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September 2017
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Caguanes Magroves: Savers and Victims

The approximately 4,000 acres of the Parque Nacional Caguanes mangrove forests  —located on the coast of Yaguajay (north of Sancti Spiritus), and considered as one of the best in Cuba— fulfilled their primary function as protective barrier of that littoral area, which was not greatly damaged by Hurricane Irma. Yet, there were serious consequences for […] Continue reading

Holguin and Baracoa Venues of TURNAT 2017

The International Nature Tourism Event, first celebrated in 2000 in Viñales, will be held from 26 to 30 September Holguín tourist destination is ready to welcome the 11th International Nature Tourism Event TURNAT 2017, from 26 to 30 September, which will share its headquarters with the city of Baracoa in Guantánamo. Maikel Robelt, from the […] Continue reading

Island of Puerto Rico Ravaged by Hurricane Maria

Powerful hurricane Maria caused damage, floods and left the country dismayed by the magnitude of the recovery that will be needed Photos taken from Continue reading

Hurricane Maria Threatens Caribbean Nations

A hurricane watch is in effect for mainland Puerto Rico as well as Vieques and Culebra, U.S. Virgin Islands, and other nearby territories Caribbean nations are bracing for the second powerful storm in as many weeks as Hurricane Maria approaches.   The Category 3 system, which is expected to strengthen significantly in the next 48 hours, […] Continue reading

Hurricane Irma Damages 80 Percent of Natural Forests in Sancti Spiritus

Although due to difficulties with access and communications the impact of Hurricane Irma is still unkown in several facilities, preliminary information allows us to state that 80 percent of the natural forests under the Flora and Fauna Business Unit Sa... Continue reading

US Doctor Praises Exchange with Cuba

The health professional highlighted the way in which the Cuban medical system focuses on the human being as the most important thing A visit to Cuba in 2015 and the concern about infant mortality rates in a Chicago community led US doctor Robert A. Winn to become interested in working with Cuban specialists. Press reports […] Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus’s Mobile Computer Club

A mobile computer center, best known in Cuba as  Joven Club de Computación, started operating in Sancti Spiritus as an educational and recreational option for the people living in hard-to-reach areas. It is an air-conditioned bus with 12 modern computers inside that offer the same services available in the usual facilities.   This initiative, born […] Continue reading

Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Partially Visible in Cuba

The eclipse will be only total in the United States but partially visible in various areas of the Caribbean and Latin America The August 21st solar eclipse, which currently triggers great expectation in North America, will be partially visible in Cuba, said the Cuban Academy of Sciences on its website. The eclipse will be partial […] Continue reading

2016 Confirmed as the Warmest Year in 137 Years

A new annual report on the weather in the world, confirmed that 2016 must be considered as the warmest year in a period of 137 consecutive years of keeping registrations A report by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Thursday that the global temperature of the planet’s surface and ocean in the […] Continue reading

World’s 1st Skin Cancer Drug Available in Every Cuban Pharmacy

The world’s first skin cancer treatment, which targets basal cell carcinoma, has appeared in pharmacies across Cuba within only six months of its entry into the market Within months of its development, Heberferon has brought incredible results to over 400 patients around the island. The world’s first skin cancer treatment, which targets basal cell carcinoma, […] Continue reading

Too Hot to Live!

Unless carbon emissions are curtailed, climate change may expose 1.5 billion people in South Asia to potentially lethal heat and humidity in the near future South Asia, where one-fifth of the world’s people live, could face summer heat waves that are impossible to survive without protection, thanks to global warming, new research suggests. Hardest hit […] Continue reading

Earth Temperature Will Rise 2 Degrees by the End of This Century

By the end of the century, the global temperature is likely to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenhei Earth Temperature Will Rise 2 Degrees by the End of This Century. (Photo: Prensa Latina) This rise in temperature is the ominous conclusion reached by two different studies using entirely different methods published […] Continue reading

Cuba, Uruguay Together in Coca Leaf Research

Both countries already expressed their interest of importing from industrialized products made out of the coca plant Uruguay and Cuba will research the medicinal and nutritional values of the coca leaves, informed the person in charge of the Industrialization Unit of the Vice Ministry of that plant in Bolivia, Jesus Sanez. For that, both countries […] Continue reading

