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October 2017
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Havana Weather for October 19-25

The days will be cloudy from the morning on, and in the afternoon there will be showers and isolated showers, which will be more likely to the south of the capital. Continue reading

Castro, Ortega and Morales Celebrate Maduro’s Victory in Venezuela

The presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia, Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Evo Morales, celebrated today the "great victory" of the Venezuelan government in Sunday's regional elections, which granted the ruling party 17 governor’s seats against five of the opposition. Continue reading

Trump Pins Blame Directly on Cuba for Sick US Diplomats

US President Donald Trump said today for the first time that he believes the Cuban government is behind the mysterious acoustic attacks on US diplomats in Havana that led Washington to withdraw the majority of its personnel from the island. He did not ... Continue reading

Venezuela: Opposition Doesn’t Recognize Voting Results

The Venezuelan opposition said today it does not recognize the results of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the regional elections held Sunday, which gave the ruling party a victory 17 governors against five for the opposition. Continue reading

Maduro Forces Win Major Victory in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government, under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro, won a surprise solid victory Sunday in the regional elections, winning 17 of 23 governors races, against five of the opposition and one still in dispute in the vote count, acc... Continue reading

Venezuela Elects Governors on Sunday

Venezuelans will vote Sunday to elect 23 regional governors, amid the tension generated by President Nicolas Maduro's warning that winners who do not recognize his controversial Constituent Assembly will not be allowed to take office. Continue reading

Cubans Must Now Go to Colombia to Apply to Immigrate to the USA

As if it were a simple matter, US diplomatic sources said today that Cubans who want to immigrate to the United States, often under family reunification, will have to apply for a visa at that country's embassy in Colombia. Continue reading

Havana Weather for October 12-18

For this 7-day period, partial cloud cover is forecast starting in the late morning, which will increase in the afternoon, with the occurrence of rain and some isolated thunderstorms. Continue reading

Nicaragua Anti-Canal Leader Gets Protection

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) gave protection to Nicaraguan rural leader Francisca Ramirez, leader of the protests against the construction of the interoceanic canal, dpa news agency reports. Continue reading

Oops, error 404

An article published last week by the Cienfuegos newspaper 5 de Septiembre, where the thoughts of several journalists and members of the newspaper’s board about their working conditions were published, was taken down from this newspaper’s website just a few hours later. Continue reading

Haiti, My Love: A Race for the Oscars

The film “Haiti, My Love” by Haitian filmmaker Guetty Feli Cohen is a candidate for the next Oscar Awards ceremony. The filmmaker herself has said how happy she is about this news, even though she claims that the work to get there has just started and that there is still a lot to do. Continue reading

After Che Guevara’s Death, Five Results

Up until the present day, Che Guevara continues to be the personification of the tireless revolutionary who is idolized by many in spite of his violent actions. His execution in Bolivia on October 9th 1967 made him a “martyr”, something which had several key historic and cultural consequences. Continue reading

Cuba Rejects US Pressure to Make Internal Changes

"Cuba will not make concessions inherent in its sovereignty and independence, will not negotiate its principles or accept conditions," said Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz Canel in Santa Clara at the main commemoration in Cuba for the 50th anniversary... Continue reading

Hurricane Nate Moving Fast Towards US Gulf Coast

Hurricane Nate with 90 mph (150 km/h) winds is now quickly approaching the US Gulf Coast, threatening New Orleans and other cities east. The encounter with land is expected to be on Saturday night. Continue reading

The 8th Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase

The 8th edition of the Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase recently came to an end in Havana and is getting ready to go on tour in other Caribbean countries. (6 photos) Continue reading

Cuba Puts Out Tropical Storm Warning

Tropical Storm Nate caused widespread destruction and at least 23 deaths in Central America and is now en route to the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, relatively close to far western Cuba. The island's Civil Defense Authorities have issued a tropical sto... Continue reading

Havana Weather for October 5-11

Humid overcast days with some rain starting in the morning and occasional thunderstorms can be expected over the next 7-day period. The winds will be out of the east and the northeast, with speeds between 15 and 25 km/h, superior in zones of the north ... Continue reading

Putin Gives Venezuela’s Maduro some Breathing Room

Russia said it is open to a restructuring of the Venezuelan debt with Moscow shortly before a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro in Moscow. Continue reading

Cuba Blames US for “Deteriorating” Relations

The Cuban government today blamed the United States for the "deterioration" of bilateral relations after the announcement of the expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats from Washington. Continue reading

US House Unanimously Approves the “Nica Act”

The Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act 2017, better known as the Nica Act, is again on the doorstep of the United States Senate for discussion, after the House of Representatives approved it Tuesday unanimously. Continue reading

US Tells Cuba to Remove 15 Diplomats from Washington

The United States today told Cuba to withdraw 15 diplomats from Washington to ensure "fairness" between the two countries, after the State Department ordered more than half of its officials to leave the island until the mysterious attacks on their heal... Continue reading

Cuba Alert Opposed by US Travel Association

Meeting in Cuba, RESPECT, the largest association of US organizers of travel to Cuba unanimously rejected the Trump Administration’s Cuba travel warning and its decision to withdraw diplomatic staff from its Havana embassy. Continue reading

Cuba Issues Detailed Report on Damages from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma swept over much of Cuba from east to west on September 7-10. Ten people died and a huge amount of losses occurred both in people’s homes and farms and in government businesses and properties. Here is the translation by the official Granma newspaper of a detailed report issued yesterday by the National Defense Council. Continue reading

Cuba Sends Specialized Medical Brigade to Mexico Post-Earthquake

Cuba sent on Friday a brigade of 37 doctors and paramedics to the Mexican state of Oaxaca to attend the victims of the earthquake that left nearly 100 people dead on September 7. On September 19, a new earthquake of magnitude 7.1 left 330 people dead a... Continue reading

Is the Crisis over in Venezuela?

This Saturday, it’ll be two months without pictures of opposition protests against Nicolas Maduro’s government which were appearing in newspapers worldwide every day. Nonetheless, the country’s crisis is still alive and kicking and is moving forward like a steamroller. Continue reading

Cuba Regrets US Decision to Withdraw Diplomats

The Cuban government today called the United States' decision to withdraw most of its diplomatic personnel on the island "hasty," and said the decision would affect relations between the two countries. Continue reading