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May 2018
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The Artist, a Neuroscientist?

An approach to the border between science and art By: Augusto González, Dr. Sc. Today’s article will be dedicated to exploring the border between science and art. Let’s put a concrete example from real life, so not to theorize too much. A few years ago, scientists from the Institute of Materials from the University of […]

La entrada The Artist, a Neuroscientist? aparece primero en Radio Metropolitana.

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World Researchers Attend Science Convention in Havana

The forum will assess the development of information technologies and communications, renewable energy sources, and the pharmaceutical industry, amng other issues Over 1,200 experts from 39 countries are gathering in Havana for the 2nd International Convention on Science, Technology and Innovation, aimed at promoting the exchange of expertise, integration sustainable practice and the achievements in … Continue reading

Un examen de sangre experimental logra detectar ocho tipos de cáncer

Investigadores de Estados Unidos lograron un avance importante en la lucha contra el cáncer al desarrollar una única prueba de sangre que permite detectar ocho tipo comunes de tumores cancerosos en las fases iniciales. Estudios más amplios sobre la prueba llamada CancerSEEK, que evalúa las proteínas relacionadas con el cáncer y las mutaciones genéticas en la sangre, están actualmente en marcha. Continue reading

Revista Science destaca plan de acción de Cuba contra el cambio climático

La revista Science, órgano difusor de la Asociación Americana para el Avance de la Ciencia, elogió hoy el plan de acciones de Cuba para protegerse del cambio climático en el próximo siglo. En un trabajo periodístico la publicación detalló los pormenores del proyecto denominado Tarea Vida, el cual tiene acciones previstas para los próximos cien años. Continue reading

Cuba Interested in Biotechnology Projects with South Africa

Cuba is willing to develop joint projects and to establish lasting relations in the interest of both countries Cuba expressed its willingness to contribute to and collaborate with the development of joint projects with South Africa in biotechnology, and establish lasting relations in the interest of both countries. Marta Ayala, deputy director-general of the Cuban […] Continue reading

Science vs. Manipulation in Alleged Sonic Attacks

According to Dr. Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, there is no coherent medical explanation for the Sonic attack accusation The laws of physics, basic medical principles, and logic contradict the hypothesis that U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba suffered sonic attacks, according to scientists and experts who have noted the inconsistencies in reported symptoms, the locations of alleged incidents, […] Continue reading

UN Study Analyzes Wildlife Trade in the Amazon

The multimillion-dollar legal wildlife trade in species originating from Amazonian countries has been analyzed in detail for the first time A new report produced by the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP-WCMC), UK, identifies the major export routes for millions of animals and plants — from live parrots to caiman skins to orchids — […] Continue reading

Cienaga de Zapata Hosts Forum on Climate Change

This place, located south of Matanzas province, is considered the best-preserved wetland of the Insular Caribbean The Workshop on Climate Change and Wetlands, research programs, adaptation, and management, stands out during the fourth and penultimate day of the 11th International Symposium on Management of these ecosystems. The interventions dealt with early warning of tropical fires, […] Continue reading

Scientists Warn about Melting of Glaciers in Antarctica

A research was made based on the combination of satellite images, wind data, and oceanographic observations The strengthening of ocean winds accelerates the melting of the largest glacier in the east of Antarctica, a scientific study warned today. According to the report of the Australian Antarctic Program, the change of behavior of the winds in […] Continue reading

Tropical Depression Brings Rains Back in Cuba

Taking into consideration the weather forecast issued about the new tropical system that may affect western and central Cuba with heavy rainfall, measures have been adopted in Sancti Spiritus since yesterday aimed at protecting the people living in the south of the province, given the threat of sea penetrations and floods. Experts from the local […] Continue reading

Red Sun, Yellow Sky in England Due to Hurricane Ophelia

An unusual yellow sky and red-looking sun were seen across many parts of England yesterday As reported by a local weather report, the phenomenon was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara. Debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain was also playing a part. The […] Continue reading

September Rainfall Favored Reservoirs in Cuba

At the end of September, the reservoirs of the island held a total of 6.446 billion cubic meters of water September, as usual, proved to be one of the wettest months of the year in Cuba, ending with total national rainfall of 344.9 millimeters, equivalent to 185% of the historic monthly average. As reflected by […] Continue reading

