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October 2018
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Cuba: New Details on Investigations of Plane Crashed in Havana

According to the president of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC), Armando Daniel Lopez, the content of the Boeing 737-200’s two black boxes has been clarified almost entirely The investigation into the plane crash that took place on May 18th in Havana entered a new phase, which will allow identifying if it was … Continue reading

Only Survivor of Plane Crash in Cuba Starts Rehabilitation

The 19-year-old woman was discharged from the Calixto Garcia Hospital, where she was treated for multiple traumas after more than 70 days of a battle for her life Continue reading

Mexico Investigates Plane Crash in Durango

In the incident, the 99 passengers and four crew members survived, although a child and the aircraft’s captain are in a delicate but stable state Aeronautical authorities are today investigating the causes of the accident occurred yesterday with an Aeromexico plane, when it was trying to take off from the Durango airport to the federal … Continue reading

Cuba Denies Information on Causes of Air Crash

According to the investigative commission, a process of this magnitude requires the analysis of multiple factors and it has not been concluded yet The commission investigating the plane crash of May 18 in Havana said today that any statement about the likely cause of this tragedy is still premature. The group indicated that yesterday it … Continue reading

Cuba Continue Investigations on May 18 Air Crash

Cuba continues to investigate what caused a Boeing 737-200, leased by Cubana de Aviación, to crash shortly after takeoff on May 18 According to officials from the island’s Civil Aviation Institute (IACC), work is underway in the United States to recover information from the plane’s black boxes. This, along with other evidence, such as the … Continue reading

All Victims of Cuba Plane Crash Have Been Identified

The remains of the last nine identified victims of the plane crash that occurred in Cuba on May 18 will leave for their places of origin today accompanied by their relatives to be buried On Saturday, the Legal Medicine Institute informed about the conclusion of that exhaustive process of identification of all 110 immediate victims … Continue reading

A Resident of Sancti Spiritus in the DMJ 0972 Flight

Rodolfo Hernández González, one of the victims of the fatal plane crash occurred last May 18th, was a native of Cabaiguán. That day he was traveling on that plane to Holguín to, paradoxically, make repairs on aircrafts in that eastern Cuban territory He was not supposed to be on that plane. Or maybe he was, … Continue reading

More than Half of the Victims of Cuba Plane Crash Identified

Only three women —all Cubans— survived the accident, but one of them, 23-year-old Gretell Landrove, died on Monday, bringing the total number of deaths to 111 So far, Cuban experts have identified 58 fatal victims of the air accident occurred on May 18, today reported the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine, Sergio Rabell. … Continue reading

Fifty of the Fatal Victims of Air Disaster Already Identified

Cuban experts identified 50 fatal victims of the air disaster occurred last Friday in Havana, said the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine, Sergio Rabell In statements to the press, the official said that in the last hours they identified 10 other people, five of them foreigners (four of the six Mexican crew members … Continue reading

Cuba Plane Crash Investigations Supported by USA, Mexico Experts

According to Granma newspaper, American specialists  are participating because the Boeing 737-200 is manufactured in the United States Experts from the United States and Mexico support the investigations led by Cuba to clarify the causes of the plane crash that took place last Friday in this capital, the press reports today. The Granma newspaper specifies … Continue reading

Cuba´s First VP Valdés Mesa highlights efforts to clarify the plane crash

The First Vice President of the Cuban Council of State and Ministers, Salvador Valdés Mesa, assured on Sunday that the country’s leadership is working hard to shorten the deadlines in order to discover the causes of Friday’s plane crash in Havana In a tour of the Tulipán Hotel, the Institute of Legal Medicine and the […]

La entrada Cuba´s First VP Valdés Mesa highlights efforts to clarify the plane crash aparece primero en Radio Metropolitana.

Continue reading

Cuban Experts Keep on Investigating on Plane Crash Causes

Investigations to clarify the causes of the plane crash occurred in Havana and the identification process of the victims continue today by Cuban experts The Institute of Forensic Medicine said that 36 of 110 dead in the incident reported on Friday in the vicinity of the Jose Marti International Airport were identified. Specialist Jorge Gonzalez … Continue reading

International Consternation over Plane Crash in Havana

Messages have been sent by people from all over the world  expressing their solidarity and condolences with the relatives of the victims and with the Cuban people in general The international community expressed its deep sorrow over the aviation accident in Cuba when a Boeing-737 aircraft of the Damojh company with 104 passengers on board … Continue reading

Cuba: Plane Crashes Near Havana International Airport

The plane was flying from Havana to the eastern Cuban province of Holguin, with 113 persons on board A Boeing 737 hired by Cubana de Aviacion Airtlines crashed shortly after takeoff from Cuba’s Jose Marti airport Friday. According to officials, the flight was heading to the Cuban city of Holguin and may have had over … Continue reading

Fidel Castro Blasts Downing of Malaysian Plane, Expresses Solidarity with Palestine

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, expressed his rejection for the downing of a Malaysian airliner on Ukrainian territory and reiterated his solidarity of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip amidst the current Israeli aggression. Fidel wrote an article on Thursday evening, which was published by Cuban media under the title […] Continue reading

Malaysian Passenger Plane Crashes over Ukraine

The plane was carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew members, according to Malaysian Airlines Ukrainian authorities say the Malaysian Airlines plane that crashed over east Ukraine with 295 people on board was brought down by a terrorist act, but pro-Russian rebels fighting in the area denied they were responsible. Aviation authorities don’t yet know what […] Continue reading