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October 2018
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Bolivia Celebrates Decolonization Day

President Evo Morales said that the indigenous movement always fought for the Homeland and to recover its identity While the policies of plundering our natural resources continue, our struggle will continue, President Evo Morales said on Friday, celebrating the Decolonization Day and presenting the International Year of Indigenous Languages. From the Casa Grande del Pueblo, … Continue reading

Nikki Haley Resigns as US Ambassador to UN

According to Axios website, the ambassador discussed her resignation with Trump last week during a visit to the White House US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, presented her resignation to President Donald Trump, in what is the most recent resignation in an administration with numerous casualties, local media reported on Tuesday. Several news organizations … Continue reading

Brazil Announces Runoff Election for Next October 28th

Fernando Haddad from the Workers Party (PT) and far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro from the Social Liberal Party (PSL) will be the two candidates of the runoff Fernando Haddad from the Workers Party (PT) will face far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro from the Social Liberal Party (PSL) in the runoff election slated for October 28 to decide … Continue reading

Brazil: Presidential Candidates to Last TV Debate

According to the calendar for the 2018 elections, today will be the last day to spread electoral propaganda through radio and TV, as well as rallies Seven of the 13 candidates to Brazil’s presidency will liven up today in TV Globo the last debate before the first summon to vote in the first round of … Continue reading

Chile ‘Not Obligated’ to Negotiate with Bolivia over Sea Access, ICJ

Bolivian President Evo Morales gave a press release shortly after the ruling and vowed to continue the fight for sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean The International Court of Justice in The Hague Monday delivered its ruling on the dispute between Bolivia and neighbor Chile on access to the Pacific Ocean in which the court said that Chile “has … Continue reading

Over 1,200 Deaths in Indonesia Due to Earthquake, Tsunami

Local media report that the lack of food and gasoline marks the priorities of the disaster’s survivors The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that shook the island of Celebes in Indonesia on Friday reached 1,203, the Rapid Action Team working in the affected area reported today. Tom Lembong, chairman at Indonesia Investment Coordinating … Continue reading

Lula Spends 175 Days in Prison, PT in Presidential Race

Despite being held since April 7, Lula designed and led, with evident success, the PT election strategy with possibilities to win the Presidency of the Republic A political prisoner due to the intended purpose of excluding him from the presidential race, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva has served 175 days in prison, while the Workers’ … Continue reading

Venezuela Announces Increase in Oil Exports to China

Venezuela and China recently signed 28 agreements, raising the number of cooperation projects in the area of development to more than 700 Venezuela will increase oil production to raise exports to China by one million barrels, announced the Head of State of the South American country, Nicolas Maduro. At an international press conference at the … Continue reading

Putin on Israel’s role in Il-20 downing: ‘Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances’

The downing of the Russian Il-20 plane looks like “a chain of tragic circumstances,” Vladimir Putin said in response to…
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Russia to create humanitarian corridors in Idlib to prevent civilian casualties – Russian FM

Russia to create humanitarian corridors in Idlib to prevent civilian casualties – Russian FM
Moscow will create humanitarian corridors in Syria’s Idlib and encourage local reconciliation deals to prevent civilian casualties, the Russian Foreign…
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Huge Demonstration in Barcelona Ratifies Independence Demand

The march was convened by the sovereign entities Catalan National Assembly and Cultural Omnium under the motto Let’s make the Catalan Republic Hundreds of thousands of people marched Tuesday in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, to demand the separation from Spain, on the occasion of the celebration of the Diada, a Catalonia’s regional holiday. Convened … Continue reading

Brasil: Crucial Week for Lula’s Presidential Candidacy

The last legal battles for the presidential candidacy of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, a political prisoner for 157 days, will be waged in the next few hours at the Supreme Federal Court (STF) After STF Vice President Rosa Weber on Sunday rejected a request to extend the deadline established by that court (September 11) … Continue reading

Powerful Earthquake Hits Hokkaido, Northern Japan

After the strong tremor, dozens of aftershocks have been reported, so local authorities called on people to evacuate At least nine people were killed and 300 were injured in Japan, where an earthquake shook the prefecture of Hokkaido, in the northern region of the archipelago. According to local media, 30 people are missing after the … Continue reading

