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July 2017
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Pelota cubana acrecienta su crisis

La palabrita provoca comezón en directivos y entrenadores, pero cada vez hay menos maneras de esquivarla: es crisis y no otra cosa lo que vive la pelota cubana. La prueba la acaban de dar los equipos envueltos en torneos internacionales por estos días. Continue reading

A Double-Edged Sword among Cubans

We commonly hear the term “neoplatista” to label different attitudes and stances between Cubans. It already appears frequently in our vocabulary, especially among the diaspora community and those of us here in Cuba who take part in political debate on alternative digital media platforms. Continue reading

The Mysterious Russian Satellite Station in Nicaragua

If you follow the rocky road through the thick brush surrounding the Nejapa lagoon southwest of Managua - once the crater of a volcano - you reach a cement wall crowned by barbed wire. Just visible is the roof of a modest-sized building, painted in blue. Continue reading

Nicaraguan Farmers Plan for the Repeal of the Canal Law

Although the promise of an Inter-oceanic Canal fades on the horizon as time goes by, Law 840, awarding an all-encompassing concession to Chinese magnate Wang Jing, still represents a threat to the country. Continue reading

Bordeando La Puntilla

El barrio costero La Puntilla, ubicado en Miramar, Playa, tiene edificaciones como el de la corporación Cimex, el antiguo Cubalse, el centro comercial de igual nombre, y el edificio Riomar, este último, en avanzado proceso de deterioro. (23 photos) Continue reading

Cuban Medical Student Comments on Trump’s Announcement

Daniel Hernandez, a young Medicine student at the Medical Sciences University in Santa Clara and the son of emigres who are in exile in the US who he hasn’t seen in 9 years, shares some of his views to Havana Times on the subject of this new stage in US-Cuba relations. Continue reading

“Either We Lift Up the Net Together or We Live Under It”

Today we bring you an interview with Moises Leonardo Rodriguez, a founder of the Corriente Martiana human rights group. "We want people to recognize their rights and to also learn how they can communicate violations of their human rights to the UN in d... Continue reading

El comunismo vulgar en Cuba

El fidelismo, encabezado por un líder carismático, de ideas mesiánicas, encontró un caldo de cultivo propicio para desplegar el ideario populista en un país donde la democracia no había echado raíces profundas y dictaduras, caudillos y populismo plagaron la República después de la independencia. Continue reading

Elderly Cuban Woman Struggles on a Fourth Floor

Ten years ago, Alfreda Alfonso Martinez (80 years old) was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, a serious disease which is defined by high concentrations of blood glucose over a prolonged period of time or is a chronic condition. She used to work at the h... Continue reading

Una trabajadora cubana y su soledad en un 4to piso

Hace 10 años a Alfreda Alfonso Martínez (80) le detectaron diabetes mellitus, una enfermedad grave que tiene la característica de presentar concentraciones elevadas de glucosa en la sangre de manera persistente o crónica. Ella trabajaba en la peluquería de Candelaria; la jubilaron por peritaje médico. Continue reading

Raul Castro Reappears, Rumors Nixed

Raul Castro reappeared Monday with Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, who makes an official visit to Cuba. The news emerges after reports circulated by dissident sources - amplified in social networks and media abroad – alleged that Castro, 86, was in dire condition. Continue reading

Cuba’s Economy and Cures for Fear

Last week, we learned about an unexpected meeting of our highest powers. Certain documents were being discussed for some time now, which didn’t seem to bring about change in the lives of us ordinary mortals very quickly. The Cuban Government has written out its Guidelines and Concepts, destined to define the path our country takes and its future development plans; but very few changes were immediately created as a result. Continue reading

Cubans with a Memory!

Government media, especially Cuban TV, doesn’t stop mentioning the attempts perpetrated by US governments against our country ever since the “Revolution” triumphed in 1959. But they conveniently forget how many Cubans were and are beaten up by government forces? Continue reading

¡Cubanos con memoria!

