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February 2018
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Latin America

Maduro Virtually Unopposed in April Elections in Venezuela

The main Venezuelan opposition announced on Wednesday that it will not participate in the snap presidential elections of April 22, because it considers the vote a show by President Nicolas Maduro, who will now run virtually unopposed for re-election un... Continue reading

San Juan Mayor Calls for End to Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status

Five months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, swaths of the island still have no electricity, while food and water supplies have been slow to arrive. Continue reading

Venezuelan Opposition Still Undecided on Participation in Elections

The Venezuelan opposition continues to debate and delay its decision on whether or not to participate in the presidential elections on April 22, in which President Nicolas Maduro assures his reelection with or without opposition. Continue reading

El Salvador Court Releases Woman Jailed over Stillbirth

In El Salvador, a court has released a woman who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after she gave birth to a stillborn baby, reports Democracy Now. She has already spent over 10 years in prison. Continue reading

Mexican Blogger and Satirist Killed in Guerrero

  HAVANA TIMES —Authorities in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero must undertake an exhaustive investigation into the murder of Continue reading

Venezuela: Maduro is Very Popular, says Poll

While the Venezuelan population is immersed in a spiral of hyperinflation and shortages of basic products, the little-known pollster, International Consulting Services, reveals that the re-election of Nicolas Maduro is nearly a sure thing, which will a... Continue reading

Venezuela Presidential Elections Set for April 22

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced Wednesday the holding of early presidential elections on April 22, in which president Nicolas Maduro assures he will win reelection until 2025, with or without opposition. Continue reading

British Court Keeps Assange’s Arrest Warrant in Force

The arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for violating his terms of bail is still in effect, a British court said on Tuesday. Assange has been held up for over five years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Continue reading

US Threatens Venezuelan Oil Embargo, Would Support a Military Coup

As Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro prepares favorable conditions for his reelection until 2025, tension grows with the Trump administration, reports Democracy Now on Monday. Continue reading

The “Yes” Vote Triumphs in Ecuador and Puts an End to Indefinite Reelection

The "Yes" vote triumphed Sunday in the referendum promoted by the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, in which citizens were called to pronounce on seven political, social and environmental issues. Continue reading

Maduro: “I Know The People Love Me”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Saturday he is confident of his re-election and affirmed that after the presidential elections, he will "clean up the country's economy." Continue reading

What’s Behind Sunday’s Referendum in Ecuador?

The level of support obtained by the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, in the referendum this Sunday will determine his political capital to implement a different course from the "citizen's revolution" of his predecessor and current political enemy, ... Continue reading

Ecuador: Preparations Advance for Referendum on Feb. 4th

Ecuadorian authorities began on Friday the distribution of the ballots that will be used on February 4 in the referendum that the government of Lenin Moreno put forth on constitutional, economic and environmental issues. Continue reading

Crisis in Venezuela Mounts by the Day

In the eyes of most Venezuelans, the humanitarian, economic and political crisis in the South American country continues to worsen nearly daily, with hyperinflation and food and medicine shortages leading the way. Continue reading

Snap Elections in Venezuela to Reelect Maduro

The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, dominated by the governing United Socialist Party, approved today to move up the presidential elections to before April 30, in which Nicolas Maduro will seek re-election. Continue reading

Uruguay Investigates Possible illegal Trafficking of Cubans

Uruguay has two investigations underway into the alleged trafficking of Cuban citizens who have entered the country by land, informed the country's attorney general, Jorge Diaz. Continue reading

The EU sanctions Venezuela’s “#2” Diosdado Cabello

The European Union agreed today to sanction the "number two" figure of the government of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, and six other senior officials in response to president's Nicolas Maduro’s repression against the opposition in the South American country. Continue reading

New Day of Looting in Venezuela

A new day of protests and looting took place on Friday in Venezuela with shortages and the high cost of food being the catalyst, reported dpa. Meanwhile the Government continues to insist there is no crisis, just foreign aggression. Continue reading

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Citizenship

After over five years held up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, British authorities rejected Thursday a bid to allow Julian Assange safe passage in London, after Ecuador’s foreign minister said she’d granted Assange citizenship. Continue reading

Uruguay Receives Wave of Cubans

A total of 4,577 Cuban citizens entered Uruguay in 2017, the majority between October and December. Channel 10 of Uruguayan television reported that some 200 Cubans decided to settle in the small rural town of Santa Rosa, in the department of Canelones... Continue reading

Trump Hits Salvadorans in Latest Attack on Immigrants

The Trump administration continues to issue measures that hurt the immigrant communities in the United States. The latest blow was felt this week by 250,000 Salvadorans in the US under the now rescinded Temporary Protection Status (TPS). Continue reading

Venezuelan Bishops Warn of Social Upheaval over Food

The president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Diego Padron, warned today that the protests taking place around the country for a lack of food could generate a very strong social upheaval. Continue reading

Ecuador Has a New Female VP

The socialist María Alejandra Vicuña was elected today by the National Assembly as the new constitutional vice president of Ecuador to replace the imprisoned Jorge Glas, convicted of corruption. Continue reading

Honduras Presidential Candidate Calls for Uprising

Less than two weeks after Honduran presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla said he was going to withdraw from the struggle, he and other opposition leaders have called for an uprising against incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernandez, saying the Nove... Continue reading

Putin’s Children in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia

I wish to substantiate a theory: on a world level, Putin now exercises a kind of political paternity over a large part of the western hemisphere in the same way that the U.S did previously, until the day that it occurred to them to elect an isolationis... Continue reading

Fujimori Gets Pardon Deal in Peru

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski pardoned former president Alberto Fujimori on Monday and protests erupted immediately, reports Democracy Now. Many saw the pardon as a tradeoff between the current president and the opposition legislators. Continue reading