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October 2017
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Trusting Rain

Collecting rain-water is a way of life in Bermuda, like it could be in many countries including many parts of Cuba. Each household is responsible for their water supply. Few travelers to the spectacular island are aware of this centuries old method of ... Continue reading

Old Doors in Havana

Old chronicles tell us that Havana used to be covered in timber-yielding trees before it was a city, where Manilkara trees, cedars, mahogany and the reddish rosewood trees would keep the earth cool and damp. (27 photos) Continue reading

When Cuba was the Center of Global Attention

The United States and Soviet Union were never so close to a nuclear face-off as they were in October 1962, when the US discovered Soviet missiles on the island. Continue reading

Guantanamo’s “Chamacos”

Kids of any age are often referred to as “chamacos”. In Guantanamo province it is a popularized slang that extends beyond adolescents, even between adults. (12 photos) Continue reading

Cuba’s Reform Process, What’s Changed?

There are people who reached the reforms process at the same time as the rest of us but they came with certain advantages: former high-ranking officials from important state-owned companies, with important connections, expertise and know-how. Continue reading

What Cuba Loses Because of its Incompetent Farm Bureaucracy

How much does Cuba lose each year because of the inefficiency of its agricultural bureaucracy? Let’s take a look at some of the hard figures. The answer is as shocking as it is inexplainable for a country with limited resources. Continue reading

Venezuela Votes for Peace, Sacrificing its Democracy

For the vast majority of Venezuelans, it’s a fact that there are two huge problems in their country: a breakdown in democracy and a breakdown in the economy. Both of these ingredients together make the perfect coctail for corruption, tyranny and increased violence. Continue reading

Cuba Offers Cheaper Nicotine for the Revolution and the Future

While some might say business is business, Repatrado sees a series contradiction in lucrative State owned tobacco companies lowering the price of cigarettes and promoting their consumption in Cuba, especially among the youth, and the costs to the natio... Continue reading

Cuba-Saudi Arabia: The Threads of a Relationship of Convenience

The relationship between the Saudi monarchy and the Cuban regime continues to grow. Curiously, many pro-Cuban government detractors of US foreign policy on human rights often use Washington’s lucrative dealings with Saudi Arabia as a sign of hypocrisy. Continue reading

Venezuela Elects Governors on Sunday

Venezuelans will vote Sunday to elect 23 regional governors, amid the tension generated by President Nicolas Maduro's warning that winners who do not recognize his controversial Constituent Assembly will not be allowed to take office. Continue reading

The Target: Tourism in Cuba

Every time Cuba finds ways of financing, campaigns to destroy its sources of income begin. Now the target seems to be tourism, a fast moving locomotive that can bring growth to other economic sectors as well. Continue reading

US Diplomats Hold Yard Sales Before Leaving Cuba

There was a huge commotion. “The Yanks are leaving!” This is what many people were saying who, God knows how, found out when the Mister who isn’t needed at the embassy anymore is going to return to the USA. And with his quick return home comes the diplomat’s concern for his excess baggage, or the things that he doesn’t need around the house, or that getting health documents are going to be too much of a pain to take the dog. Continue reading

Che in Cuba, from Olive Green to the Guerrillas of White Coats

Tamara Juvier studied at the Lenin senior high school and at age 16 it occurred to her to do a research work on Commander Ernesto Che Guevara. "It was difficult for us to be like a God. Being like a person who has no defects is impossible.” Continue reading

Cuba Rejects US Pressure to Make Internal Changes

"Cuba will not make concessions inherent in its sovereignty and independence, will not negotiate its principles or accept conditions," said Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz Canel in Santa Clara at the main commemoration in Cuba for the 50th anniversary... Continue reading

Sonic Attacks, US Response and Cuba’s Reaction

In a nutshell, with all of the 24/7 control, using all of the National Counterintelligence’s means and techniques on US diplomats, in a country under State Security’s absolute control, it’s hard to believe that the Cuban government “didn’t know anything and that General Castro is bewildered.” Continue reading

A Glimpse of Touristy Havana

Havana’s historic center is one of the city’s most touristy areas, there’s no doubt about that. Its commonplace to see a “photographic walk” going on, a lot of tourists along Obispo Street, in Central Park, the Port Avenue... (16 photos) Continue reading

Cuba, Pressure Valves and Fueling the Flame

Relations between Cuba and the US are quickly returning to what they were during the Cold War. All of the progress made thanks to the dialogue between presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro is beginning to come crashing down like a tower of cards. Continue reading

US Tells Cuba to Remove 15 Diplomats from Washington

The United States today told Cuba to withdraw 15 diplomats from Washington to ensure "fairness" between the two countries, after the State Department ordered more than half of its officials to leave the island until the mysterious attacks on their heal... Continue reading

Havana Residents Day-to-Day Lives after Irma

When uncertainty takes over people, it creates chaos. Global peace, on the whole, is hanging off of a thread right now. In Cuba, peace is hanging off such a fine thread that it could break at any time. After Hurricane Irma, the island has been left wit... Continue reading

Mystery Attacks in Havana, Were There Also Cuban Victims?

Up until a few days ago, the vast majority of the Cuban people didn’t know about the sonic attacks that had taken place in our capital. In spite of the serious implications and even grave political consequences this has created and could create for Cuba. Continue reading

Cuba Alert Opposed by US Travel Association

Meeting in Cuba, RESPECT, the largest association of US organizers of travel to Cuba unanimously rejected the Trump Administration’s Cuba travel warning and its decision to withdraw diplomatic staff from its Havana embassy. Continue reading

US Orders Diplomat Retreat from Cuba

The United States today announced the withdrawal of most of its personnel from the embassy in Cuba following the mysterious attacks that affected the health of 21 Americans and urged its citizens not to travel to the island until it is clear what happens. Continue reading

Trump Insults Cuba, Offers US “Help” to Fix the World

US President Donald Trump spoke at the United Nations last week insulting the Cuban government and Granma newspaper - the Cuban Communist Party’s official newspaper - published this speech in full so that every Cuban could read it. Continue reading

A Not So Typical Cuban Street Vendor

Laura* (43 years old) is a sculptor and photographer and has exhibited her work at several galleries in Havana, but from Monday to Friday, she works at a company belonging to the Cerro municipality where she is a secretary and on the side she has another job that the majority of Cubans know: she’s a street seller. Continue reading

“Checkmate” on Castro’s Cuba and They’re Still Not Giving In

The rules of chess don’t work the same when it comes to the Cuban government. They seem to be in another dimension. Hurricane Irma came to be its project-country’s “checkmate”, and even so, they still aren’t throwing in the towel. Continue reading

In Cuba, the Majority of Independent Workers Aren’t Business Owners

In Cuba, women represent almost a third of the wage-earning population, in both the state and private sector. Before 2010, over 90% of women used to work in the state sector. Later, many also moved to the private sector out of their own choice and beca... Continue reading