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August 2017
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My Reply to a Dangerous Threat

Every act in Cuba in favor of change, outside of the official framework, is considered an act of dissidence. It doesn’t matter whether you sympathize with Posada Carriles’ violent methods, with the Chicago school of economics or whether you are a democratic socialist like yours truly. Continue reading

Does Cuba have Weapons against Diplomat Eardrums?

News that Cuba supposedly has a sonic weapon, unknown to the Pentagon, and that it had been used to make some US diplomats deaf, has become a joke on social media ever since the news became public last week. Continue reading

Antigona the Process (Video)

Antigona the Process describes the history of the representation of women in Cuba, seen through a filmmakers team. Documentary by Yaima Pardo and Lilián Broche (60 minutes). Continue reading

Raul Castro Elated with Events in Venezuela

Cuban President Raul Castro expressed today his "immense revolutionary jubilation" over the results of the past elections to the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, his closest political and economic ally. Continue reading

Public Transport in Cuba: New Plans, Old Executors

In politics, credibility is all-important. When citizens believe an institution is incapable of leading them, people apply the principle of “order whatever you want and I'll do whatever I want”, because, like author Jose Saramago once said, “needs also legislate”. Continue reading

Cuba Says New Business Licenses Will Be Issued

The Cuban government said Tuesday that the suspension of new licenses for the private sector will not be maintained for "a very long period of time," local media reported. What "not very long" means in Cuban terms is left to the interpretation of each ... Continue reading

A Cuban Lover of Time

Alberto Santiago has been a clock engineer ever since he was 8 years old; "I learned the profession alone. I like the mechanism in Soviet alarm clocks, in clock-towers, pendulum clocks and watches." Now 61, he knows his profession extremely well. He lives in Rio Hondo in Cuba’s western Artemisa province. Continue reading

Cuba Doesn’t Need More Pessimism, but…

The announcement this week in Cuba to suspend self-employment licenses in 30 different fields, including some of the most popular such as cafes, private restaurants or renting out rooms, didn’t exactly provoke optimism. Continue reading

Cuba Suspends New Licenses for Work in Private Sector

The Cuban government has suspended indefinitely the issuance of new licenses to various types of previously allowed private employment, with the aim of "curbing tax evasion and violations of the law," local media reported today. Continue reading

Cuba Denounces US Campaign against Venezuela

The Cuban government today denounced an "international operation" against Venezuela stemming from the United States to ignore the results of Sunday’s National Constituent Assembly, termed an extraordinary victory by President Maduro. Continue reading

Venezuela: Gov. Applauds Vote that Opposition Calls a “Failure”

The government announced that electoral participation was 41.53 percent (more than 8 million people) in the election of the National Constituent Assembly, a figure sharply questioned by the opposition. Continue reading

Venezuelans Vote Sunday for a Constituent Assembly

Venezuelans are called on Sunday to elect the 545 members of the Constituent Assembly convened by President Nicolas Maduro, amid a wave of opposition protests that seek to stop the process they consider fraudulent. Continue reading

Cuba Faces a Post-Harvest Crisis

For a half century the Cuban media boasts of successes in food production while the population faces endless shortages. Everyone is aware of the contradiction. Facing a growing financial crisis, the country continues to import over a billion dollars in... Continue reading

Venezuela: General Strike, 5 Dead and Protests Continue

Five people died during a 48 hour general strike summoned by the Venezuelan opposition, in the largest protest against the Constitutional Assembly which is being pushed by President Maduro. Venezuela is the Cuban government's leading economic and polit... Continue reading

US Orders Exit from Venezuela for Families of Embassy Staff

The United States today ordered the immediate departure of family members of the embassy staff in Venezuela and authorized the voluntary departure of government employees who also wish to leave, informed the US State Department. Continue reading

Cuba’s Reforms: State-run Companies and the Private Sector

“Mistakes are mistakes, and they are our own mistakes, and if we are going to measure them against the hierarchy among us, these mistakes are first and foremost mine,” said Raul Castro, referring to illegal activities picked up on in the private sector of the economy. Continue reading

How New US Regs on Cuba May Affect Your Travel and Business Plans

The United States government issued new clarifications on Tuesday on measures that will take effect for travel, remittances and business with Cuba under President Trump's policy toward the island. Illustration: Continue reading

Trump Freezes Assets of 13 Senior Venezuelan Officials

The Trump administration imposed today sanctions on 13 senior Venezuelan officials, increasing pressure on President Nicolas Maduro within days of an election for a Constituent Assembly he seeks to draft a new Constitution. Continue reading

Moderates in Cuba Under Fire

Behind the anti-moderate rage dwells an eagerness to courageously come out on top, when in reality there is cowardice in its origins and its results. It’s an old ruse which has been dressed up, both in Cuba and among the exile community, as intransigence, patriotism, fighting spirit, anti-imperialism, anti-Castroism and whatever word is on hand to undermine its meaning. Continue reading

Foreign Investment in Cuba: Are the Obstacles Too Great?

At these “now-or-never” times for Cuba, it’s crucial that organized and efficient foreign investment is given priority, as it would be no exaggeration to say that the future of Cuba, just as we have dreamed it, depends on this. Continue reading

Will Trump Boycott Venezuelan Oil?

Some US officials are now voicing the possibility of prohibiting Venezuelan crude oil exports to the United States as one of several sanctions on the President Trump's table. We look at the possible consequences. Continue reading

Ecological Boat Carries Out Mission in Cuba

With a futuristic design covered with solar panels, the Swiss ship "Race for Water Odyssey" docked in the port of Havana with the aim of exchanging with Cuban scientists about the contamination of the oceans with plastic debris. Continue reading

Cuba and its Tropical Pol Pot

The debate has revealed an overwhelming rejection of smear campaigns published in two or three Cuban blogs, where half a dozen gloomy officials self-promote themselves as the ideological guides of all Cuban revolutionaries. Continue reading

USA, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Human Rights

The international community will not be able to establish an effective policy for the defense of human rights as long as it remains influenced by the political and economic interests of one country or another. Continue reading

Unresolved Echoes in Cuban History

My next-door neighbor was in a hurry this time. He asked me from afar whether I had heard about some of the Cuban Parliament’s ordinary sessions and I answered that I had. An intervention which expressed the pressing need to update Cuban History had particularly caught my attention. Continue reading

A Cancer That Eats Away at Cuba

Cuban authorities side-stepped the diagnosis and early treatment of this aggressive mental disease and chose to remain silent, pretending like nothing was happening and imagining that this evil nature would disappear all of a sudden in the next generat... Continue reading