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August 2018
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Latin America

Dozens Charged in Venezuela over the Maduro Drone Attack

Venezuelan opposition legislator Juan Requesens and two top military officials were arrested and charged with treason after president, Nicolas Maduro, accused them of being involved in the alleged attempt on his life, chief prosecutor Tarek William Saa... Continue reading

Jon Lee Anderson: “Authoritarian Leaders Know How to Handle Democracy”

According to Jon Lee Anderson (legendary US journalist who has covered events in dozens of countries and published articles in several of the world’s most prestigious media), Latin America and the world in general are going through a crisis that cannot only be viewed from the old Left-Right dichotomy. Continue reading

Maduro Says He Suffered Assassination Attempt in Caracas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro affirmed Saturday evening that he was the victim of an attack on him allegedly committed with drones carrying explosives in Caracas. The president was unhurt but seven soldiers were injured. Continue reading

OAS Permanent Council Meets on Nicaragua (Live)

Today the permanent commission of the OAS meets to discuss the situation in Nicaragua and proposals for action by the organization. At 10:30 ET, the Council announced that at the resquest of the countries presenting a resolution, the meeting time has b... Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Central American University (UCA) Closes Indefinitely

The Jesuit University of Central America (UCA) of Nicaragua, one of the academic centers where protests against the government began last April, announced today its indefinite closing, faced with the end of an economic subsidy that it received from the... Continue reading

The OAS Considers Options for Nicaragua Crisis

Daniel Ortega’s government of Nicaragua could face in the coming days the creation of a "special commission" within the Organization of American States (OAS) or the freezing of loans from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), diplomatic sources informed. Continue reading

Raul Castro Denounces US Siege on Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

"Once again, an adverse scenario has been created and the euphoria in our enemies resurfaces," Castro told thousands of people gathered for the rally broadcast live on state television. Continue reading

Brazil Condemns Murder of Med Student in Nicaragua

The Brazilian Embassy in Nicaragua confirmed the murder of Brazilian citizen Rayneia Lima on Monday night, when she was returning from her shift at work at the Carlos Roberto Huembes Hospital. The 31-year-old victim was a medical student at the America... Continue reading

Mexico Takes a Turn to the Left

The victory of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico meant a slam to the status quo and a turn, partly of unknown dimension, to the left in the region’s second largest economy. Initial convincing results from the National Electoral Institute granted Lopez Obrador 52.7 percent of the vote. Continue reading

El Salvador Demands Extradition of Funes from Nicaragua

El Salvador prosecutors have started an international extradition process for former president Mauricio Funes (2009-2014), who was charged with embezzling over 231 million USD, with a judge issuing an arrest warrant for the former president who has bee... Continue reading

Maduro Postpones Issuing New Currency in Venezuela

In the country with the world’s largest oil reserves, President Nicolas Maduro has already made every Venezuelan a millionaire. However, that does not mean that they can eat decently or buy the medicines or basic products they need. Continue reading

Duque and Petro in Runoff in June for the Colombian Presidency

Far rightwing candidate Ivan Duque and the left leaning Gustavo Petro, who embody two opposing views on the peace process in their country, will contest the Colombian Presidency on June 17 after obtaining the highest percentage of votes in the first ro... Continue reading

US Expels Two Venezuelan Diplomats in Tit-for-Tat with Maduro

The United States responded to the expulsion of two of its diplomats ordered by Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro with a reciprocal measure. On Wednesday, the State Department gave the charge d'affaires of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington and the... Continue reading

Reactions after Maduro’s “Great Victory” in Venezuela

Venezuela is increasingly isolated internationally after numerous countries refused to recognize the results of the elections held on Sunday. Likewise, US president Trump signed an executive order to limit the capacity of the Maduro government to sell off the country’s assets. Continue reading

Maduro and Abstention Win in Venezuela

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela declared on Sunday evening Nicolas Maduro the winner of the controversial presidential elections, with almost 68% of the votes, more than triple his weak opponent Henri Falcon (21%), who did not recogni... Continue reading

Venezuela Elects President Today amid Crisis and International Rejection

Venezuelans will vote or abstain Sunday in a controversial election in which President Nicolas Maduro seeks re-election against three rivals of little weight, after the leading opposition candidates were disqualified. The opposition coalition calls on... Continue reading

Falcon Insists on the Futility of Abstention in Venezuelan Elections

Venezuelan opposition candidate Henri Falcon reiterated today his criticism of the call of the opposition alliance Mesa de Unidad Democratica (MUD) to boycott the elections on May 20, in which President Nicolas Maduro seeks his reelection. Continue reading

Sixteen Countries Issue Declaration on Venezuela

Sixteen countries of the Americas, meeting in Lima in the framework of the VIII Summit of the Americas, on Saturday issued the Declaration of Venezuela to make "an urgent call" to the Venezuelan Government so that its elections are carried out through ... Continue reading

Venezuela: US Dollar Surpasses 400,000 Bolivars

The Venezuelan National Assembly’s Finance Commission, said on Wednesday that inflation reached 67% for March, with the year inflation rate now up to 8,878%. Continue reading

Brazil’s Lula Must Face Prison Term, says Supreme Court

The Brazilian Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio da Silva to stay out of jail while he appeals a controversial corruption conviction, putting a damper on his hopes to run for a new presidency. Continue reading

Homophobic Presidential Candidate Loses in Costa Rica

Carlos Alvarado of the governing Citizen Action Party (PAC) won the second round of the presidential elections on Sunday in Costa Rica with just over 60 percent of the vote defeating the openly homophobic candidate Fabricio Alvarado. Continue reading

LGBTI Rights Center Stage in Sunday’s Presidential Elections in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans go to the polls this Easter Sunday to elect their new president, in a second round characterized by polarization and with a marked religious accent. Continue reading

Ecuador Turns Off Internet for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

Ecuador suspended communications to the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, held up in asylum since 2012 in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, after he questioned on Twitter the arrest in of former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in Germany. Continue reading

What Will a New Currency Mean in Venezuela?

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Thursday a monetary reconversion based on a new currency, the Sovereign Bolívar, which he said will come into force on June 4th. We explore what that might mean. Continue reading

President of Peru Resigns Amid Oldebrecht Corruption Scandal

The president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, suddenly resigned on Wednesday in a message recorded on video that was broadcast on television. He is the first standing president to fall in the multinational Oldebrecht corruption scandal. Continue reading

Venezuela: Trump Imposes New Economic Sanctions

President Donald Trump today banned all US citizens from all types of transactions with petros, the cryptocurrency launched by Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. He also imposed a new round of sanctions against a group of government officials. Continue reading