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November 2018
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The Heritage of Trinidad is Not Yet at Risk

However, specialists consider that there are a number of illegalities that must be corrected there The uncertainties and questionings related with the preservation of Trinidad, also known as the City Museum of the Caribbean, have been somehow calmed. According to Ciro Rodríguez, deputy director of the Provincial Physical Planning Office, “the universal values ​​of the … Continue reading

Cuba Reaffirms Commitment to Protect Heritage

Cuba is participating in the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, underway in Manama, capital of Bahrain Cuba reiterated its commitment to heritage protection during the general policy debate of the 42nd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which takes place in Manama, capital of Bahrain. According to an official statement, this … Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Tourist Sites Earmarked for Foreign Investments

Cuba’s southern-central corridor, made up of Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Sancti Spiritus territories, is among the regions so far prioritized by the tourist sector, in order to set up businesses with foreign partners. This was made known this Saturday, when the island presented 55 projects aimed at fostering the flow of foreign capital into this field, […] Continue reading

Revival of Agriculture in the Valley of San Luis

The Valley of the Sugar Mills is a unique landscape created by Mother Nature in the province of Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba. Nearly two centuries ago, this area gave rise to the economic and social flourishing of the village of Trinidad, where this valley is found. Nevertheless, such an attractive natural site was for years […] Continue reading

Footprints in the History of Sancti Spiritus (+photos)

The daily hustle and bustle has “infected” the Yayabo village, waiting for its 500th foundation anniversary. Time and its witnesses always pass under their shadows, haunted by the splendor of its history, where each arch marks a memory and each gate a plea. And the domes behold, from the infinite silence, the sum of days, […] Continue reading

Cuba Wins Ibermuseo Program Award

Cuba won the 1st Prize of Ibero-American Museums and Education 2011 through the Rainbow Routes Project of Havana's Provincial Center for Cultural Heritage. Continue reading

Esteban Lazo Attends Baracoa’s 500 Anniversary

Cuban Vice President, Esteban Lazo, attended on Monday the main celebration for the 500 anniversary of the founding of Baracoa, the first Cuban village. Baracoa is a municipality and city in Guantánamo Province near the eastern tip of Cuba. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Colonial Art Museum under Restoration

Surrounded by a system of scaffolds, the Colonial Art Museum of Sancti Spiritus is being currently submitted to restoration. The one-hundred-door building has been closed since 2008. This institution owns valuable fine arts items including ceramics, po... Continue reading

Five-Star Hotel under Construction in Cuba

Aimed at enhancing tourism competitiveness in the area, the construction of the second five-star hotel has been started in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus. The new facility, to be located a few minutes away from the city’s historic area, will have 52 diffe... Continue reading

Cuba: Tourism Profitable in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus

Tourism continues to be a profitable business in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba. According to recent reports, the 27-million financial gains so far obtained exceed the planned figures. This territory might soon double the amount of hotels’ rooms with ... Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Marks Guayabera Museum Anniversary

Sancti Spiritus’s Provincial General Museum currently shows the exhibition Convergences (Convergencias) on occasion of its 30th anniversary. This institution owns the only collection of guayabera shirts in the island. The garments have been donated b... Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Anniversary Festivities Ended

During the commemoration the project Vision 500 was launched. The initiative aims at honoring the city’s half a millennium in 2014. Continue reading

Cuba: Sancti Spiritus Anniversary Festivities Come to an End

The celebration for the 497th anniversary of Sancti Spiritus, in Cuba, concluded last Sunday in the central province of the island, also the fourth village founded by the Spanish conquerors. During the commemoration the project Vision 500 was launched.... Continue reading

Trinidad Made Handicrafts Recognized in Cuba, Abroad

For the last decades, craft works originated in Trinidad, Cuba, have become renowned both in the island and abroad. Many of them have been granted prizes at Havana’s International Craftsmanship Fair (FIART), the most important art event in the country. Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus to Welcome 497 Foundation Anniversary

The 497 foundation anniversary of the central Cuban city of Sancti Spiritus will be celebrated next June 2 through 5. Few days away from the celebration, local heritage authorities highlight the architectural and urban values of the city’s historic c... Continue reading