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Esperanza Spalding and Richard Bona in Guanabacoa

The entrance was by invitation and the amphitheater was full. Most of the people went to see the students of the Guanabacoa music school. They almost never appear in public and relatives longed for that moment. Few knew that two world renown musicians,... Continue reading

Eleven Minutes of Horror: Stray Animals in Cuba

“Natural Selection” is a documentary which shows, in only eleven minutes and a succession of visual cuts, the current landscape for stray animals in Cuba. The director, Cynthia Cazanas Garin is a fourth year student who struggled to get the permits to make the film. Continue reading

Where Will Cubans Look to Now?

A schizophrenic situation has been enduring in Cuba for decades: the State sells things to you, but it doesn’t pay you enough to be able to buy them. Likewise, the much criticized two-currency system is what keeps most Cuban state companies afloat. Continue reading

Havana in Orbit with Jazz

Havana is the host city for the activities this week which accompany celebrations for International Jazz Day which will be commemorated on April 30th 2017. Cuban pianist Alejandro Falcon with his group and students kicked off the event on Wednesday. (... Continue reading

Proud to Live in a Medical Power Like Cuba

There’s no doubt that one of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution has been universal access (not free) to health care for every Cuban. I have felt pride in our medical power at times. That pride has deflated on several occasions when I have needed to use this power. Continue reading

The Load (documentary)

A striking, beautifully filmed observation of life aboard an old freight train: a microcosm where a group of men forced to spend a lot of time together amid a variety of unplanned circumstances. Continue reading

The New Havana Port Passenger Terminal

The two-story metallic structure known as the Emboque de Luz welcomes passengers for their trip to the other side of Havana Bay. The new building was built upon an old structure which dates back to the 18th century and became a Fire Station in 1942... ... Continue reading

Venezuela Needs More than a Breather

"Every day that passes in Venezuela, that country sinks more in poverty, more political positions are polarized and its return to democracy becomes more difficult," comments the usually pro-Nicaraguan government newspaper El Nuevo Diario in an editoria... Continue reading

Hanging on to the Oil Tree: Maduro, Castro & Ortega

The Venezuelan government is almost exclusively dependent on the State oil company PDVSA to fund its budget. Likewise, the governments of Raul Castro in Cuba and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua rely on the company to fund their coffers. Continue reading

Electricity in Cuba: Black Market Prices or Subsidized?

The Government tells us that electricity is “subsidized”, in conformance with their calculations which are made in USD, but the effect it has on our pockets is as if it were the “black market”. To highlight the State’s generosity they compare these prices with those in New York and London. Continue reading

ETECSA-Cuba: the Company Without the Drive to Progress

Finally, Cuba’s telephone company ETECSA seems to have heard the people’s cries and has improved its previous offer, benefiting users of their service and the country, which receives a lot of hard currency for top-ups made abroad. Continue reading

You Can’t Choose Your Own Potatoes

A lot of people have to rack their brains today with Cuban reality, which is in some way, let’s say, picturesque. The theory behind it is founded on deep spiritual categories, with high resounding words and idealism which are like those of priests. Continue reading

Cuban Officials Linked to Telecom Business with China Arrested

Two senior Cuban officials linked to business with the Huawei consortium, a Chinese enclave within the state's telecommunications monopoly on the island, were arrested in Havana on corruption charges. Continue reading

Cuba Suspends Sending More Doctors to Brazil

Brazilian authorities announced on Monday that they will seek to hire more local doctors after Cuba suspended sending more than 700 of its doctors, part of a health agreement between the two countries, for fear of defections. Continue reading

The Cuban Miracle Girl

Everybody knows who she is in Cuba's western Artemisa province as well as in Pinar del Rio. Sulay Enamorado Izaguirre is 36 years old, but when she was just four, she fell down a well that was 300 feet deep and less than two feet in diameter. Continue reading

Easter Week in Cuba 2017

Catholics in the Cuban capital began their Holy Week on April 9th with the Palm Sunday Mass at the Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje church located by the park that takes its name from the saint. Holy Week ends tomorrow with Resurrection (Easter) Sunday. (... Continue reading

Cuba, My Poor Cuba

The need for democratic change in Cuba is pretty much public consensus. It’s even greater among Cubans living abroad. For those who live on the island, it’s becoming increasingly so. As our people free themselves from the utopian trance they begin to discover the limitations our freedoms and most basic human rights suffer. Continue reading

Welcome Cuba to the Progress Bazaar

Those who know Old Havana will recognize the luxurious “Kempinsky-Manzana de Gomez” hotel which will open very soon, with a lot of fanfare. Something in all of this particularly caught my attention... Continue reading

Cuba Searches for its “Lost” Money

In my neighborhood, the story about Juan the butcher, who took a detour with a truck full of minced meat, sold it and then left the country, is famous. “It’s a good thing he left,” a neighbor warns, “because if he was still here, people would have got their hands on him... Continue reading

Maduro Gets Support in Havana from his Allies

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) backed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday in his confrontation with the Organization of American States (OAS). The meeting of the ALBA Political Council was held behind closed doo... Continue reading

Why Did I Stay in Cuba, Why Didn’t I Leave?

Staying in Cuba is reason to be asked one fine day why you didn’t leave, and it’s asking yourself what would have happened if you had left. This “what if” is the father of all absurdity and uncertainty for what never happened... Continue reading

Cuba Makes Needed Water Filters, but Production Is Low

It was August, 2014, and the women in this rural community made coffee very early that morning and kept their eyes fixed on the dirt track as if they were waiting for the Messiah. “The truck’s coming,” one of them alerted and some men quickly joined them. They were all waiting what had been promised. Continue reading

Culture is Cuba’s Greatest Attraction

Last weekend I went out with little Lucia to walk the streets of Old Havana, attracted by the children's dance show performed in its plazas. It was fascinating to witness the quality of the groups, the environment and the large number of children among... Continue reading

What “Fighting” for Our Daily Bread Means in Cuba

Much has been said recently about “fighting” here in Cuba. I’m talking about the kind of fighting which isn’t linked to sports, or political or military matters. It isn’t just a few people who theorize and give their opinions. They analyze, in a peculiar fashion, the various fronts of one of the most talked about phenomena in the country’s social framework. Continue reading

Trinidad, Cuba with its Architectural Beauty Frozen in History

When you enter the historical center of Trinidad, it is like traveling several centuries back in history, its architecture exposes characteristic features of the Spanish buildings of centuries past. (28 photos) Continue reading

Cuba’s Cockfighters Resist Police Ban

We ordinary Cubans have very few entertainment options left. For thousands of people in Mayari, just like across the nation, cockfighting is one of the few forms of amusement that exist here; but it has been illegal since the Revolution’s early years. Continue reading