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September 2018
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Connected to the world via internet, one option for Guantanamo people

Baracoa's news

The world moves via the internet, it’s the phrase of a mad about the World Wide Web and is not far from reality. The search for information and news, social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, email, conducting business, large-scale advertising, buying and selling of dissimilar products, music downloads, videos and much more, so millions of people daily turn to digital pages to meet various needs.

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Guantánamo woman appreciated this July 26 the recovery of Santiago

Guantánamo woman appreciates this July 26 the recovery of Santiago

Celena Calderín Pérez from Guantánamo is ashamed for not participating personally in the activities for the 60th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba. However, she is happy because the act performed there is "a good example of how Santiago has restored " from damages of Sandy hurricane.

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Cuban Revolution Will Remain Young, said Raul Castro

The Cuban Revolution will remain young, here today said President Raul Castro to close the main event for the 60th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks, attended by several leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean. Continue reading

Blockade of Cuba Must End, Says Ecuadorian FM

Ecuador's Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño today urged to put an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

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St. Vincent and Grenadines Leader Urges to Take Care Cuban Revolution

The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, today urged Cubans to look after their revolution, saying that many in the world admire this nation. Continue reading

Cuba Radiates Moral Force for the World, Says Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega today said here that the Cuban Revolution is the star of solidarity that radiates a big moral force for the world. Continue reading

Sixty Years of the Moncada Boost Changes in Latin America, Maduro

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said here that the 60 years of the assault on the Moncada barracks encourage ongoing changes in Latin America, reinforce hope and confirm that it was worth the fight. Continue reading

Expedition of 100 Ceibas Route departures from Guantanamo

Scholars of the life and work of Jose Marti participate since last Sunday July 21 until October 7 at the Second Cuban Expedition by the Route of the Hundred Ceibas, to mark the 160 anniversary of the birth of the National Hero and awaiting the Nati... Continue reading

Cuba celebrates Che Guevara documents included in World Register

The UN Memory of the World Register is honored when saving documents whose creator is one of the most outstanding figures mankind has ever known, Ernesto Che Guevara, said investigator Berarda Salabrarria here Friday. Continue reading

Agriculture replaces imports and brings exports

With an overproduction by 15 % of coffee grains, this line is confirmed as the main export item of Guantanamo, an activity in agriculture that obtained encouraging results at the end of May. Continue reading

New houses in the Caribe District

Of the 65 planned for this year in Guantanamo, 20 houses were culminated in the Caribe neighborhood of this city, according to Luis Ariel Bouly Favier, specialist in the Municipal Housing Unit, entity leading this project. Continue reading

Local Development Program, five years of achievements

In little more than five years after the implementation of the Local Development Program, Guantanamo province finished 1035 social projects, 22 of them are scheduled for July 26, located in the ten municipalities. Continue reading

Guantanamo fights against desertification and drought

The fight against desertification and drought in Guantanamo is strengthened by the implementation of the OP 15 project, aimed at sustainable land management in the credit and service cooperatives ((individual land owners who join together for certa... Continue reading

Summer vacation plan for all

Baracoa's news

Until August 31, the Guantanamo’s families will enjoy of a healthy recreation in the most 1200 sports facilities of the territory to have an unforgettable holiday, which begins next July 6 in the municipality of Imías.

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Improvement of Guantánamo-Baracoa road is in progress

Road repair

The capital repair of various sections of Guantánamo-Baracoa road, including repairs in La Farola viaduct, one of the seven wonders of the Cuban civil engineering, is in progress according to its executive schedule.

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The World Food Program supports project in Guantanamo

The World Food Program (WFP) will provide financial support to grain production in the Cuban provinces of Guantanamo and Matanzas. Continue reading

Pig Emporium fulfills pork production plan

Baracoa's news

The Guantanamo’s Pig Emporium overfulfilled the production of pork until the end of May to deliver 86 tons above the 1400 provided with priority for the industry.

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Venezuelan Election Process Open and Solid

The Vice-President of Venezuela''s National Election Council (CNE), Socorro Hernandez, is highlighting today the openness and solidity of the Venezuelan election process as it heads into April 14th presidential elections. According Hernandez, more tha... Continue reading

Poll Confirms Maduro Advantage toward Venezuelan Elections


The candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, exceeds by a gap of 15.8 percentage units the main opposition representative Henrique Capriles to the vote of April 14, according to a poll released Tuesday in this capital.

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Restoration of Guantánamo-Baracoa Highway Underway


Some 19 kilometers of the highway Guantánamo-Baracoa will be repaired this year with actions that include potholes, expanding of walks, paving and other. This maintenance will improve the safety and comfort of this important gateway to important production and touristic centers of the province.

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Nicolas Maduro Calls on Venezuelans to Win Resounding Electoral Victory

Acting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged the people to win a resounding victory in the upcoming April 14th elections. Continue reading

Scarcity of Rain, but Enough Water in Guantanamo’s Reservoirs

The reservoirs in the eastern province of Guantanamo presently show a favorable situation, despite rainfall this year of only 27.9% of the historical average. Continue reading

Latin Jazz legend Bebo Valdés dies at 94

Bebo Valdés

Cuban musician and Latin jazz icon Bebo Valdés died in Stockholm on Friday at age 94, after battling with Alzheimer's disease for several years.

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Venezuelan Electoral System Transparency

The Venezuelan electoral system guarantees the transparency of the process and respect for the sovereign decision of each citizen when they vote, say authorities on the subject. President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, p... Continue reading

Venezuelan Gov’t Guarantees Presidential Nominee’s Security

The acting President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said today the national government will guarantee the security of Presidential nominees for April 14 elections. Maduro ratified the denunciation on the existing plans to attempt against the oppos... Continue reading

CIA Has Attempted to Assassinate 50 Foreign Leaders Including Chavez

Was the illness of Hugo Chavez a completely deniable assassination by the CIA? William Blum spoke with the journalist John Robles for canadian digital site Global Exchange and discussed this issue and more. "The CIA has attempted to assassinate mo... Continue reading