New Minister of Foreign Affairs Appointed in Bolivia

The new Bolivian foreign minister previously worked as the ambassador of the country to the Organization of American States The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, sworn in on Tuesday Diego Pary as the country’s new Foreign Minister, who will replace the current Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni. In an act that took place in the Casa … Continue reading

Massive Fire Destroys Rio de Janeiro’s National Museum

A massive fire has hit Brazil National Museum in Rio de Janeiro Sunday. No victims have been reported The museum, Brazil´s oldest scientific institution, turned 200 years old last June. According to O Jornal do Brasil, the extent of the damage is unknown so far but it has been confirmed that entire collections and exhibits … Continue reading

Cristina Fernandez: ‘Brazil’s Elites Blocking Lula’s Candidacy Because They Know He’d Win’

Cristina Fernandez: 'Brazil's Elites Blocking Lula's Candidacy Because They Know He'd Win'
The former Argentine president expressed her solidarity with Lula after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) voted to ban the ex-president…
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Palestine Slams US-Israeli Occupation Plans at UN

President Mahmoud Abbas will reject categorically at United Nations(UN) the US-Israeli occupation plans The Minister of Foreign Affair and Expatriates, Riyad Malki, announced today that President Mahmoud Abbas will reject categorically at United Nations(UN) the US-Israeli occupation plans. President Abbas will stress in his speech at the General Assembly the sole goal of the so … Continue reading

Sierra Leone Announces Free Education Program

According to sources from the Education Ministry, the crusade is aimed at primary and secondary education For the first time Sierra Leone will begin a free education campaign in September, which will benefit two million children, the government announced on Monday. The crusade is aimed at primary and secondary education, added the Education Ministry’s spokesperson, … Continue reading

US: Bernie Sanders Tells Disney to Pay ‘Living Wage’

US: Bernie Sanders Tells Disney to Pay 'Living Wage'
Sanders pointed out that the Walt Disney Company raked in USD$9 billion in profits last year. United States Senator and…
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US: Bernie Sanders Tells Disney to Pay ‘Living Wage’

US: Bernie Sanders Tells Disney to Pay 'Living Wage'
Sanders pointed out that the Walt Disney Company raked in USD$9 billion in profits last year. United States Senator and…
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Lopez Obrador Promises Increase in Science, Technology Budget

The Mexican President-elect also offered to increase the number of state-sponsored scholarships President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) will investigate a budget increase for Mexico’s science and technology, the future head of state said Wednesday. “In the best case scenario, we can guarantee that the contribution in the budget for science and technology will increase,” said AMLO, … Continue reading

Korean Families Meet after Decades Apart

Dozens of elderly Koreans have met for the first time since their families were broken apart nearly 70 years ago The event was held from Monday to Wednesday at Mount Geumgang Hotel, North Korea, where locals were able to spend a total of 12 hours with their long-lost relatives from the south. According to … Continue reading

Argentina Mourns Death of Founder of Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers

Chicha Mariani was a fundamental woman at the beginning of the search for children taken by state terrorism The historic Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo are mourning as well as the Argentine human rights organizations, which are facing the physical departure of one of its founders, Chicha Mariani, who died without being able to … Continue reading

Hunger Strikers Fast for Three Weeks to Demand Lula’s Release

According to the newspaper Brasil de Fato, since August 17, Frei Sergio Görgen, Rafaela Alves, Luiz Gonzaga, Jaime Amorim, Zonalia Santos, Vilmar Pacifico and Leonardo Soares have been using wheelchairs and hospital beds Continue reading

Lula, Victim of a Judicial Persecution Already Seen in History

The general electoral prosecutor, Raquel Dodge, challenged Lula's presidential nomination, based on presumed ineligibility for having been condemned in second instance, which includes him in the so-called Law of Clean Slate Continue reading

Russia Alerts that U.S. Endangers Chemical Weapons Agreements

Russia’s foreign ministry has stressed today that it has complied with the elimination of chemical weapons, while the United States has maintained an irresponsible attitude towards agreements to control them. According to a communiqué, Moscow concluded in September 2017, under strict international control, the destruction of these weapons, more than two years ahead of schedule, … Continue reading