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August 2018
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Havana Times Undergoes Changes

Dear Readers, it’s time to upgrade our website and how it operates. While the final migration takes place starting early on Wednesday we will be offline for a day or two but will be posting our articles on our Facebook page: Continue reading

The 9th HT Cuba Photo Contest Winners

Its time to bring you the winners and special mentions of our 9th Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest. The competition was very close this year with many excellent photos in each category. The 19-member jury worked hard to come up with their final selecti... Continue reading

Cuba Rent Car, a Reason to Never Go Back

Car rental companies buy a car for 8,000 USD and then rent them out to tourists for two years, raking in approximately 50,000 USD and then they sell them on the national market for 40,000 USD. Renting out 1000 cars brings in 80 million USD every two ye... Continue reading

Havana from the Waist Down

Of the many ways to photograph people in the Cuban capital Juan Suarez decided to capture people going about their daily business or just hanging out but from the waist down. Here is what he saw. (24 photos) Continue reading

Cuba Hosts Visit from North Korean FM

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Young-ho arrives Monday in Havana for an official visit to the allied nation. He will meet with the Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez, reported Telesurtv. Continue reading

Abdel Legra, a Democrat More Than an Opponent

During the current Cuban electoral process, 650 dissidents and opponents attempted to become district representative candidates, exercising their due right as recognized in the Constitution and Electoral Law, as Cuban citizens. None of them were succes... Continue reading

Havana Architecture: a Battle of Symbols

Since the very beginning, the formal elements desired since the beginning of the Republican era in 1902 complied with the search for a national architecture, relating to its own traditions, weather factors and Cuban lifestyle. (25 photos) Continue reading

New Cuban Photography Talents

I like it when Friday rolls around, as it’s the day that exhibitions are inaugurated in Old Havana’s different galleries. Being able to visit them and see what young artists in my country are creating makes me very happy. (13 photos) Continue reading

Amnesty International Says that Cuba Uses Labor as a “Tool of Repression”

The government of Cuba uses its control over the labor market and the threat of dismissals as a "tool of repression" to silence criticism, the human rights organization Amnesty International reported today in a report. Continue reading

Cuba State Security Frees HT Writer Osmel Ramirez

Osmel Ramirez Alvarez, a Havana Times contributing writer, arrested last Friday at his home in Mayarí and later taken to a State Security facility in the city of Holguin, in northeastern Cuba, was released late Monday afternoon. Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – Second Cut

Here are the 135 pictures from 52 photographers that have made it past the second cut of the 2017 HT Cuba Photo Contest. The 19-member jury has begun making their picks in Round Three. We hope to post the finalists on or before Saturday November 18. ... Continue reading

Havana Times Contributing Writer Arrested

Today, our contributing writer from Mayari, Holguín, Osmel Ramirez Alvarez, was arrested, reported a family member. The agents also took with them Osmel’s laptop, hard drive and other belongings. His whereabouts are unknown at this moment. Continue reading

Me Too: Gender Violence in Havana

I’ve been physically assaulted twice. Both times I was walking home alone at night. And both times I was compromising my safety. In the first instance, circa 1993 in Monterey, California, I was drunk. In the second instance, I had earbuds in, music blasting, as I walked down Calle 23 in Havana. Continue reading

Cuba Has Great Potential for Healthy Tourism

Tourism in Cuba should be developed taking into account the permanent presence of Irma and Trump, thinking that there will always be a hurricane in the Caribbean or a president at the White House who is willing to run the locomotive of Cuba’s economy off the tracks. Continue reading

New US Policy Changes on Cuba Take Effect

The Trump administration announced today regulations that will make it more difficult, but not impossible, for US citizens to visit Cuba and establishes new limits on commercial transactions with the island. Continue reading

US Blockade on Cuba, Mistake or Wise Move?

Any act of blocking is wrong and can even be a crime depending on the circumstances. Whether that’s between countries, ethnicities or even between people from the same country. Cuba, poor Cuba, who has suffered so many blockades! Continue reading

Is Censorship of Artists a Tradition on Cuban TV?

Over the past three years, several members from the Vivir del cuento (Living by one’s wits) team, including the director and the more well-known actors, had asked me to write for the program. I told them yes from the beginning... Continue reading

Cuba: A Lot of Noise, Not Enough Respect

The issue of noise in Cuba has been one of the most popular and repetitive on a daily basis, for a while now. Not precisely because of the science fiction saga where US diplomats have been affected by sonic weapons and left with hearing loss, but because of contemporary Cuban life’s new ways and commotion. Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – First Cut

The time has come to present the surviving photos from the first cut of our HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest. A total of 81 participants managed to have at least one photo make it to round two, which now includes a total of 235 pictures, down from 1,105 fro... Continue reading

Yuliesky Gourriel, the Rookie Champion from Cuba

For 13 seasons, Yuliesky Gourriel was unsuccessfully looking for the crown in Cuba's National Baseball League. However, in his first full season in Major League Baseball, he won the champion ring with the Houston Astros. Continue reading

Where Cuba Fits in the Newly Declassified JFK Files

The declassified documents reveal that self-harm attacks were a part of the US strategy against Cuba. They ome at a very interesting time when Washington is accusing Cuba of attacking US diplomats at its embassy in Havana with a fantasy sonic weapon. Continue reading

Cuba Supported at UN in Resolution Opposing the US Embargo

Every year since 1992 Cuba has presented a resolution to the UN General Assembly calling on the United States to end its half-century-plus embargo on the island. Today was this year’s vote and the final tally was 191 countries supporting the Cuban motion and two (the US and Israel) opposing. Continue reading

Cuba Says Close to Foreign Investment Goal Despite Trump

The Cuban economy received some US $2 billion of promised foreign investment this year despite the US embargo and the confrontation between the two countries since the presidency of Donald Trump, Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister of Foreign Trade, announced ... Continue reading

Public Wi-Fi Price Drop in Cuba

Good news today for Cubans with the ability to pay to connect to the Internet from the public Wi-Fi points around the country, Etecsa, the telecommunications monopoly, has dropped the price from 1.50 to 1.00 CUC (similar in USD) for an hour’s online time. Continue reading

Cuba Cuts Benefits for Doctors in Brazil and Add Restrictions

The Cuban government has doubled down on its legal precautions and control over doctors it sends on the Mais Medicos (More doctors) mission in Brazil, drawing up a stricter work contract for those who will now join this health program in the South Amer... Continue reading

Cuba Reduces Restrictions on Cubans Abroad

The Cuban government announced today that it will facilitate the acquisition of citizenship for children born to Cubans abroad and will eliminate some of the obstacles imposed on emigrants for trips to the island. Continue reading