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August 2018
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Photo Feature

There’s Nothing Like Cycling around Havana

Ever since the Bicicletear La Habana project began, Yasser Gonzalez, the event’s main organizer, has advocated for more alternative and sustainable projects in a city where vehicle traffic, and all of its derivatives, are truly harmful to our health. (13 photos) Continue reading

Tribute to Movie Posters at Cuba’s Fine Art Museum

Memory in pictures. Cuban Film Institute Posters 1960-2017, is the name of an exhibition which was recently inaugurated at the National Museum of Fine Art’s building dedicated to Cuban Art and is open to the public through August 12th. (21 photos) Continue reading

A Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre

About 30 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, in the town of El Cobre, a small settlement in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, Patron Saint of Cuba and Oshun in the Yoruba pantheon. (22 photos) Continue reading

Summer in Guantanamo

Just a few days left now until the summer holidays begin, which every year go on through July and August, when our young children and teenagers finish their studies and dedicate all of their time to having fun in different ways. (12 photos) Continue reading

Flowers, Angels and Epitaphs in Havana’s Colon Cemetery

Colon, the largest and most emblematic of Havana’s cemeteries, has innumerable mausoleums and sculptures that are true works of art. But in this work what we want to highlight are some of the epitaphs present in their funeral niches, and the flowers that residents in this city put daily to their dead. (22 photos) Continue reading

Havana’s Churches

Religion has deep roots in Cuba and there being a church in every small town throughout the country (no matter how remote it is), is proof of this. Likewise, you can walk through Havana by following its church trail: Guanabacoa, Central Havana, Bahia, ... Continue reading

Another Parade in Cuba against Homophobia

Cenesex (National Center for Sex Education) celebrates its annual May campaign against homophobia and transphobia in Cuba. As part of the program, the traditional conga parade was held on this occasion from the intersection of Linea and Paseo Avenues ... Continue reading

Havana’s Cerro Ave. Weathered by Time

The Calzada del Cerro Avenue, located in the municipality of the same name, since its construction in 1803, followed by the flourishing of its mansions and villas around it until the middle of that century, earned it an important place in the history o... Continue reading

First National Seed Fair in Cuba and its Big Challenge

With the slogan "Seeds comes first", the first National Seed Fair began on April 20, at the popular fairground in the municipality of Boyeros, in Havana. The challenges is great, Cuba still imports the majority of the food consumed and funds for import... Continue reading

May Day in Cuba, a Different Experience

Once again hundreds of thousands of workers from Havana went out to parade at the Plaza of the Revolution on May 1, International Worker’s Day. In other countries the day is one of demands for wages, benefits, against injustices and for rights, while in Cuba it is reaffirmation in support for the government, the leaders and the Communist Party. (50 photos) Continue reading

Arts and Crafts Fair in Havana for Mother’s Day Gifts

Each year as Mother’s Day approaches a crafts fair is held in Havana giving those with the cash a chance to purchase gifts with a variety of prices. This year Mother's Day in Cuba falls on Sunday May 13th. (16 photos) Continue reading

Pictures from Camaguey, Cuba

Located in the island’s central-eastern region, Camaguey city is well-known across Cuba for its large clay pots and the way its streets were built, especially the historic center, which can confuse any visitor who comes for the first time. (43 photos) Continue reading

Yoga in the Streets of Havana

The Polish born yoga practitioner Gosia wanted to show her talent by wandering the streets of Havana and posing in spontaneous fashion among the inhabitants going about their daily routines. (15 photos) Continue reading

Tourism in Cayo Granma, Santiago de Cuba

In spite of having been born in Santiago de Cuba, I had never had the opportunity to visit Cayo Granma. The idea was always dormant in my mind until my work as a tour guide gave me this opportunity when I took a group of US women. (45 photos) Continue reading

Santiago de Cuba and its Visual Mystique

Santiago de Cuba has a spirituality that leaves a mark on whoever has the unique experience of walking through its streets. (14 photos) Continue reading

Painting Workshop for Kids in Baracoa, Cuba

Baracoa is one of the most beautiful cities in Guantanamo province and even though it is surrounded by a lush landscape and clean beaches which provide people with the opportunity to go and visit them and swim in their warm waters, residents in Cuba’s First Town don’t have very many other entertainment options. Continue reading

The Cuban-German ViaDanza Company

ViaDanza is a Cuban-German dance company, which was founded on March 16th 2010 and is currently being represented by the Actuar Performing Arts Agency which belongs to Cuba’s Culture Ministry. (24 photos) Continue reading

My Trip to Cuba’s Car Museum

When I was a child, I always wanted to visit the Transport Museum located in Santiago de Cuba. Back then, my hunger to visit this place was fed every summer when we would pass it by on the bus with my relatives and friends on the way to the Playa Sigua... Continue reading

My Recent Visit to Santiago de Cuba

The 72 hours I spent in the city where I was born was enough for me to appreciate several positive aspects firsthand about the city’s renovation and transformation work to its buildings, streets and parks. (37 photos) Continue reading

Havana Women on International Women’s Day

Women in Havana on International Women's Day 2018. (33 photos) Continue reading

To the Women of Guantanamo

Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking, jocular, charismatic, dancers, are some of the many good things that we appreciate of women, for which the following photographs are dedicated today. (10 photos) Continue reading

Cuba’s Grand Tour Kicks Off in Guantanamo

A field of 87 cyclists embarked on a journey over 150 km long between the City of Baracoa and Guantanamo’s provincial capital on Wednesday, taking part in the fifth edition of the much-anticipated National Classic Grand Tour. (18 photos) Continue reading

Kids Birthdays in Cuba: a Clown, Magician and More…

A child’s birthday without a pinata isn’t really a party, it isn’t a party if the Clown is missing neither. Today, hiring one or several clowns to liven up parties is the norm here in Guantanamo, something which wasn’t the case some years back. (11 photos) Continue reading

Havana International Book Fair 2018 in Pictures

The Havana International Book Fair, Cuba’s most popular annual event, reaches its half way point on Tuesday.  There is still plenty of time visit the fair’s main and sub-venues through February 11th. (41 photos) Continue reading

Scenes from Centro Habana in January 2018

Daily life in Centro Habana during the last days of January 2018. (44 photos) Continue reading

A Day of Sun and Rain in Baracoa, Cuba

The year started off with more rain the usual in the far eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo and in Baracoa it continues to rain, with its characteristic intermittent sun and precipitation. (10 photos) Continue reading