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February 2018
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Violence Characterizes Presidential Campaign in Mexico

From September to date more than thirty politicians, including candidates for elected offices, have been murdered The electoral pre-campaign wound up in Mexico, and from February 12 began a kind of closure period in which, according to most of the polls, the candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) leads the presidential hopefuls under an atmosphere … Continue reading

Kuczynski Refuses to Renounce Despite Accusations

The progressive Movement New Peru (MNP) will promote a project for the so-called presidential vacancy due to moral disability The decision of several Peruvian political forces to propose the dismissal of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski persists today after the president’s argument, who tried to limit that effort to ”communist groups” and refused to resign. The … Continue reading

Spanish Unions Demand Better Wealth Distribution

Union members will defend the pension system after the government approved what they call a “miserable” 0.25 percent rise in costs Spanish unions are launching nationwide protests on Feb. 22 to demand greater wealth distribution and improved public policies. Union members will defend the pension system after the government approved what they call a “miserable” … Continue reading

Jamaica Prime Minister to Chair CARICOM

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness will take over the presidency of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, from July 1 to December 31, authorities reported The governor general of the island, Patrick Allen, made such an announcement on Thursday during his Throne Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Parliament, at Gordon House. Allen said that this appointment … Continue reading

Venezuela Extends Electoral Registration for Citizens Living Abroad

The extension of the deadline responds to a request from President Nicolas Maduro in order to guarantee more participation of Venezuelans living overseas The rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE, in Spanish), Tania D’Amelio, said that the special period for updating information and enrolling in the electoral register will be extended until February 25 … Continue reading

Over 15 Fatalities in Shooting at Florida High School

Law enforcement officers took the shooter, a former student at this school, into custody this afternoon A shooter opened fire at a Florida high school on Wednesday morning, killing multiple people and sending hundreds of panicked students fleeing into the streets while others huddled in classrooms as police hunted for the gunman. Dozens of police … Continue reading

Venezuela Diplomat Warns on Possible Foreign Attack

During the Venezolana de Television program ‘Con Amorin’, Roy Chaderton reiterated the warnings of a probable armed attack Diplomat Roy Chaderton has exhorted Venezuelans to be prepared for a possible foreign military intervention against the South American country, either by Colombian troops or a coalition formed by the United States. During the Venezolana de Television … Continue reading

People Killed, Injured in Oruro Carnival Celebration

This festivity is one of the greatest in Latin America and one of the main traditional parties in Bolivia The death toll rose to eight people, while injured people increased to 40 after a gas bottle exploded Saturday in the Bolivian city of Oruro during the carnival held here, police authorities said today. Oruro’s police … Continue reading

FARC Announces Suspension of Electoral Campaign

The suspension was due to the constant aggressions against FARC leaders amid the political exercise to which they are entitled after being constituted as a political party The FARC announced today the suspension of its electoral campaign, due to the constant physical and verbal aggressions against its leaders amid the political exercise to which they … Continue reading

Mexico Reports Most Violent Electoral Campaign in Decades

About nine Mexican politicians and candidates have been shot dead so far this year, confirming the current electoral campaign as the most violent in decades The last victim was Francisco Rojas, candidate for mayor of the State of Mexico municipality of Cuatitlán Izcalli, who died yesterday night along with his sister because of the severity … Continue reading

Costa Rica: Fabricio Alvarado Wins First Electoral Round

Fabricio Alvarado will dispute the second electoral round, scheduled for April 1, with aspirant for the governing Partido Accion Ciudadana (PAC), Carlos Alvarado Presidential candidate for Party Restauracion Nacional (PRN), Fabricio Alvarado, won the first round of general elections in Costa Rica, thanks to the support of the more conservative sectors, contrary to legalization of … Continue reading

Shooter Targets African Migrants in Macerata, Italy

A few days ago an 18-year-old Italian woman was discovered cut up and hidden in two suitcases, and a Nigerian migrant was connected with the death A man opened fire on passersby in the central Italian city of Macerata Saturday, injuring at least four African migrants in an attack that might be racially motivated, local media … Continue reading

US Black Democrats Pushing Hard to Impeach Donald Trump

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the United States are leading efforts to impeach President Donald Trump The black lawmakers are basing their request on Trump repeatedly stirring racial controversies, from personally attacking two members of the group to casting equal blame on white supremacists and counter protesters for fatal violence in Charlottesville, … Continue reading

