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November 2018
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Garbage Piles Up on the Havana Coastline

The problem of garbage along the Havana coastline and even reaching to the beaches to the east of the city is becoming ever more apparent. This all to frequent scene was captured facing the Flores neighborhood between el Náutico and el Palco on the west side of Havana. Continue reading

A 5.4 Earthquake Awakens Eastern Cuba

A moderate earthquake struck off the south east coast of Cuba early Tuesday (4:08 a.m.) and was felt in the eastern cities of Santiago de Cuba, Palma Soriano, Bayamo, and Guantanamo, reports Continue reading

The Cuban Exodus Will Continue

Repealing the US “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy will reduce the Cuban exodus, but it won’t eliminate it because the root cause of this problem continues to prevail: the centralized and authoritarian State regime which directly pays workers, imposed and maintained by those in power in Cuba, in the name of an nonexistent Socialism. Continue reading

Does Raul Castro Have a Viable Plan for Cuba?

It has been very rare for any leader in any country in the world to be in power for such a long period of time, like Raul Castro has had, to try and convert their projects into reality. It’s been over a decade if we add the two years of his interim government (2006-2008); and we still haven’t even seen the tip of the “progress iceberg” in the never-ending ocean of Cuban poverty. Continue reading

A Cuban Living in Prague

Luis Alberto Rios is 40 years old, he’s been living in Prague for two years. Like him, there are many Cubans in different parts of the world looking for a better place to live. There are many things that lead them to emigrate, even risking their lives in the crossing. Then they have to adapt themselves to difficult situations in order to survive. Continue reading

Cuba News Flash

When I left Alamar, nobody, including myself, knew anything and I found out about the news when I got to Vedado: the “wet-foot/dry-foot” policy had been revoked. I know that things aren’t always black and white, there are grey areas. Continue reading

Cuba in the Eyes of Some US Tourists

While Cubans and US citizens await the fast approaching US president-elect, Donald Trump’s inauguration day with uncertainty, US citizens are in a hurry to get to know Cuba before the normalizing relations process is reversed, according to what the soon-to-be tenant of the White House has announced. Continue reading

Will Russia Pick Up Cuba’s Oil Tab?

An article published this week in the Russian publication Sputnik has some people thinking that Vladimir Putin may be ready to provide Cuba with cheap oil to pick up the slack from Venezuela, its current supplier. Such a move by Russia would be a modified version of the former Soviet Union’s subsidizing the entire Cuban economy from the 60s until its demise in 1991. Continue reading

Cubans Stranded in Route to USA

Cuban migrants in Mexico still hope to cross into the United States, despite yesterday's reversal of a decades-old migration policy which effectively granted residency to any Cuban who touched US soil. Continue reading

The Massive Extortion of Cubans in Venezuela

Carmelo Mesa Lago: “I have calculated that Venezuela pays an average of 10,600 euros per month (127,200 per year) for every Cuba professional, there is a secret subsidy which the Cuban government receives, which only pays a small fraction of this to its doctors.” We take a look at how the government to government deal seems to work. Continue reading

Does Cuba Win or Lose with Obama’s New Immigration Policy?

For at least a week, Cuban emigrants without a US visa will be treated in the same way as the rest of the "illegals" who try to enter that country, according to the Obama White House. After that, Donald Trump will have the last word. Continue reading

Cuba Gets New Immigration Policy from Obama

US President Obama has just issued a surprise statement on Cuban Immigration Policy that eliminates the "wet-foot/dry foot" provision that has favored immigrants from the island for decades. Cubans, said Obama, will now be treated like immigrants from... Continue reading

Cuba Embargo Gets Boost from Trump’s Secretary of State Pick

Rex Tillerson, nominated by president-elect Donald Trump as secretary of state, said Wednesday that he favors maintaining the embargo on Cuba and considered Mexico a "neighbor and friend" of the United States. Continue reading

My Reflection on Cuba

When we began our journey last summer, I didn’t have a very clear idea of what modern-day Cuba was and I must say it would have been pretentious of me to try and understand this country in the 13 days we were there, but I can explain my impressions and the emotions I experienced during this trip. Continue reading

Trump’s Sec. of State Comments on Cuba

"Their leaders have received a lot, while the people have received little. This does not serve the interests of Cubans or US citizens," said Rex Tillerson, who, if confirmed by the Senate in his post, will be the new chief of US diplomacy. Continue reading

Self-Employment in Cuba Advances at a Turtle’s Pace

The number of autonomous workers will hardly grow if all the restrictions on non-state forms of work aren’t relaxed, allowing cooperatives, small and medium-sized companies, and above all to expand the variety of jobs that people can legally dedicate themselves to. Continue reading

Cuba’s Free Home Internet Test in Old Havana

With a free trial service the Internet is reaching 2,000 homes in Old Havana. It is the first time that ordinary citizens can access the Internet from their homes. It is said that signing contracts and charging in hard currency to those wishing to cont... Continue reading

Can Cuba Overcome the Prejudice against Investment?

There is a huge need for investment; however, there is a huge gap between analyses and decision-making, between the economy’s urgency and the calm nature of bureaucrats who are processing these investments. Continue reading

Reactions on the Street to Cuba’s Economic Downturn

A speech by President Raul Castro to the National Assembly on December 27th, accenting hard times ahead for 2017 had an impact on Cuban society. We took to the streets in order to assess public opinion on the news of recession. Continue reading

Disembarking in Cuba (Video)

Disembarking is a minimalist gesture that reverses the notion of insular trauma. This time it starts from offshore to anchor on land, ie in the sand. This is not a call to annexationist consumerism coming from the north but instead a Third World longin... Continue reading

Selfies in Cuba

The selfie has become very fashionable today in Cuba. Photos of friends, with family, at school or at a party, in short, in infinite scenarios, and taken with a camera or mobile, are uploaded and shared all the time by those with the ability to do so. ... Continue reading

Fabio Aleman Dances in Pointe Shoes

A young Cuban dancer, who has broken away from the old establishments of traditional dance, is imposing his personal ideas on the island’s art scene. However, “Life for a Cuban dancer is much more difficult,” Fabio Aleman tells us. Continue reading

Young Cuban among the Victims in Orlando

Alejandro Martinez Barrios dreamed for a long time of coming to the United States to build a future. Finally he managed to immigrate in 2014 with a familiar reunification claim and settled with his father in the Orlando area. Continue reading

Walking with My Nephew on Saturday in Old Havana

On Saturday, I took my nephew out for a walk in Old Havana. We were thinking of seeing some museums but they were all closed. It was 1pm in the afternoon. The only place we could go to was the Mambi Presidential train museum and we had a really friendl... Continue reading

Nicaragua: When the Political Circle Closes

In an extremely dangerous move which relives the history of the Somoza dictatorship in the 20th century, Ortega closes the political space to any real opposition, giving way to “collaborationist” loyal opposition parties in order to institutionalize his hegemonic party’s regime. Continue reading

Lunchtime for a Cuban Office Worker

Sitting in my office, like I usually do at lunchtime, I talk to someone who no longer lives on our island. I love this someone very much and he wants to help me, although sometimes we don’t understand each other and argue. Continue reading