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June 2018
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Yanelys Nuñez’s Diary

The Alternative Havana Biennial Concludes

The #00 Havana Biennial took place, and I can now finally say that out loud, without any hesitation or doubt. In spite of seizures, threats, suspicions, arbitrary arrests, we managed to put on the event we wanted to, or better yet, the event we needed.... Continue reading

Countdown to Havana’s Alternative Biennial (with Newsletters & Videos)

We’ve already started counting down. The opening ceremony of the #00 Havana Biennial will take place on May 5th at a home in Old Havana with a group exhibition, which will include works by Cuban and foreign artists. Continue reading

A Cuban Artist and His Example of Altruism (+video)

Artist Reynier Leyva Novo will donate 3,800 cuc (= usd) to the #00 Bienal de La Habana (May 5-15), informed the event's organizing committe on Monday. The money comes from the sale of a work to the Council of the Plastic Arts. Continue reading

Promoting the Havana Biennial (May 5-15)

Just a month away from celebrating the #00 Havana Biennial, its team of organizers continue to present promotional material. The event is set to take place at numerous venues in the capital from May 5-15. Continue reading

Where Is Havana’s #OOBiennial At? (+Video)

During this time of withdrawn silence, the organizing team behind the #00Bienal in Havana have made great progress. The event is set for May 5-15. Read here what we've been up to. Continue reading

Arriving in Cuba after the Paris Treaty

Two hours of wasted time in the face of the timid look of the young girls who were checking our suitcases without knowing why. Asking their supervisors, who were nearly the same age, what they should touch and how to write the final report. Continue reading

Fear of Faith

Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero is still being held at the Aguilera Police station in Lawton. All day (December 15th) the officer on duty told me that they are waiting for the CI (Counterintelligence) to interrogate him to see what decision will be take... Continue reading

Cuban Artist Luis Manuel Otero Disappears

At the beginning of his pilgrimage to the Rincon de San Lazaro sanctuary, Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero has been arrested (apparently) by the Cuban State Security, when he was at Carlos III and Belascoain streets in Centro Habana. Continue reading

A “Tribute” to Cuba’s State Security Agents

“The Comrade assigned to me” is a must read. Its existence is an important resource to stop paranoia, double standards, hypocrisy, and persecution. It’s a noble step forward to try and rebuild Cuba. We want every November 22nd to be a celebration of NO FEAR. Continue reading

New Abuse of Power against Cuban Artist

If you wanted to make a film about the abuse of power, police violence, totalitarianism, repression and legal vulnerability that exists in Cuba, what happened yesterday to the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara could serve as a good script. Continue reading

Alternative Havana Biennial Still Happening

Let me explain why the press conference scheduled Monday afternoon to formally announce the opening for submissions to the #00 Havana Biennial was canceled. Continue reading

Artist Proposes an Unofficial Havana Biennial

The suspension of the official Biennial planned to take place from October 5th until November 5th 2018, has alarmed many artists, both in and outside of Cuba, if you bear in mind that it’s the most anticipated event in the country in the field of visual arts. Continue reading

Vandalizing Cuban State Property

Something is about to happen in the Colon neighborhood, there’s a certain smell of recently mixed paint. You can hear discreet footsteps at night. People don’t understand why they are gathering here in this area, but there they are... Continue reading

After Hurricane Irma Swept through Havana

After Hurricane Irma whipped through the city, I went out onto the street. It’s 4 PM on Sunday. It’s still a bit windy, but the sun is out as if nothing had happened. There isn’t any electricity and all businesses are shut, but people have still started coming out onto the street. Continue reading

Cuban Artist Yulier P Defies Order to Erase His Murals

Yanelys Nunez Leyva HAVANA TIMES — The seven-day limit that Cuban police gave artist Yulier P to erase his graffitis are up and even though he refused to do this, he still hasn’t been arrested. Since 2014, Yulier has been one of the graffiti artists who has been taking over Havana with his paintings with […] Continue reading

Raffle to Stay at Havana’s Super Lux Hotel

Organizing a raffle in Cuba or, better yet, in Havana, presumes a high level of enthusiasm. It’s not easy to convince a diverse public who aren’t openly familiar with gambling or with the adrenaline of a bettor. Continue reading

Turning Fifteen in Cuba

When a new baby girl comes into a family, the forthcoming arrival of her 15th birthday is reason for conversation and concerns. Some parents - those who can - open up a savings account when the baby girl still can’t even say her own name. Continue reading

Havana Bars: Not so much mine, Not so much yours

A part of the emerging private business sector in Havana are the bars that have been rapidly spreading like a rash for some time now. These are spaces which have operated as places where the most privileged young people go to unwind and have fun. Continue reading

My Trip to Prague, Writing from Cuba

Writing a regular diary in Prague was difficult for me. The peculiarities of the video journalism course, my encounter with the city, with the Internet and with the Czech people filled my 24 hours to the full. Continue reading

In Search of Prague

This isn’t my first time in Terminal 3 at Jose Marti International Airport in the capital, but it is the first time that I’m not here to say goodbye to somebody, because this time it’s me who’s traveling. There’s a long line at the check-in desk for the Czech Republic, but we don’t feel it. Continue reading

OMNI-Zona Franca and Notes for a Text in the Making…

In order to accurately assess OMNI’s impact, you have to look at its different stages, learn about government institutions and their censorship, about misunderstandings, bureaucracy, the urgency for a necessary art - a trinity which includes society, poetry and needs. Continue reading

A New Consumer in the Family Ration Book

As is required when a new Cuban citizen is born, I went to register my nephew at Oficoda, the office which will regulate the rationed items that he will receive in the future. My sister has had a baby and I can’t stop thinking about his future. Continue reading

Independent Cuban Cultural Project Offers Residency

Colon Cultural, a Cuban non-governmental project, just launched its call for artist, curator and research residency applications as well as for people interested in working with and in outlying communities. Continue reading

New Cuban Museum of Dissent Proposals

The Cuban Museum of Dissent has been showing off its renewed website over the last few days, where it begins the programming of its transitory exhibition and its blog. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day at Boarding School

I don’t know why, but every time February 14th rolls around, I think about my preuniversity years. It might be because every time an important date like this one came about, the boarding school took on a new energy and broke away from our routine. Continue reading

My Verdict Finally Came

When I read the “as a results” and the “considerings” of the ruling issued by the Old Havana Municipal Popular Court, with relation to my case - I was kicked out of my job at the Revolucion y Cultura magazine in July 2016 - I can’t help but feel a little sad, annoyed. Continue reading