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October 2018
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Provincial Legislative Bodies Officially Constituted in Cuba

In Sancti Spiritus the delegates ratified Teresita Romero as president and elected Frank O. Cañizares as vice president Lawmakers to Cuba’s fifteenth Provincial Assemblies of the People”s Power have taken office and elected their presidents and vice presidents, a step before National Parliament is constituted in April. The new provincial lawmakers will sit for a … Continue reading

Cuban Deputies Consider Membership of Parliament, Council of State

The election of the new Council of State, including the new Cuban President, will take place April 19 All 605 recently elected Cuban deputies are currently considering the proposals for candidates to make up the Cuban Council of State, which includes the new president and vice-presidents of the country, along with the leadership of the … Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Reports Mass Turnout in Polls

Electoral authorities in Sancti Spiritus termed Sunday elections as successful due to the over 86% attendance of voters. According to Orelbe Jacomino Ramos, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission (CEP), it was a quiet plebiscite in which electors expressed their will when choosing their representatives. He stressed that this election process was evidence of the … Continue reading

Electoral Process in Cuba is Democratic and Inclusive

Students from primary and junior high school are the ones responsible for guarding the ballot boxes, while senior high school and university students can work as collaborators  More than eight million Cubans are participating today in the second phase of general elections to choose, in a direct and secret way, the lawmakers that will make … Continue reading

Cuban President Raul Castro Voted in General Elections

Cuba President and First Secretary of the Communist Party Raul Castro voted on Sunday in the eastern municipality of the Segundo Frente Oriental Frank Pais for the delegates to the provincial assembly and deputies to the National Assembly of the People’s Power. The Head of State exchanged with voters and the members of the electoral … Continue reading

Cuba to Hold General Elections Drill on Sunday

This dynamic test t is a traditional exercise which was also carried out in the previous stage of the electoral process The National Electoral Commission (CEN) continues its preparations for the drill of general polls on the 11th of this month, checking to be done on March 4, in the over 24 thousand polling stations … Continue reading

University Students to Cooperate in Cuban General Elections

The general elections were convened in June by the Council of State, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and Law No.72 of October 29, 1992, Electoral Law Cuban university students will collaborate in the general elections to be held on the Caribbean island on March 11, an action that will … Continue reading

Raul Castro Elected Candidate to Cuban Parliament

Army General Raúl Castro, president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, was nominated as a candidate for deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power by the municipality of Segundo Frente, in the province of Santiago de Cuba. In an extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly, held at the Los Andes cinema … Continue reading

Cuban Electoral Process in Next Phase

Cuba’s electoral process is starting a new phase with the actions for the second stage of elections that will end in 2018 After the People’s Power municipal assemblies were created, the Candidacy Commissions are meeting the pre-candidates and drawing up their biographies, which will be on display for citizens to read them and exercise their … Continue reading

Cuba Constitutes Municipal Assemblies

The Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power will be set up in Cuba on December 17 for a new mandate that will run for two and a half years, Granma newspaper reports today. These grass-roots legislative bodies will be made up of delegates (local government representatives) elected during the November 24 and December 3 votes. The … Continue reading