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August 2018
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Heads and Tails of the Same Coin

Somebody I know on social media, who I got on really well with once we found out each other’s stories and our similar points of view about the Cuban dictatorship, wrote to me today to tell me that she would delete me from her friends’ list because she doesn’t want stories appearing in her feed from friends who appreciate former US president Barack Obama. Continue reading

Exile of Artists and Human Rights Defenders Reflects the Terror in Nicaragua

The exile of artists and human rights defenders who have denounced harassment and death threats on themselves and their families in Nicaragua reveals a worsening of the crisis and an increase in terror in the country, lawyers and activists said today. Continue reading

Psychoanalyzing Cuba’s “New Man”

We are a people who beat ourselves up with pleasure. At least in Havana, it’s difficult to get something done or just go to a store without being humiliated. This is such a regular occurrence that most of the time we don’t even react when we are being treated badly. Why don’t we? Continue reading

Remedy for Stress

I have read that “Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century,” on more than one occasion. It’s so bad for you that it can trigger many other diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stomach ulcers, muscular aches and pains and even death. Continue reading

Cuba: Revolution or Resistance?

This seemingly social indifference might actually be covering an attitude of individual resistance, which is what I want to talk about today: if it really is indifference or rather a resistance tailored to the very specific conditions that have been cr... Continue reading

Nicaragua: US Sanctions Three Key Figures of Ortega’s Inner Circle

The acting National Police Chief and the FSLN point man at Managua City Hall were pointed at for crimes and brutal repression. The Albanisa vice-president is punished for corruption and embezzling millions of dollars of public funds. Continue reading

Cuba’s Media only Sees Corruption at the Bottom of the Ladder

If there’s one thing that makes me uneasy, it’s watching a shark fight a sardine. Even more so, when the fight is rigged in the shark’s favor. This is the same uneasy feeling I’ve had watching some recent news reports on Cuban TV, which deal with the fight against corruption that has been sweeping the nation. Continue reading

Maduro Triples Minimum Wage amid Runaway Inflation

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced Wednesday that the national minimum monthly wage will triple by decree to compensate the hyperinflation, which means it will now stand at just over a dollar. However with the food allowance it will approach... Continue reading

National Strike Called for Thursday in Nicaragua

The main business chambers of the country called Tuesday for a 24-hour national strike on Thursday, June 14th, as an "extreme measure" to force President Daniel Ortega to respond to the proposal for the democratization of the country presented by the b... Continue reading

Students Leave UPOLI, Because Infiltrators “Want to Stain the Cause”

After 52 days entrenched in the facilities of the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI), turned into a bastion of the university resistance, the Student April 19th Movement decided to abandon the campus today, due to the "large number of infiltra... Continue reading

Ortega Determined to Remain in Power until 2021

Francisca Ramirez. “We’re not giving in, the people don’t want Ortega to remain in power, and they want him to resign. We’re asking the population to get out on the streets,” added the leader of the anti-canal movement that has supported the student led uprising. Continue reading

Nicaragua: The National Dialogue Process Thus Far

The National Dialogue process, which began on May 16th, was suspended at is fourth session (Wednesday 23rd) because no agreements were being reached, after benefitting both the Nicaraguan people involved in protests since April 18th and the Ortega dic... Continue reading

Countdown to Havana’s Alternative Biennial (with Newsletters & Videos)

We’ve already started counting down. The opening ceremony of the #00 Havana Biennial will take place on May 5th at a home in Old Havana with a group exhibition, which will include works by Cuban and foreign artists. Continue reading

The Media in Nicaragua Replicates Violence against Women

  There are reporters who still use terms like “crimes of passion,” Maria Teresa Blandon, founder of the Feminist project Continue reading

What Do Cubans Know about Today’s International Women’s Strike?

We Cubans also have reasons to join this initiative against sexist violence and in favor of eliminating discrimination in all its forms. The objective is to make visible the important work that women do... Continue reading

Maduro and the Future of Venezuela

Nicolas, a product the Cuban Communist Party’s Nico Lopez School for leaders in Havana, is unaware of every president’s maxim: to be a political intellectual. Continue reading

The problem with being a YouTuber

I have already spoken about YouTubers in a few of my previous articles, but today I want to touch on another aspect of this phenomenon. Continue reading

Cuba Car Fair with the World’s Most Expensive Vehicles

When I woke up that morning in January 2014 when I discovered the news about car prices, I thought that it was just another rumor from Miami. However, once I got to the store, I could confirm that Peugeots were priced at a quarter of a million dollars. Continue reading

Teenager Who Killed Her Abusive Father Finally Freed

Democracy Now reports today from Ohio that a 16-year-old girl who killed her abusive father is finally home from juvenile detention. Continue reading

Cuba’s Black Market Responds to Chronic Shortages

The black market exists everywhere, but in Cuba, an exception of a country under a so-called “socialist” authoritarian government, shortages determine the specific features of this form of trade. Continue reading

No Official in Nicaragua Wants to Investigate Roberto Rivas

Roberto Rivas, the head of Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council, has been missing from the public agenda for over a month now, ever since the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned him for fraud and corruption through the U.S. Global Magnitsky Act. Continue reading

Matches in Cuba, Decades of Short Supply

The tragedy has been mixing with the grotesque here in Cuba ever since 1959. The situation existed beforehand, but it’s today that this unbelievable situation becomes not an everyday act but a subject of letters from the population. Continue reading

Snap Elections in Venezuela to Reelect Maduro

The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, dominated by the governing United Socialist Party, approved today to move up the presidential elections to before April 30, in which Nicolas Maduro will seek re-election. Continue reading

Rebel ex-Police Officer Among the Dead in Venezuela

Former Venezuelan police pilot Oscar Perez, leader of the rebel group calling themselves "Warriors of God", is among the nine casualties of an assault operation by military commandos near Caracas, confirmed Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on Tuesday a... Continue reading

The Gift (Video)

The Gift is an animation by Jasser Barbier about the meeting of two characters from the works of the plastic artist Nur Diez, a graduate from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. You can find her pieces in galleries in Old Havana or by con... Continue reading

A Victory and a Beginning: Cuba’s First DotA Tournament Concludes

After three long months, Cuba’s first DotA League has finally come to an end. On Saturday December 23rd, the finale of this great spontaneous event that brings together players and fans of this videogame was celebrated in the rooms at Havana’s Central I.T. Palace, located in Central Havana. Continue reading