one’s fate, and that has been his driving force in the world of visual arts. This helps explain the numerous series he has produced, one of which is on display at the Factoria Habana gallery. (11 photos) Continue reading

Viñales and Trinidad: Private Rentals vs. State-Run Hotels

The private lodging rental sector is one of the examples that prove how creative Cuban entrepreneurs can be. To illustrate their performance, let us take the examples of Trinidad and Viñales. At both these destinations, the lodging capacity offered by the private sector is greater than that offered by the State. Continue reading

Cuba Discovers the Digital Book

Despite one of the worst levels of Internet connectivity in the world, Cuba continues to take shy steps towards the digital world. Be it Fifty Shades of Grey, now a US blockbuster, or Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura’s bestseller The Man Who Loved Dogs, informal book downloads are today swelling the databases of Cuba’s still scarce but coveted e-readers. Continue reading

US Embargo Shafts Cuban Players

The US $102,000 that should have gone to Cuba’s Pinar del Rio team, champions of the Caribbean Series 2015, will not be collected by the players. And no bonuses will go to the four Cubans on the tournament’s All-Star team, prizes that they won fairly at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Continue reading

Cuba’s Ladies in White Harass Movement’s “Traitors”

The images are disconcerting. In the same place where pro-government hordes commonly harass Cuba’s Ladies in White, in front of the movement’s headquarters in Centro Habana, we see these women yelling slogans that recall the reprisals perpetrated during the dark days of the Mariel exodus. Continue reading

A Pink Tank in a Havana Garden

With his own, personal infantry tank, Jesus Leiva is most probably the only Cuban civilian who owns a war machine in Cuba. He keeps it parked outside his house, letting troops of children climb its belts, hang from its 75-mm cannon and enter and exit t... Continue reading

Barbies/Soccer Stars at the Cuba Book Fair

The 24th International Book Fair has started in Cuba. Havana’s La Cabaña fortress is again full of people, food and books. Many are surprised by the large number of people who attend the fair.(23 photos) Continue reading

Entertainment and Learning Options at the Cuba Book Fair

One hears a broad range of comments while walking around Havana’s La Cabaña fortress, the main venue of Cuba’s International Book Fair. Regardless, there are many options for the public at this year’s date with literature. Continue reading

Russian Defense Official Says No Bases Planned in Cuba

Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Ivanovich Antonov said "We are talking about helping our ships when they are on long-range missions, providing them with water, food, recreation and, of course, ship maintenance if necessary." Continue reading

Democracy Programs in Cuba: the NED Report

The National Endowment for Democracy is a major recipient of U.S. government funds for channeling to democracy programs in Cuba. The leading recipients in their latest report were: Cuban Democratic Directorate, Grupo Internacional para la Responsabilid... Continue reading

The Strange Case of Cuba’s Gilbert Man

Cuban USB drives – the people’s Internet – are now carrying the graphic details of the massive police operation conducted some weeks ago, when the well-known reggaeton music promoter Gilbert Man (a Cuban citizen holding ID card number 86060806804, issued to Gilberto Martinez Suarez on March 14, 2014) was arrested. Continue reading

Video Showing Arrest of Cuban Reggaeton Musician Leaked

While being arrested during an armed police raid and the meticulous search of his mansion in the neighborhood of Guanabacoa, Cuban reggaeton musician Gilberto Martinez Suarez told officers he had only 60 thousand dollars to live on in Cuba. Continue reading

Cuba’s 2015 Book Fair is Nearing

Cuba’s International Book Fair (February 12–22 in Havana) is nearing. Readers and non-readers, young and not-so-young, families looking for an affordable means of recreation, in short, the great mass of people that makes a habit of attending these regular events and fairs are ready, waiting for the whistle start. Continue reading

Cuba–Venezuela Tonight in Caribbean Series Semifinals

With Friday afternoon’s 4-2 victory over Mexico, Venezuela wrapped up the qualification round undefeated and thus will face Cuba in the Saturday evening second semifinal game. The earlier semifinal faceoff will feature the DR (second place) and Mexico (third place). Game times Saturday are noon and 7:30 PM EST. Continue reading

Cuba’s Diaper Crisis

I met a 33-year-old Cuban woman who is trying to set up her own business, to be able to afford having a child. “I won’t get pregnant until I have an income that will at least give me enough money to buy disposable diapers,” she tells me. Continue reading

A Journey to the Enchanted Land of Havana’s Food Fairs

As if by magic, something of an “enchanted isle” tends to appear in Havana on the last Saturday of every month. This time around, the magic domain emerged on Zanja, between the streets of Belascoain and San Francisco. Continue reading

The History and Future of Cuba–China Ties

Fifty years ago, China was still very far away from the Caribbean. It had no visible economic development or any evident reason to buy or invest in Latin America. Though its geographic distance from this part of the world hasn’t decreased, today our markets are moved by its trade, cooperation initiatives and investments. Continue reading

Gilbertman and The New Pirates of the Caribbean

Gilberto Suarez did something dozens of Cubans have done in the past few years. He went to the United States, dabbled in credit card fraud in various south Florida counties, was arrested, skipped bail, and ran back to Cuba with a treasure chest full of... Continue reading

Cubans Are Confident USA Will Alleviate Their Suffering

The slice of dry-cured Spanish ham comes with feta cheese and asparagus. It is a rather simple starter in the style of the locale, one of the most expensive private restaurants in Havana. The establishment is frequented by diplomats, sport figures, loc... Continue reading

Cuba Broadcasting Still Dishing Out Paychecks

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting, or OCB, has signed more than 100 contracts worth nearly $1 million since the U.S. and Cuba on Dec. 17 announced they would begin renewing diplomatic ties. (See the full of List of contracts). Continue reading

A Cuban Health Alert

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health has reportedly presented medical doctors working in Brazil with an ultimatum, stating that, if their accompanying relatives do not return to the island before next Sunday, they will be expelled from their missions. Continue reading

The Package: Cuba’s New Film and Series Rental Option

It is already undeniable that innovation in Cuba’s private sector, coupled with the use of new technologies, has overtaken and left the audiovisual offer of the State sector behind. Continue reading