Protesters against Rafael Correa Campaign in Ecuador

According to the Ecuadoran ex-president, the scenario will only be different when the political situation in Ecuador changes The car of ex-President Rafael Correa was attacked today in a vandalism action, while he gave an interview to Radio Mega, in Quinindé, Esmeraldas province as part of his campaign for voting No! in the referendum. A … Continue reading

President Maduro Ratifies Commitment to Peace Dialogue in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro has ratified his commitment to the peaceful coexistence negotiations the government maintained with opposition factions in the Dominican Republic and will continue in this capital.

Continue reading

Colombian President Suspends Peace Talks with ELN

Peace talks between the Colombian government and the ELN destabilized following attacks that took place over the weekend Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has announced that the fifth cycle of talks with the National Liberation Army, ELN, scheduled for the next few days, is suspended until the ELN “shows coherence.” “My patience and that of the … Continue reading

State of Emergency in Ecuador after Terrorist Attack

The announcement was made by President Lenin Moreno in a post on Twitter Saturday afternoon Ecuador has declared a limited State of Emergency in San Lorenzo and Eloy Alfaro, two cities in the northern Pacific province of Esmeraldas, after a car bomb caused damage to a local police command center in the early hours of Saturday morning. The … Continue reading

Venezuela Slams US Interference in Internal Affairs

Venezuela has blasted a statement issued by the U.S. State Department rejecting the decision by the Constituent Assembly to convene snap presidential elections before April 30 “This abhorrent intromission in Venezuela’s internal affairs, part and parcel of the US government systematic aggression campaign against the Bolivarian homeland, amounts to a flagrant violation of the basic … Continue reading

Bolivia: State-Run Oil Company to Open Offices in Four Countries

The new offices will be opened in Cuiaba and Campo Grande (Brazil), Asuncion (Paraguay), and Salta and Cordoba (Argentina) Oscar Barriga, president of Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), said that the company was authorized to open commercial offices in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Peru. Barriga said that YPFB seeks to commercialize directly liquid petroleum gas, … Continue reading

Iran Reiterates Missile System is Non-Negotiable

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi has denied some reports on alleged negotiations with Europe on the missile program of the Iranian country and its presence in the Middle East. ‘We have not negotiated with anyone about our dissuasive missile program, or we will do so in the future. Nor are we conducting dialogues with other … Continue reading

Trump Advisors Describe His Actions as ‘Challenge Disorder’

A new book about the performance of US President Donald Trump assures that the advisors qualify for private his actions of challenge disorder, local media reported. Continue reading

External Pressures Affects Venezuelan Dialogue in Dominican Republic

According to Venezuelan Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, the pressures come from the U.S. government, Mariano Rajoy, and Juan Manuel Santos The Venezuelan opposition has yielded to external pressures, and did not participate in the talks scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic, said the Minister for Communication of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez. In statements … Continue reading

Pope Francis Recognizes Fear of Possible Nuclear War

Pope Francis expressed today on board the plane in which he is traveling to Chile, that he feels fear of the possibility of a nuclear war because ”we are at the limit” ‘Yes, I am scared, we are on the edge. An incident is enough to unleash the war. At this stage, the situation is … Continue reading

Venezuela’s Government-Opposition Dialogue Restarts

The Venezuelan government is set to resume dialogue with the country’s opposition in the capital of the Dominican Republic Participants are looking to advance Venezuela’s economy and maintain peace after opposition forces broke out into protests last April, resulting in the death of over 100 people. The Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, a principal mediator of … Continue reading

Fujimori Pardon under Analysis by Regional Court

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, IACHR, will hold a hearing regarding the pardon of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori, on February 2nd. The hearing will analyze whether or not the Peruvian government is following through with the IACHR indictment of Alberto Fujimori. The IACHR, a regional court under the Organization of the American States, … Continue reading

UN Chief Welcomes Reopening of Korean Dialogue

Antonio Guterres celebrated the progress made during the high level conversations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (PDRK) and South Korea United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres celebrated the progress made during the conversations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (PDRK) and South Korea at high level, particularly the agreement to ease military … Continue reading