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March 2018
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Photo Feature

My Recent Visit to Santiago de Cuba

The 72 hours I spent in the city where I was born was enough for me to appreciate several positive aspects firsthand about the city’s renovation and transformation work to its buildings, streets and parks. (37 photos) Continue reading

Havana Women on International Women’s Day

Women in Havana on International Women's Day 2018. (33 photos) Continue reading

To the Women of Guantanamo

Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking, jocular, charismatic, dancers, are some of the many good things that we appreciate of women, for which the following photographs are dedicated today. (10 photos) Continue reading

Cuba’s Grand Tour Kicks Off in Guantanamo

A field of 87 cyclists embarked on a journey over 150 km long between the City of Baracoa and Guantanamo’s provincial capital on Wednesday, taking part in the fifth edition of the much-anticipated National Classic Grand Tour. (18 photos) Continue reading

Kids Birthdays in Cuba: a Clown, Magician and More…

A child’s birthday without a pinata isn’t really a party, it isn’t a party if the Clown is missing neither. Today, hiring one or several clowns to liven up parties is the norm here in Guantanamo, something which wasn’t the case some years back. (11 photos) Continue reading

Havana International Book Fair 2018 in Pictures

The Havana International Book Fair, Cuba’s most popular annual event, reaches its half way point on Tuesday.  There is still plenty of time visit the fair’s main and sub-venues through February 11th. (41 photos) Continue reading

Scenes from Centro Habana in January 2018

Daily life in Centro Habana during the last days of January 2018. (44 photos) Continue reading

A Day of Sun and Rain in Baracoa, Cuba

The year started off with more rain the usual in the far eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo and in Baracoa it continues to rain, with its characteristic intermittent sun and precipitation. (10 photos) Continue reading

As the Cuban Revolution Turns 59

January 1, 2018, marks the 59th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Some Cubans will celebrate as stated in the official media: “Inspired by the example of the eternal Commander and Chief Fidel Castro, Havana celebrates the 59th anniversary…” while others will just be celebrating the New Year. (20 photos) Continue reading

End of Year Photos from Downtown Havana

In his photography Juan Suarez is often trying to give us a look at day-to-day life in the center of the Cuban capital where he lives. He captures people going about their daily activities, the buildings and the streets. Today he brings us a selection ... Continue reading

We Visit Bayamo, Granma in Eastern Cuba

Bayamo was one of the first villages founded in Cuba by the Spanish. Nowadays Bayamo has a population of around 250,000 inhabitants. It is a quiet, clean city, with hospitable and friendly people. (26 photos) Continue reading

Havana Behind Bars

For a long time iron grids have been part of our architectural structure. Evidently we live behind bars. To feel safe we need something to protect our doors and windows and there is nothing better than an iron trellis. (60 photos) Continue reading

Angel’s Hill in Havana’s Historic Center

In Havana’s historic center, near the Museum of the Revolution, you can find the place that inspired Cirilo Villaverde to write his famous novel “Cecilia Valdes or Angel’s Hill.” Ernesto Gonzalez brings us his photo feature. (12 photos) Continue reading

Recycled Materials Become Planters

With clay pots relatively expensive, those who are interested in planting a range of plants at their homes are improvising containers, the kind that pop up everywhere and don’t cost a cent. (11 photos) Continue reading

Havana from the Waist Down

Of the many ways to photograph people in the Cuban capital Juan Suarez decided to capture people going about their daily business or just hanging out but from the waist down. Here is what he saw. (24 photos) Continue reading

Old Havana Gets a Make-over at 498 Years Old

Works have been stepped up in the run up to the city’s 498th anniversary and they will continue to increase until the 500th anniversary, which will be celebrated on November 16, 2019. (12 photos) Continue reading

Finalists of the HT Cuba 2017 Photo Contest

After three rounds of selection today we bring you the finalists of the HT Cuba 2017 Photo Contest, our ninth event. The 19-member jury started with 1105 pictures from 144 photographers in the six categories. The final round includes 64 photos from 40... Continue reading

Havana Architecture: a Battle of Symbols

Since the very beginning, the formal elements desired since the beginning of the Republican era in 1902 complied with the search for a national architecture, relating to its own traditions, weather factors and Cuban lifestyle. (25 photos) Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – Second Cut

Here are the 135 pictures from 52 photographers that have made it past the second cut of the 2017 HT Cuba Photo Contest. The 19-member jury has begun making their picks in Round Three. We hope to post the finalists on or before Saturday November 18. ... Continue reading

Old Cars in Havana

At the beginning of the 90s, when the only expectation that Cuba generated towards the world, was to see how long the socialist regime lasted, a friend told me that Havana was known as the rolling museum, referring to the number of US-made cars prior t... Continue reading

HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest – First Cut

The time has come to present the surviving photos from the first cut of our HT 2017 Cuba Photo Contest. A total of 81 participants managed to have at least one photo make it to round two, which now includes a total of 235 pictures, down from 1,105 fro... Continue reading

Old Doors in Havana

Old chronicles tell us that Havana used to be covered in timber-yielding trees before it was a city, where Manilkara trees, cedars, mahogany and the reddish rosewood trees would keep the earth cool and damp. (27 photos) Continue reading

Guantanamo’s “Chamacos”

Kids of any age are often referred to as “chamacos”. In Guantanamo province it is a popularized slang that extends beyond adolescents, even between adults. (12 photos) Continue reading

Boris Lurie in Havana

Boris Lurie's exhibition in Havana brings the NO ART movement to the temporary exhibit room at Cuba’s National Museum of Fine Arts. It includes nearly a hundreds of his works and will be on display until January 7, 2018. (21 photos) Continue reading

Havana’s Neighborhood Movie Theaters

In ruins, like defenseless ghosts in the whirlwind of a city that grew with them, neighborhood movie theaters no longer tell us stories, but they resist being left completely empty inside. Maybe it’s their last attempt to save us from sinking into a dream-void state. (44 photos) Continue reading

A Glimpse of Touristy Havana

Havana’s historic center is one of the city’s most touristy areas, there’s no doubt about that. Its commonplace to see a “photographic walk” going on, a lot of tourists along Obispo Street, in Central Park, the Port Avenue... (16 photos) Continue reading