First Regional Climate Center Opens in Barbados

This body has been approved by the Caribbean Meteorological Organization (CMO), and is the first in the Western hemisphere Barbados is now home of the first Regional Climate Center (RCC) in the Western hemisphere, according to the CARICOM secretariat. The body, approved by the Caribbean Meteorological Organization (CMO), was opened at the headquarters of the Caribbean […] Continue reading

India to Start Family Planning Campaign

The program will take place in 146 districts in seven states and will be focused on improving contraceptive methods The Indian Ministry of Health launched a family planning campaign aimed at slowing the growth of the country’s population, inhabited by more than 1,3 billion people. The mission will take place in 146 districts in seven […] Continue reading

Cuba Reaffirms Actions to Preserve Environment

Cuba has also stressed its willingness to continue working on strategies to deal with climate change and to better use natural resources The 11th International Convention on Environment and Development has reaffirmed Cuba’s actions in favor of the environment to deal with climate change and other pressing problems, Granma newspaper reported. According to the daily, […] Continue reading

Climate Change Facilitates Spread of Chikungunya Virus

If climate change continues unchecked, the virus could even spread to southern Europe and the United States   The mosquito-borne viral disease Chikungunya is usually found in tropical areas according to Scientific Reports. Researchers at the University of Bayreuth and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Stockholm have now discovered how […] Continue reading

Cuba-US Expedition to Foster Academic Exchange

The expedition, held on board the Walton Smith research vessel of the Florida Atlantic University, lasted 28 days as part of a joint Plan of Activities The Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) announced on Wednesday in Havana that the Cuba-US joint expedition along the island’s coasts concluded with positive results. The joint expedition’s […] Continue reading

Endemic Palm Tree Relocated in Sancti Spiritus

The Coccothrinax crinita subsp brevicrinis, a palm tree endemic to the Guamuhaya Mountain Range and whose existence was last reported in 1912 in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spíritus, has been relocated near the town of Pitajones, in the municipality of Trinidad, within the same province. According to Julio Pável García Lahera, specialist of […] Continue reading

Another World Environment Day Celebration in Sancti Spiritus

For the third time in the 21st century, Sancti Spiritus has been designated as the host province for the celebration of the World Environment Day in Cuba. According to Leonel Díaz Camero, delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) in this territory, the decision took into account the integral development achieved in […] Continue reading

Heberprot-P Treatment Benefits Thousands in Cuba

More than 65 000 patients from all over Cuba have so far received the benefits of Heberprot-P, a drug first used on June, 2007, during a pilot study in the island’s central province of Sancti Spiritus. The medication, created by a team of researchers from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), is the […] Continue reading

The Animal Kingdom of Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

The wild fauna of Sancti Spíritus, which comprises the wild animals of this geographical region, is surprisingly rich. But not all of these animals are safe. Species of hidden and silent life as well as other well-known groups can be found in coastal areas, caves, forests, and rivers. Respecting them, beyond any romanticism, constitutes an […] Continue reading

Vaccine against Zika Virus Being Tested in Vienna

The clinical study will focus on identifying the most suitable doses of the vaccine candidate in regard to immunogenicity, safety, and tolerability A promising vaccine for the Zika virus is now being tested by Themis Bioscience GmbH, a specialized biotech company developing prophylactic vaccines against emerging tropical infectious diseases. After recent progress with the development […] Continue reading

Scientists Uncertain about Future Development of El Niño

The last version of ‘El Niño’ took place between the last quarter of 2015 and the first months of 2016, and had devastating effects in many zones of the world The predictions on the activity of meteorological phenomenon ”El Niño” for the present year, are still uncertain, since it is not still known if it […] Continue reading

Experts Analyze Water Global Problems in Cubagua 2017

The Convention is attended by UN representatives and specialists from Cuba, China, France, Peru, the U.S.A., Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina and Italy Experts from 17 countries and the United Nations system are participating in an international convention in Cuba that examines the global problems associated with water and its interrelation with climate change. There […] Continue reading

Cuba, Russia Discuss Increasing Public Health Cooperation

The next meeting of the Russia-Cuba Health Working Group Intergovernmental Commission will be held in May Cuban Deputy Minister of Public Health Marcia Cobas discussed cooperation in this area, including the introduction of Heberprot P in the country, with the Russian interim minister of that branch, Dimitri Kostennikov, diplomatic sources reported. In the cordial meeting, […] Continue reading