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July 2018
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Lynn Cruz’s Diary

Persecution of Cuban Artists and Intellectuals Gains Legal Framework

Everybody knows that there has been a upswing of repression and censorship of artists here in Cuba. Now, with the government’s so-called “constitutional reforms”, Decree-Law no. 349/2018 and its Chapter of Violations has appeared, with a new crime of contempt against artists. Continue reading

Cuban Families Have the Future in Their Hands

On Monday, from the freedom of his own bed and recovering from the hunger and thirst strike that led to his release after being unfairly imprisoned, scientist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola gave a conference to a group of artists and ecologists. Continue reading

Ariel Released and Cuban Police Call for Biotechnician Oscar Casanella

When I got off the phone with Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, I couldn’t hold back my tears. It has all been so painful. I can only put my thoughts into writing, I’m speechless. His “manic depressive” state was the reason given for his release. Continue reading

The Cruelty of Cuba’s Judicial System

Those who have followed the news related to scientist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola should know that; after what appeared to be a rigged trial, he was sentenced to one year in prison. His sister Omara, has all the evidence in a video recorded by Ariel at the tim... Continue reading

Environmental Hazards and Negligence in Havana’s Vedado Neighborhood

At a time when the country still hasn’t recovered from the many losses it suffered when hurricane Irma swept through last September, the national forestry authority, as well as members of Havana’s urban planning department, have decided to contribute to the environmental and urban ruin of the capital’s Vedado neighborhood. Continue reading

Cuban Poet Rafael Alcides has Left Us

Yesterday, on June 19, 2018, in the afternoon, 85-year-old Rafael Alcides passed away. The sensualist poet, friend and main character in “Nadie” managed to do what very few can: “Live in keeping with their ideals.” The end of his journey has left a deep abyss in not only the people who knew and admired him. Continue reading

Democracy, Corruption and a New Cuban Government

Miguel Diaz-Canel declared that he would fight against corruption. In this new struggle, the Cuban people are unaware of the level of freedom a Cuban president has when he is subjected to the Communist Party and the military elite. Continue reading

Prisoner of Conscience Makes Waves in Cuba’s Penitentiary System

Over the past few weeks, news of a Cuban political prisoner, scientist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, has traveled the entire world. Ariel is serving an unfair sentence after a summary trial was held on May 8th in Pinar del Rio province. He was arrested at the f... Continue reading

No to Pressure on Cuba’s Independent Artists

I recently attended the presentation of visual and film projects to a delegation from New York’s Modern Art Museum, at the alternative base of the Hannah Arendt Institute for Artivism, Instar, led by Tania Bruguera. Continue reading

Cuban Government Withdraws My Punishment

On Friday May 18th, at the Actuar Agency, the Labor Justice Committee (OJL) informed me of its recent decisions regarding the complaint I filed because this former organization, especially its director Jorge Luis Frias Armenteros, violated my artistic ... Continue reading

Cuban Youth Losing Their Fear

While high-ranking officials were driving their cars and locking themselves into air-conditioned offices, a group of artists realized a project (perhaps the most ambitious to date), the recently concluded #00 Havana Biennial. Outside of Cuba’s institutional establishment, it took place between May 5-15. Continue reading

The Cuban Revolution Sentences a Revolutionary Scientist

Cuban scientist sentenced to one year in prison for 'disrespecting" government authority, was the title of an article recently published in the Miami Herald. And that is Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, a universal researcher. His work and light transcend the bord... Continue reading

Utopia in Havana at the Alternative Biennial

Gerardo Mosquera, an important art critic and Cuban intellectual, invited me to read his paper: “Utopia in Havana”, as part of a theoretical event which forms part of the Havana Alternative Biennial, which was independently organized and has received quite a lot of pressure from the Cuban government and institutions. Continue reading

Blacklisted in 21st Century Cuba

I looked over all my assessment papers as an actress, my work contracts and it didn’t say that an artist had to be a hypocrite and dishonest anywhere. It doesn’t say in writing that an artist has to stop being free to say what to think. Continue reading

Free Education with Clowns and Reggaeton

People here have been talking about reggaeton lyrics for a long time. I remember the famous video which a grandfather uploaded to YouTube, where his trendsetting grandson was grinding on top of a girl like an adult to a raucous reggaeton beat. Continue reading

An Unjust Punishment Twofold

After being expelled from the San Antonio de los Banos School of Film and TV (EICTV), the Actuar Agency has decided to not represent me anymore. I explain here how it happened and what it means. Continue reading

Chronicle of a Journey after being Expelled

Cubans in Miami have won themselves a piece of land in the US. Terrified of Castrismo, they fell like expatriates into the exile boat and contrary to popular belief, thought and art are buzzing here in this city. Continue reading

My Unexpected Expulsion

I have been working with the San Antonio de los Banos School of Film and TV (EICTV) for sixteen years. This is what happened with Argentinian director and actress Norma Angeleri, who I have been working with in an actors direction workshop for six years. Continue reading

Havana Theater Director Kidnapped on Election Eve

Saturday at 4:10 pm, the young theater director and activist Adonis Milan was kidnapped at the intersection of 13 and 6 Streets Vedado, Havana. Continue reading

Cuban Socialism’s New Man in Havana’s Capitolio

Cuban society is moving more and more towards individualism, saving oneself at any cost, in the face of the chaos and social disorder that have taken over the country. Continue reading

From Worms to Repatriates: Cuba’s Exile Community

Ever since I began making Political Theater, one thing hasn’t stopped tormenting me, it’s almost psychological torture. It has something to do with the fact that you end up living in a constant state of paranoia. Continue reading

“They’re Using You”

I recently read Tania Bruguera’s statements about an artist’s rights. One of them referred to the artist’s right to dissent. Within an authoritarian system, the artist begins to live a double dissidence, first in art, then in society. Continue reading

Resistance Theatre, Independent of the Cuban State

Kairos Theater is an independent group which came into being in 2012. An alternative project which tries to survive in an itinerant manner. Patriotismo 36-77 is the new piece that is currently in the process of being put together. Continue reading

Illegality Proves that things Need to Change

Not too long ago, I was speaking to a historian who told me she was up-to-date with the news relating to acts of censorship that have taken place over recent months. With a gesture of political indifference she said: “This isn’t going to change.” Continue reading