Chile Reports 6.3-Magnitude Earthquake

Early Tuesday morning an earthquake measuring 6.3 struck north Chile, United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported The tremor hit 70 kilometers east of Arica, near the Peru border. No tsunami warning is currently in effect. Chile, which lies on the Ring of Fire – fault lines that circles the Pacific Basin and are prone to […] Continue reading

TURNAT 2017 Attendees Travel to Baracoa

The nature tourism event TURNAT 2017 is being shared by the eastern Cuban cities of Holguin and Baracoa Experts in nature tourism from around the world have received a warm reception in eastern Baracoa, the first city founded by the Spaniards in Cuba in 1511. Attendees at the 11th International Nature Tourism Event, TURNAT 2017, […] Continue reading

Caguanes Magroves: Savers and Victims

The approximately 4,000 acres of the Parque Nacional Caguanes mangrove forests  —located on the coast of Yaguajay (north of Sancti Spiritus), and considered as one of the best in Cuba— fulfilled their primary function as protective barrier of that littoral area, which was not greatly damaged by Hurricane Irma. Yet, there were serious consequences for […] Continue reading

Holguin and Baracoa Venues of TURNAT 2017

The International Nature Tourism Event, first celebrated in 2000 in Viñales, will be held from 26 to 30 September Holguín tourist destination is ready to welcome the 11th International Nature Tourism Event TURNAT 2017, from 26 to 30 September, which will share its headquarters with the city of Baracoa in Guantánamo. Maikel Robelt, from the […] Continue reading

Island of Puerto Rico Ravaged by Hurricane Maria

Powerful hurricane Maria caused damage, floods and left the country dismayed by the magnitude of the recovery that will be needed Photos taken from Continue reading

Hurricane Maria Threatens Caribbean Nations

A hurricane watch is in effect for mainland Puerto Rico as well as Vieques and Culebra, U.S. Virgin Islands, and other nearby territories Caribbean nations are bracing for the second powerful storm in as many weeks as Hurricane Maria approaches.   The Category 3 system, which is expected to strengthen significantly in the next 48 hours, […] Continue reading

Hurricane Irma Damages 80 Percent of Natural Forests in Sancti Spiritus

Although due to difficulties with access and communications the impact of Hurricane Irma is still unkown in several facilities, preliminary information allows us to state that 80 percent of the natural forests under the Flora and Fauna Business Unit Sa... Continue reading

US Doctor Praises Exchange with Cuba

The health professional highlighted the way in which the Cuban medical system focuses on the human being as the most important thing A visit to Cuba in 2015 and the concern about infant mortality rates in a Chicago community led US doctor Robert A. Winn to become interested in working with Cuban specialists. Press reports […] Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus’s Mobile Computer Club

A mobile computer center, best known in Cuba as  Joven Club de Computación, started operating in Sancti Spiritus as an educational and recreational option for the people living in hard-to-reach areas. It is an air-conditioned bus with 12 modern computers inside that offer the same services available in the usual facilities.   This initiative, born […] Continue reading

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Partially Visible in Cuba

The eclipse will be only total in the United States but partially visible in various areas of the Caribbean and Latin America The August 21st solar eclipse, which currently triggers great expectation in North America, will be partially visible in Cuba, said the Cuban Academy of Sciences on its website. The eclipse will be partial […] Continue reading

2016 Confirmed as the Warmest Year in 137 Years

A new annual report on the weather in the world, confirmed that 2016 must be considered as the warmest year in a period of 137 consecutive years of keeping registrations A report by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday that the global temperature of the planet’s surface and ocean in the […] Continue reading

World’s 1st Skin Cancer Drug Available in Every Cuban Pharmacy

The world’s first skin cancer treatment, which targets basal cell carcinoma, has appeared in pharmacies across Cuba within only six months of its entry into the market Within months of its development, Heberferon has brought incredible results to over 400 patients around the island. The world’s first skin cancer treatment, which targets basal cell carcinoma, […] Continue reading

Too Hot to Live!

Unless carbon emissions are curtailed, climate change may expose 1.5 billion people in South Asia to potentially lethal heat and humidity in the near future South Asia, where one-fifth of the world’s people live, could face summer heat waves that are impossible to survive without protection, thanks to global warming, new research suggests. Hardest hit […] Continue reading

Earth Temperature Will Rise 2 Degrees by the End of This Century

By the end of the century, the global temperature is likely to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenhei Earth Temperature Will Rise 2 Degrees by the End of This Century. (Photo: Prensa Latina) This rise in temperature is the ominous conclusion reached by two different studies using entirely different methods published […] Continue reading