Como es costumbre, los medios oficiales, especialmente la televisión cubana no deja de hacer mención a los hechos perpetrados por las administraciones del imperio hacia nuestro país, desde el triunfo “revolucionario” en 1959; mediante spots de carácter histórico reviven momentos que van desde la voladura del vapor la Coubre (1960) hasta las últimas agresiones “subversivas” del imperio. Continue reading

El pollo es la única opción cárnica del socialismo cubano

La gente está debidamente alarmada, porque en las colas habituales, esperando comprar el casi omnipresente pollo, hay coincidencia al comentar: "aquí cuando una medida aparece así de pronto, la presentan como provisional, pero después termina quedándose para siempre". Continue reading

My Neighbor’s illegal Sodas

As we all know, illegal “business” or as we say business “on the side” exists all over the country. The reason why Cubans resort to this practice is more than obvious, “the blockade” and it isn’t the United State’s embargo against Cuba to be precise. Continue reading

Cuba’s Days Girls and their Big Dreams

Twenty-year old twins Dayrelis and Daynelis Fabelo Nunez have been interested in the world of music ever since they were little girls and now they dabble in singing as well as modeling. In the Artemisa and Havana provinces, they have performed on different stages singing pop music, salsa, and boleros. Living outside of the capital hasn’t dampened their dreams. Continue reading

En Nicaragua, patina la lucha contra la violencia de género

En el verano de 2013, eran apenas las ocho de la mañana, pero el sol ya ardía en el noreste de Managua, capital de Nicaragua, donde me había unido a varias docenas de mujeres para una manifestación frente al aeropuerto. Sosteniendo coloridos carteles hechos a mano y golpeando tambores, mujeres de todas las edades formaban barricadas en la carretera, cantando: "Ya es hora, ya es tiempo, que las mujeres vivamos sin violencia!" Continue reading

La rockera Tanya regresa a los escenarios cubanos

Más madura, con mejores arreglos en su música, letras irreverentes, baladas románticas, después de dos décadas de no vivir en la isla, Tanya ha vuelto a la escena cubana del rock. Quien fuera solista por la década del ochenta de Arte Vivo, que luego integrara la banda de rock alternativo Monte de Espuma. Continue reading

Rocker Tanya Returns to the Cuban Music Scene

Tanya has returned to the Cuban rock scene, this time more mature, with better music arrangements, irreverent lyrics, romantic ballads, after two decades of not living on the island. She was a solo artist in the ‘80s of Live Art, and then became a member of alternative rock band Monte de Espuma. Continue reading

Cuban Residents Abroad Stripped of their Voter Rights

An announcement in Thursday’s edition of Granma newspaper about the preparations for the upcoming elections states that “according to that stipulated in the 1992 Electoral Law, all Cuban citizens who are 16 years old and over and are living in the country on a permanent basis for at least the last two years before an election, have the right to vote.” This implies discriminatory treatment of those Cubans who live abroad, when it comes to everything related to the current election process. Continue reading

En la víspera del Día de las Madres

Hoy sábado 13 de mayo 2017 se celebra el festival de las flores en conmemoración al día de las madres, en la calle 12 entre 23 y zapata municipio Plaza. Son poca las ofertas y no muy buenas, pero eso no ha importado para llevar algún regalo a las casa cubana y obsequiárselo a la madre cubana este domingo 14 de mayo. (15 fotos) Continue reading

An Unforgettable Sunday

The controversial government that puts goods for sale in hard currency stores in our capital city, declared in a solemn act of its governing board, without any kind of popular consensus, something like the Provincial Day of Diarrhea on Sunday May 7th t... Continue reading

Another call to close GITMO

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to write a piece on the V International Seminar of Peace and for the Abolition of Foreign Military bases to take place on May 4-6, 2017 in the city of Guantanamo, Cuba, which is organized by the official C... Continue reading

Esperanza Spalding y Richard Bona en Guanabacoa

Los muchachos del instituto de música Thelonius Monk acompañaron a Esperanza Spalding en su primera salida. La cantante y contrabajista estadounidense dejó a la gente perpleja con su energía y su voz. (12 fotos) Continue reading

A Manipulating Anachronism Relating to Cuba

There isn’t an idea more absurd than the one that stigmatizes neo-colonialism with wanting greater freedom and a market economy, as an example of falling under the US’ radar. There are dozens of countries which have a market economy and democracy and they aren’t subordinated to the US. Continue reading